Dr Brown’s lack of discernment exposed by a discerning former AOG Pastor.


Reverend Anthony Wade of “828 Ministries”, an online discernment ministry, had a recent encounter with the less than discerning Dr Michael Brown on his “Line Of Fire” program.

Anthony Wade: “I was on your show for twenty minutes today. You called me a liar, accused me of misrepresenting scripture, said that people will condemn me to hell and that I am of a different spirit. In twenty minutes on the telephone. But a man who fleeces the very flock of God for a living you see no reason to not call a brother in Christ.”  http://www.828ministries.com/articles/1/I-Survived-Dr-Michael-Bro-by-Anthony-Wade-Christianity-170610-339.html

In the final minutes of the segment, Dr Brown clearly demonstrates his own obvious lack of biblical discernment with Pastor Anthony Wade. This dialogue will be more closely covered in a later article. We provide the radio segment and transcript of the final 11 minute “tirade” here:


Dr Michael Brown: “Thanks friends for joining us on the Line of Fire. I’m looking at an article online from October 29, 2016, it was just sent to me recently, “Why Dr Michael Brown has no credibility”, by Anthony Wade. And it was sent to me, and again I get things sent to me constantly, cartoons made against me, videos made against me, and to be candid, a lot of the ministries that are so called ‘discernment’ ministries, are doing much more harm than good. They’re tearing down and not building up, they’re attacking brothers and sisters in petty ways. They’re unethical, they don’t reach out, some are anonymous, some do a great job of really exposing error and heresy. And we interact whenever we can.

I tell people if you’re not anonymous, if you tell us who you are, you want to interact, let’s interact. By all means, I love truth, I love the Word, I love the Lord. So I actually reached out and said, “hey, here’s someone who’s writing things and trying to be constructive, let’s reach out and interact”. So we continue with that interaction, so Anthony, welcome back to the broadcast.

Anthony Wade: “Thank you.”

Dr Michael Brown: “Yeah. So, Bill Johnson, I think you identified him as a false prophet, or false teacher, which according to the New Testament would be a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.’ Therefore a hell bound sinner, not redeemed, and because I don’t share that view, or warn people accordingly, then I’m not a good ‘gate keeper’, and I have no credibility. So, on what basis do you say that Bill Johnson is not a brother in the Lord?”

Anthony Wade: “Well, you know the Bible instructs us to evaluate and test everything. So I try to stick to teaching. You made the logical conclusion that if somebody is a false teacher, false prophet, that they’re a hell bound sinner etc. etc. I never wrote that. At least I’m pretty sure I didn’t, because I try not to get personal too much with people because then people miss the point. The point is, the teaching is false.”

Dr Michael Brown: “But didn’t Jesus say, ‘false prophets are wolves in sheep’s clothing?”

Anthony Wade: “No, I’m not disagreeing with your next leap, I’m just saying, I didn’t write Bill Johnson as a, b and c, I wrote this is what Bill Johnson teaches.”

Dr Michael Brown: “So you haven’t labelled him as a false prophet or false teacher?”

Anthony Wade: “Oh yeah!

Dr Michael Brown: “Oh, okay, so if he’s a false prophet, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, if he’s a false teacher, he introduced damnable heresies to destroy others, that’s, Jesus…”

Anthony Wade: “Would you like to go through the list? For starters, he operates a school for the supernatural, where he teaches the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Last time I checked, the Bible says, ‘That the Spirit gives the gifts as He discerns, and He wishes.’ He claims…” (Cut off by Brown)

Dr Michael Brown: “Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait, that’s your first point? As to why he’s a hell bound sinner? Are you serious?”

Anthony Wade: “No, no, I think, I think that…” (Brown speaks over the top and cuts Wade off)

Dr Michael Brown: “Maybe I, maybe I misjudged you sir.”

Antony Wade: “Again, again, I think you need to look at the entire body of work, not the…” (Brown cuts of Wade)

Dr Michael Brown: “No, no, no, hang on, hang on, hang on sir. If that’s your first, of course we’re supposed to teach on the gifts of the Spirit, that’s what they do. I’ve, I taught at the school. I have grads who have taught at the school. Paul teaches on the gifts, alright? Doesn’t Paul teach on the gifts?”

Anthony Wade: “No, no. There’s a difference between teaching about the gifts and teaching the gifts. He believes and teaches, that anybody can prophecy, that all the gifts are teachable to people. That’s absolute heresy. That’s not what the Bible says.”

Dr Michael Brown: “Alright, first, first, you’re misrepresenting what he says, and to call it ‘heresy’, and then to say, this is your first proof that he’s a hell bound sinner.” (Wade tries to cut in) “No, sir, let me just tell you something very candidly, okay?”

Anthony Wade: “Yeah.”

Dr Michael Brown: “Very candidly, you will be measured by the measure you use on others. (Brown talks over the top of Wade) “I guarantee you others in the body, others in the body will damn you to hell for your teachings that you find orthodox.”

