C3 Presence Conference: You can buy people’s salvation?

This is an old but important article that needs to be republished and slightly edited. The original article was published on our first site, C3 Church Watch, titled ‘C3’s Tetzel: Catholic Kubala Says To Pringle, God Told Him We Can Buy Salvation‘.

C3’s Tetzel: Catholic Kubala Says To Pringle, God Told Him We Can Buy Salvation

Janine Kubala is Andrew Kubala’s wife. Read about Janine before reading about Andrew Kubala:

Where is the Gospel?

At C3 Presence Conferences, Phil Pringle ensures people are continually pressured to give money at his annual event. Not only is this done every day, it is done at two to four times a day. Often the worst and most ruthless giving talks are just before Phil Pringle takes the stage to conjure miracles as people come from all around the arena to throw money (literally) into money buckets.

Christian McCudden welcomed Andrew Kubala to give this offering talk at Presence Conference 2012 13/04/2012. Kubala teaches that people can give money so that their friends and family can get saved. The context of this sermon is just before Phil Pringle’s ‘Miracle’ event where these miracles will be taking place. It is safe to say that the way Andrew Kubala used emotion, handled the scriptures, used the Easter message and John 3:16, is disgraceful.

Before continuing, we would like to highlight that Pringle defines giving and payment this way:

Giving is giving – period. Paying people for work they do for you is not giving. Putting something into someone’s hands with conditions attached is not giving. Loaning to someone is not giving.

Giving is completely relinquishing control of something of yours into the control of another person to do with as he pleases.” – Phil Pringle, Keys To Financial Excellence, 2003, pg. 4]

Here is a video of Kubala teaching that Christians should be paying for people’s salvation. The transcript is below.

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(0:24)“Amen! C’mon lets give Jesus a big big clap for what He’s doing in this church! Amen? You know I just, just feel so honoured just to even just receive the offering. Cos I was just thinking about Easter.

Easter just feels like a long time away. Don’t you reckon? It’s like- just last week. It already feels like another year’s gone by. This Easter, I felt really challenged in church.

It’s one of my first times, like in the last ten years, the first time I actually hoped in church at Easter time. And just being able to be apart of Easter. And it was just a great moment. Thinking about what Jesus did on that cross really impacted me as an evangelist and as a Christian. The whole thought that Jesus died so we can have a relationship with Him, our friends and our family.

(01:31) I don’t know here, but is there anybody here with an unsaved dad or a mum? Lift your hands. Wow!

Anybody here with an unsaved son or a daughter who’s fallen away? All these hands lifted up. You know, Jesus died so that they can come and have a relationship with Him. So they can experience salvation.

(01:52) You know it says in John 3:16 that, ‘For God so loved the world that He sent His only Son’… Dad sent an offering.

Jesus said, ‘unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground, it only remains a single seed’, talking about His life being-that-seed. [Gets emotional] See the less I fall, (a seed with purpose, a seed- with PURPOSE), the dad would send His son for a purpose for your dad, for your mum, for your son, for your daughter – a purpose,  Jesus saying, ‘UNLESS I DIE, UNLESS THIS SEED FALLS TO THE GROUND AS AN OFFERING, salvation’s not going to come. I’ll pay the price for my son, for your son, for your daughter’.

He did it. At Easter. On that cross. The greatest offering of all time was made on that day- We’re about to step into the miraculous. This whole session is about miracles. The greatest miracle EVER is where somebody makes a decision for Christ. Who believes that today? Give God a big shout. [Crowd applauds] C’mon! Give God a shout if you believe that for your son, your daughter.

(03:35) I was at bible college nineteen years old, bought up a Catholic all of my life. Got saved in a Presbyterian church. I didn’t know about offerings. I remember when I was at bible college- by the way bible college is potentially the greatest place you can possibly be. I remember STEALING the chapel key and grabbing my sleeping bag and sleeping in the chapel because I wanted to be in the presence of the Lord.

God spoke to me this one time in our session, about giving one thousand dollars away. I thought, ‘How could the devil get into bible college?’. Why would God want me to give a thousand dollars?

(04:16) I’m Catholic- saved in a Presbyterian church. I didn’t know what it was about.

But you know what? I thought, ‘God if you want me to do this thing, I’ll do it’. And God a few months later, at bible college said, ‘I want you to give another thousand’. I remember shaking as I wrote out the cheque. Nineteen. A teenager.

Then again. ‘Do it again.’

Does God ask us to give more than once? [Nods ‘yes’.] Do it again. [Points to audience] Do it again.

Six times. Six thousand dollars.

Here I am, a little youth pastor in Gore, with thirty kids. Half time. Half time driving race horses at four o’clock in the morning, minus ten degree frosts. My hands were so frozen after forty minutes going around this stupid track, round and round and round. This stupid race horse.

Has anyone complained to God? [Raises hand] I was in my youth pastors office with my swivel chair, going round how many times can I go around in one section. I thought, ‘No. This isn’t going to work’.

