NAR Jesus – the Spiritual Revolutionary, His Apostolic Revolutionists and His Revolution

In the gospels, we read the following exchange Jesus had with his Apostles:

“And Jesus went on with his disciples to the villages of Caesarea Philippi. And on the way he asked his disciples, “Who do people say that I am?” And they told him, “John the Baptist; and others say, Elijah; and others, one of the prophets.” And he asked them, “But who do you say that I am?”” Mark 8:27-29

According to the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) leaders, Jesus is not only fully man who cast aside his divinity (the Kenosis heresy), they regard him in a similar fashion the way New Age teachers do.

Jesus Christ is a Spiritual Revolutionary.

In typical NAR fashion, many of its leaders give lip service to the Christian faith while imposing their radical agenda on Christian churches and in communities, cities and nations. As we have pointed out already, although they claim their movement is peaceful and spiritual, they continually reveal this is not true.

This article will examine how many of the leaders portray Christ as a ‘Spiritual Revolutionary’ who was sent by God to revolutionize how we are to ‘do church’ (by challenging the doctrines and institution of the Christian church), taking over and transforming cities and nations to usher Christ’s return. In the NAR, Christ’s apostles are also portrayed as Revolutionaries who forever changed the Roman Empire. Even though this language has been downplayed over time, these NAR concepts are expressed through the idea of “impacting our cities” or “bringing transformation” or “awakening the nations” for Christ.

In NAR language, Revolution, Revival and Reformation are synonymous, which is why Apostles (aka Revolutionists or Revolutionary Voices) are also called Revivalists and Reformationists. For instance, Wagner gave a glowing endorsement of Apostle David Cartledge’s book ‘The Apostolic Revolution’ (2000) which he claims furthered his New Apostolic Reformation. Before meeting to speak over Todd Bentley at his Apostolic Alignment ceremony, at least twelve Apostles met in Hawaii starting Revival Alliance (RA). Each one of those Apostles in RA advertised themselves as Revivalists.

An example of Apostles being Revolutionaries or Revolutionary Voices can be seen in an NAR Book titled ‘Invading Babylon’. They advertise “Six revolutionary voices in the modern church” (source) being Bill Johnson, Lance Wallnau, Alan Vincent, C. Peter Wagner, Che Ahn and Patricia King. They are all officially recognized as NAR Apostles. Michael Brown is also not shy to advertise his revolutionary Apostleship on his twitter when he claims he is committed to, “being a Jesus-centered counterculture revolutionary” (Link).

Back in the 1980s, NAR Apostle Jack Hayford taught in his book ‘Worship His Majesty’, how the church needs to experience a worship reformation/revolution. NAR Apostle James Goll also published a work titled ‘The Coming Prophetic Revolution’. NAR Apostle Lou Engle is also passionate in targeting young people and has written a few works on rallying a “revolution.” (See his work ‘The Call Revolution”.)

Essentially these leaders have used Christian language and ideas from the bible to establish their own moralistic spiritual religion, practicing a faith contrary to the true Christian faith, believing a Jesus not found in scripture to further a cause that Jesus never called us to follow. Below are just some examples of NAR leaders promoting Jesus as a Spiritual Revolutionary and how we need to be part of this spiritual revolution, revolutionizing the way we do church and how we impact or change or cities or nations for “Jesus”.

* More will be added to this article over time.


The book this was quoted from is endorsed by NARpostle Bill Johnson:

“Always remember, the world’s greatest revolutionary never killed anyone… It was the Servant of all who birthed a revolution… and transformed societies.”

Source: Lou Engle, The Jesus Fast, Baker Publishing Group. [Link]


“Prior to 1999, I longed to see Jesus lifted up in America and the nations. But it was in 1999, in the midst of a powerful season of revival, that God began to stir my heart about the theme of “revolution,” […]

At TheCall DC in September 2000, we gave away more than 70,000 copies of our just-released book Revolution! calling for a whole generation of Jesus-loving young people to commit themselves to the Great Commission by life or by death.

Then, in 2002, being convinced that before we could see revolution in society there first had to be revolution in the house of God, we released Revolution in the Church: Challenging the Religious System With a Call for Radical Change. […]

And for these last 14 years, my voice has been just one among many calling for and praying for a Jesus revolution. […]

The time for revolution is now, and it is for such a time as this that God has brought you and me into the kingdom. […]

Let’s work together with the Lord to see a Jesus revolution sweep the nation—and the nations.”

Source: Michael Brown, The 10 Commitments of a Jesus Revolutionary, Charisma News,, 9:00AM EDT 7/12/2013. (Accessed 07/06/2016.) [Archive]


“And god wants to use you as you go forth in this revolution. God wants to release power, signs, wonders and miracles through your life.”

Source: Matt Sorger, The True Story of Matt Sorger Ministries and The New Breed, YouTube,, Published on Apr 2, 2012. (Accessed 21/07/2017.) (Speaking at ‘The Call’, 2002.) [6:42]


“Although many evangelical churches have experienced steady growth in the last decade, pastors say they haven’t seen this kind of upsurge since hippies disenchanted with the 1960s and 1970s counterculture discovered the original revolutionary—Jesus Christ.”

Source: Troy Anderson, Why Churches Are Doing Well in a Down Economy, Charisma News,, 9:00AM EST 12/29/2012. (Accessed 07/06/2016.) [Archive]


“In all revolutions there are noisy and dangerous times as the OLD ORDER is replaced by the new . . . after the dust settles, we can proceed to build the beautiful kingdom that the Lord has purposed from the foundations of the world.”

Source: Vinson Synan, Fulness, Jan-Feb 1990, Vinson Synan, p. 24.

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