Anthony Wade: “Okay, again, I didn’t put them in like priority order, so I apologize.”

Dr Michael Brown: “Okay, good. Give me your number one, your number one.”

Anthony Wade: “He teaches that Christ was born again. He teaches that Christ was not divine while walking on earth.” (Brown talks over the top of Wade)

Dr Michael Brown: “No, no, no, he does not teach that, he does not teach that.”

Anthony Wade: “I saw him teach it Dr Brown.” (Brown talks over the top of Wade)

Dr Michael Brown: “You are 100% wrong. You are 100% wrong. He teaches that He (Jesus) always was fully God, but like many others teach, while He was on the earth, He did not use His divine prerogatives to heal, but heal by the Spirit. Jesus Himself says that, ‘I can only do what I see the Father doing.’ ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach.’ ‘I drive out demons by the Spirit.’ And he does not teach that He ever ceased to be God. He’s explicit on that, absolutely explicit.”

Anthony Wade: “What about Christ being born again?”

Dr Michael Brown: “He uses it in the Biblical sense, that He was declared ‘Son of God’ with His resurrection, so He was born the Son of God, and then born again as the Son of God.” (Wade tries to wade in but Brown won’t let him speak) “You’ve got to listen to the whole teaching. Did you listen when I asked him that on the radio?”

Anthony Wade: “Yeah, yeah, and he just basically denied it, and you accepted it.”

Dr Michael Brown: “He didn’t deny it. Alright Anthony, listen, I know the man, I have sat face to face with him. I know people who have been in his church for years and years and years. What you are representing is not what he believes and what they believe. What’s ugly to me sir, he’s not teaching it, you’re misinterpreting it. Listen, you have done a worse job of interpreting scripture, and rightly representing Bill Johnson, than he has done of representing his own position.

Anthony Wade: What did I misrepresent? (Brown cuts off Wade.)

Michael Brown: If anything, you should be looking in the mirror and saying, ‘how dare I write what I’m writing with the responsibility I have as a shepherd and as a pastor. And other people, whether it’s ten or one hundred are going to read what I wrote online. How dare I misrepresent a brother or sister in such a serious way.’ Bill will look at you with kindness and in love, and will say, ‘I don’t know who the guy is, but just, hey, God bless him.’ He’ll enjoy meeting you in this world, or the world to come, while you are misrepresenting his teachings.

Anthony Wade: “And his next service where he claims angel feathers and gold dust appear. So we can go back and forth. I understand the Bible, you’ve claimed now that I’ve misrepresented something scriptural. I’d be more than happy to have that discussion. What scripture have I misrepresented?”

Dr Michael Brown: “You have, alright number one. You misrepresented about the gifts of the Spirit. You misrepresented what Bill Johnson teaches.”

Anthony Wade: “Okay, so that’s different from misrepresenting Scripture. Can we agree?”

Dr Michael Brown: “And, and, yes that’s different, but since you’re attacking him, since I actually, I have to be totally candid with you sir, I misread what was sent to me. I thought you were of a totally different spirit and attitude. I’m being as candid as I can with you, on live radio, and this also will be seen on TV. I misjudged you. I thought you were of a totally different attitude and spirit. I had no idea that you were misunderstanding someone else’s position so grossly, that you were nit-picking, and a reading of things to allow you to do that. And I understand that you identified yourself as an Assembly of God Pastor?”

Anthony Wade: “Former.”

Dr Michael Brown: “Oh former, okay that’s another thing, so you’re no longer Charismatic or Pentecostal?”

Anthony Wade: “No, I returned my credentials last year. I’m no longer Charismatic.”

Dr Michael Brown: “Alright, that’s something else. If that was in your information there. I missed it, cause I just glanced it.”

Anthony Wade: “I think it was in my bio that your assistant asked for. I think I refer to myself as ‘former AOG Pastor’.”

Dr Michael Brown: “Okay, yeah, I didn’t see that you had renounced those things, and no longer held to them. But hey, bottom line is this, I just want to give you a word of wisdom. I reached out to you for you, okay, not for me. Because I don’t mind being attacked, I don’t mind being misrepresented. I don’t mind someone saying, ‘we can’t listen to Dr Brown anymore’. My only concern is that I can’t help you, I can’t help you the way I used to help you. I get blasted day and night, I get death wishes day and night, okay, and death threats. The last thing I’m concerned about is someone writing a blog. So I reached out to you for you, and to have a conversation for our listeners and our viewers, that’s why I did it. So, here’s a word of wisdom for you, you’re on the wrong path. You’ve left the things of the Spirit, you’ve left your precious heritage, and you’re going away sir. That your world is going to get more and more and more narrow. Less joy of the Lord, less grace of the Lord, less soul winning and effectiveness. I’m giving you a word of loving warning.”

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