Does Destiny Image and Evangelista Media use Ghostwriters?

Recently we did an article on Don Nori, NAR Apostle and founder of the notorious Destiny Image.

Finding Nori – the Apostle behind Destiny Image Publishing Company

In the article above, we want to draw your attention to what Don Nori says about himself in his bio:

“Once more the Lord spoke to Don’s heart: “I am looking for a prophet to publish the prophets.” In the heat of that early August afternoon along Interstate 81 Don found himself crying out to the Lord: “I care about what You have to say!” Without quite knowing what he was saying, Don responded to the call of the Lord. “I’ll do it! I’ll publish the prophets! I care about Your heart! I’ll do it!””

Please note Steve Shultz pulled ALL of Amanda Wells’ prophecies from Elijah List in his attempt to cover-up the truth of Amanda Wells’ fraudulent ministry:

BREAKING NEWS: Shultz hits the fan by weeding out Wells from Elijah List

Although Don Nori started Destiny Image, he also was involved in the creation of its European counter-part, Destiny Image Europe (now renamed Evangelista):

 “In year 2000, under the leading of Don Nori Sr., Founder of Destiny Image Inc., that published and made known authors such as T.D. Jakes, Myles Munroe, Tommy Tenney and many others, my wife Sandra and I started Destiny Image Europe, now Evangelista Media, with the aim of giving voice to authors, regardless on whether they are known or not.”

Source: Evangelista Media srl Publisher Info, Smashwords,, Accessed 09/01/2017. (Emphasis ours.)

However, below is an article we archived from the Elijah List before it was pulled. We wish to alert our readers to this section here:

“As I was in Italy when the UK voted to leave the European Union, and I awoke to the words, “Reformation is coming. The glory in this house will be far greater.”

This took me back to a conversation I had with Don Nori (Publisher of Destiny Image) in 2003, when he accepted my first manuscript. We had been talking about the need for reformation in the nations, when suddenly I said, “Can a nation be changed in a day?” Don looked at me and said, “Write a book on that.” I did and released “Can A Nation Be Changed In A Day?” in 2004.””

Source: Amanda Wells, Amanda Wells: “Britain: Reformation is Coming With a Far Greater Glory!”, Elijah List,, Published 07/07/2016. (Accessed 

Thanks to Amanda’s inside information about her exchange with Don Nori, we can conclude that ‘Apostle’ Don Nori personally deals with the manuscripts before he publishes “the prophets.”

We, however, would like to propose, based upon recent evidence we’ve received from our friends over at Weeding Out Wells, that Amanda Wells did NOT write “In My Father’s House,” nor did she write “Can a Nation Be Changed in a Day.” There is evidence to support the claim that Amanda Wells had ghost writers create these two books, and we would like to know who the real authors are.

If you think this sounds a bit extreme, please walk through this logic with us.

There is plagiarism in both of Amanda Wells’ self published books:

There Shall Be No Poor Among You

Package Your Brilliance Factor

This is important to keep in mind because these two books are what Amanda threw together and self published without the help of anyone else. The following page is an excerpt from “There Shall Be No Poor Among You”:

There Shall Be No Poor Among You.jpg

Compare this writing from Wells’ self published book to the following page from “Can a Nation Be Changed in a Day”:

Can A Nation Be Changed in a Day.jpg

And compare Wells’ self published book to the following page from “In My Father’s House”:

2017-02-09 14.12.21.jpg

There are two different possibilities we’re looking at:

1. Did Don Nori and/or Pietro Evangelista rewrite Amanda Wells’ original transcript?
2. Did Don Nori and Pietro Evangelista provide a ghostwriter to help write these books?

Either way, it’s obvious that Amanda Wells isn’t capable of writing coherent, well thought through arguments on her own and instead relies on plagiarism to make herself appear to be more knowledgable than she really is.

Steve Schultz was first notified about Amanda Wells’ plagiarism in November 2015 and we’re STILL WAITING to hear a response from him.

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