NARpostles Beth Moore, Craig Groeschel & John Gray speak at Hillsong Conference 2017.

As many people are now aware, Hillsong is fast becoming known as an international cult. Founded by convicted, unrepentant pedophile NARpostle Frank Houston and now being run by his son Brian Houston (who covered up the crimes of his father), Hillsong has gained a reputation for unbiblical teaching around the world. This is a movement that has shown little regard to the protection of children and offers lip service to policy, police and government in order to further their agenda. This was proven to be the case with the findings of the Royal Commission and other scandals (see ‘Cult Of Hillsong: “Sin Files” on Members & Attendees?’). This is a movement attended and defended by some members of the Australian government, certain Australian police/security (see articles on Tanya Levin in our archives) and by some sections of the Australian media.

What many people are not aware of is that Hillsong has been identified as part of the larger global New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)  a movement governed by a network of ‘infallible’ Apostles and Prophets. Their aim is to infiltrate society worldwide, taking over churches and communities in the name of ‘Jesus’ (known as the Seven Mountain Mandate, aka Seven Pillars of Society, Marketplace Ministry or Cultural Mandate).

Hillsong uses their own particular NAR anti-Christian agenda at their annual conferences in order to draw people into their movement. They educate their converts in how to influence society in all the areas listed in the image above. For instance, what you will not see when you tune into their online conference streaming, are the private classes that are taking place, teaching people how to lay claim to these same listed ‘pillars of society’.

See here:

Hillsong Conference – Promoting the NAR 7 Mountain Mandate.

We want to remind our readers of this anti-Christian agenda so you can see just who are part of this international New Apostolic Reformation cult. For instance, Brian Houston considers his movement ‘Apostolic’ and is committed, through his church, in establishing ‘apostles’ in his NAR apostolic network (remember – an Apostolic Leader or Apostolic Anointing of Leaders means they are talking about NAR Apostles):

“I see a church committed […] A network committed to the apostolic anointing of leaders who are desperate to see the Church of Jesus Christ rise up to live the un-lived life within her… His glorious Church.” [Source] [Cached]

So who does Hillsong see as these Apostles “who are desperate to see the Church of Jesus Christ” at this year’s Hillsong 2017 Conference (having already identified Jentezen Franklin as an established NAR Apostle)? It would not surprise us to see that Hillsong regards Beth Moore, Craig Groeschel and John Gray as in the same ‘apostolic’ ministry.

Source:,, Accessed 04/07/2017.

.If you want to know who Hillsong potentially regard as NAR Apostles – simply look at those speaking at their conferences world-wide.

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