Hillsong Conference – Promoting the NAR 7 Mountain Mandate.

Since its inception back in 1977/1983, Hillsong has been infiltrating and indoctrinating, Australian churches and the church globally with the teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) or New Order of the Latter Rain (NOL) cult.

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This is why they target Australian political leaders and celebrities. This is why they send celebrity pastors like Carl Lentz to gain access to the American ‘Sport/Entertainment’ industry (see below) and to influence celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Selena Gomez and  into joining his church: they want to change the world the classic NAR way. And this is why you won’t see Hillsong Churches in the more underprivileged places – they are what NARpostle Che Ahn calls an Apostolic Center:

“There is a difference between a local church and an apostolic Center. The main difference is that whoever’s leading that Apostolic Center has to be called as an Apostle… Apostolic Center… a hub for equipping, launching and sending people out. And so that is what an Apostolic Center does… my goal is to establish an Apostolic Center in every major city around the world.”

And this is the ultimate agenda of  every single Hillsong church (and conference) and why you will not see them in the more remote non-influential places.

Unfortunately, most people have a naive view of the New Apostolic Reformation and its Seven Mountain Mandate (also known as the Cultural Mandate or the Seven Pillars). Even Kong Hee preferred to the call the Seven Mountains the Seven Pillars of Society. This is how leaders of the NAR attempt to hide their NAR backgrounds – they hide their doctrines by simply playing words games to convince the rest of Christianity they are a legitimate Christian organisation.

Hillsong is no different.

Back in 2015, when Mark Driscoll spoke at Hillsong – we wrote this article:

BREAKING NEWS: Brian Houston & Mark Driscoll interview at Hillsong Conference 2015

We encourage you to look at the PDF we downloaded from the Hillsong website:

Hillsong Conference 2015 Diary

You will find this in the Hillsong schedule on page 10:

The Pillars Of Influence Masterclasses on Wednesday are discussions on how to reach and influence the world through the pillars of society: Business, Sports, Government, Arts, Family, Entertainment, Education and Media. Join the conversation on these topics and hear from innovative individuals who are influencing their pillar with the message of Jesus.

On our Flag Factionary page, we helped create this diagram using the NAR’s symbols, language, scripture and instructions how they infiltrate society and churches to literally change the world.

New Apostolic Reformation cult - seven mountain mandate


Hillsong uses their influence to indoctrinate churches to embrace the NAR Seven Mountain mandate at their annual Hillsong Conference, shown here on page 16 (Usually Arts/Entertainment/Sports are under the one mountain/pillar. They’ve replaced the Religious Mountain with Sports. And split the Art/Entertainment mountain into two mountains). Both Hillsong elders and their most influential leaders are teaching in these “Masterclasses” the Seven Mountain Mandate. If Hillsong leadership ever claim that they are not part of the New Apostolic Reformation, you know they are being deceptive.

Hillsong boldly broadcasting their agenda to the rest of the world with the NAR cult’s 7MM here (text is below):



These Masterclasses are discussions on how to reach and influence the world through the pillars of society. Join the conversation on these topics and hear from innovative individuals who are influencing their pillar with the message of Jesus.

Business AA Grand Ballroom
Host: George Aghajanian (Hillsong General Manager)
Dr. Dave Martin – Christian success coach
Nabi Saleh – Founder & Former Executive Chairman of Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Sports AA Sports Hall
Host: Carl Lentz (Lead Pastor Hillsong New York City)
Jarryd Hayne – Former NRL Player; awarded Dally M. Medal; currently in the NFL
Tim Mannah – Current NRL Parramatta Eels Team Captain

Government AA Tower 17 Marquee
Host: Donna Crouch (Hillsong Community Engagement Pastor)
Honourable Stuart Robert MP Catherine Yeomens – CEO of Mission Australia

Arts AA Club Room
Host: Cass Langton (Hillsong Global Creative Pastor)
Nathan & Jaynie Johnson – Founder of Blacklist Studio & Store
Michael Fatkin – One of Hillsong Young & Free Music Producers
Kirsty Trindad – Creative Director & Dance Choreographer from Hillsong London

Family SSG Howie Pavilion
Host: Terry & Julie Scott (Hillsong Care Pastors)
John & Helen Burns – Relate Church Senior Pastors & “The Relate Show” hosts

Entertainment SSG Kelly Pavilion
Host: Chrishan Jeyaratnam (Hillsong Campus Pastor) and Ben Houston (Lead Pastor Hillsong LA) Brooke Ligertwood – Musician & Recording Artist Scott Ligertwood – Creative Director

Education AA Tower 18
Marquee Host: Lee Burns (Vice President of Hillsong International Leadership College)
Doug Thomas – Principle of Clairmont College, Sydney
Dr. Tim Hawkes – Headmaster of Kings School, Sydney
Professor Stephen Fogarty – Associate Professor, CEO of Alphacrucis College

Media AA Club Grill
Host: Ben Field (Head of Hillsong Film & Television)
Jad Gillies – Hillsong United Worship Leader
Jonathon Douglass “JD” – Hillsong United Worship Leader


The Church and Cultural Engagement
SSG Jenko Pavilion
Terry Crist (Senior Pastor, City of Grace Church)
Subject: Empowering leaders and teams to reach their communities by using the “Jesus Model” of cultural engagement.


Youth Worship
SSG Amphitheatre
Laura Toggs (Hillsong Youth Pastor) and Young & Free Team
The importance of raising up a new generation of passionate worshippers who are committed to finding a new method to deliver a timeless message.


Global Transformation Through the Local Church
AA Tower 15 Marquee Fred Markert (Missions Strategist)
Taking the church to the community and how this will make the difference in this globalised world.

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