(05:26) I remember praying, ‘God. How come I haven’t received an offering? How come God, you haven’t looked after me? Why do I have to drive race horses, look after thirty young people in Gore when YOU SAID You are no man’s debter?’ It’s good to quote scripture back to Him. He likes that.

Has anybody had a burning bush moment, when you know beyond your knowing that God’s there?

(05:58) I literally saw a cloud, like a fog come into my room. I bowed down on my knees and started weeping. And the Lord spoke to me. It’s one of my first times God spoke to me. He says, ‘What would you rather? Money or souls?’

I was thinking, ‘How much money?’

Unfortunately for me, I’ve read the bible – I knew the right answer and said, ‘Lord give me souls’. That was the year that our youth ministry became the largest ministry in New Zealand. It went from thirty to over two hundred and fifty in twelve months, twenty years ago.

For fourteen years, we had the largest youth ministry in our nation. People w’ask me, ‘What was the secret?’ I’d say, ‘I don’t know. But my bible says if you’re faithful in the small, he’ll give you much’. You know at- we’re at love Love Sydney, my brother came – Cos I’m the youngest of eight in my family. I’ve got a lot of souls to be saved – my brother came.

(07:12) Pastor Phil was speaking. Gave one of the best offer- uh- altar calls you’ve ever heard. My brother comes down to the front and gives his life to Christ. Six weeks ago he was diagnosed with cancer. And has bladder and has prostate.

Came to visit him in his hospital bed. And uh- it’s all doom and gloom. Everybody was really depressed. And his friend who’s a school teacher, who is a witch – an actual witch, was in the room with him.

And we’re playing cards, trying to be polite. You know, doing… And I said, ‘I better pray for you’. And she starts manifesting and swearing. And I said, ‘you can leave if you want to’. And she said, ‘No. I’ll stay.’ I said, ‘Well that’s fine’. For greater is He who is in me. C’mon somebody! [Crowd applauds] You see He lives in you.

And we began to pray and my brother looked up and said everything’s going to be fine.

Out of your mouth! I said, ‘That’s exactly true’. That’s what’s going to happen. Two days later they did the exploratory operation to find out what they need to cut away. The report comes back. All the cancers gone. [Crowd applauds] Can’t find the cancer.

(08:25) C’mon somebody! C’mon somebody! He’s REAL! HE’S REAL! THE SALVATION OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY IS REAL! This is not a game! And this is not a dress rehearsal! This is a ONE SHOT to do SOMETHING great for Him! [Pastors: C’mon!] And my bible says, ‘Unless a kernel of wheat FALLS to the ground, it remains a single seed’.

(08:53) And I believe we can sow a seed with PURPOSE for the SALVATION of YOUR dad, YOUR mum, YOUR son and YOUR daughter! WHEN is the last time- ASK THE QUESTION to yourself, (NOT for you! Or YOUR miracle) but for the SALVATION of your family: When’s the last time you sowed a seed?

One of the pastors said to me- I was telling them about it last night, cos I’ve been thinking about this for a whole year- they said, ‘How much should you give?’. And I said, ‘You’ve got to pray and ask the [raises hand to heaven] Lord of the Harvest: How much?’

When you pray, God will tell you.

(9:37) You know what I felt convicted Pastor Phil? This is what the Lord said to me. He said ‘you’re a miss Andrew when you give (and hear me), when you give more in a building fund than you would as a pastor for souls’. Pastors, when’s the last time you sowed a seed for your church? For the salvation of your family? Where’s the last time you got extravagance and said, ‘You know what I’m gonna do? A hundred thousand dollars. Cos my church needs salvation.

Jesus (and I’m finishing) said, ‘I’m gonna go to the cross. I’m the seed’.

And we’re all grateful for it.

(10:35) Now God says, ‘Now you, be a seed’.

And I want every person to grab your husbands, wives hand and we’re gonna pray. And I’m believing today in this next session… We’re going to believe right now for the salvation of your dad, your mum. C’mon ‘n close your eyes and ask the Holy Spirit, ‘What should I give’. ‘What should I give?’ And I’m telling you, God will talk to you just like that.

(11:06) But you know what? The devil doesn’t want you to sow a seed today. He doesn’t want change to take place. He doesn’t want a miracle to take place in your family. Don’t listen to the devil today. Listen to God. Listen to the Holy Spirit.

Jesus we love you. We thank you today for the salvation of our churches. We thank you Lord that this place is going to be filled with revival. We’re gonna hear stories how in our churches it’s doubled. It’s tripled. The salvations have come in.

(11:37) We’re planting a seed in precious soil today, believing Lord for families that seem impossible, is going to be possible. In Jesus name. Amen. Amen.

You know we’ve got an offering slip on your seat. I want every person to give something today.

(11:50) I can’t think how you’ll not give something to see a family member or friend saved. Let’s believe God, amen? Thanks Christian [McCudden].”

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