The ‘forked tongue’ of Hillsong and ‘genuine’ Carl Lentz (Part 5)

In part one of this series, we highlighted how Carl Lentz tries to “uncool” himself and his Hillsong church in America.

The ‘forked tongue’ of Hillsong and the ‘genuine’ Carl Lentz (Part 1).

In part two of this series, we heard ‘uncool’ Carl Lentz launch a protest against ‘boring’ churches and wants people to see Hillsong church “cool, fun” and so on.

The ‘forked tongue’ of Hillsong and the ‘genuine’ Carl Lentz (Part 2).

In part three, we highlighted how Hillsong go out of their way to mimic the world and propagate a ‘celebrity culture’.

The ‘forked tongue’ of Hillsong and the ‘genuine’ Carl Lentz (Part 3)

In our last article, we looked at WHY Hillsong continually go down this superficial ‘cool’ road at the expense of the genuine Christian faith.

The ‘forked tongue’ of Hillsong and the ‘genuine’ Carl Lentz (Part 4)

In this article, we will be demonstrating a problem with Hillsong leadership. In this case, their leadership behaviour and commentary revolving around Justin Bieber. Specifically Joel Houston and Carl Lentz at the Hillsong Conference 2017.

Are Joel Houston and Carl Lentz trying to downplay capitalizing off Bieber’s celebrity status?




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Carl Lentz: “The Conference is always sold out, though when he comes he just sits with us – he just listens. He sings, he just does what everybody else does. He doesn’t perform at all though, it’s not like that you know, he’s not up on stage. He’s just a face in the crowd – you know his face is really recognizable but for him it’s just a chance to be as normal as he can.” [4:22]



Joel Houston: “I think he’s on a journey like everybody is. I think it’s a difficult thing. And I knew it with him coming here is that he was trying to fly under the radar. It’s impossible with a guy like him. Just trying to keep life simple for him and as his friends and his guys who are in in his life. I feel like we just want to help him live just as normal a life as possible given extreme his circumstances are.” (2:43)

Carl Lentz: “We just try to just keep his life as private as we can. You know, really, to a large degree, we’ve had to do more managing of what people think it’s about then what it really is… For us we’re just doing our best to it keep it as normal as we can. That’s the goal of our church: if you’re a TV host, if you’re a celebrity or if nobody knows who you are, we pray that you have a place in our church. And he’s no different.” (4:09)

Carl Lentz: “[Beiber’s] just here- I think he’s just here, you know he’s not performing at all.”

Joel Houston: “I think from the outside looking in, everybody kind of wants it to be a whole lot more then it is. From our point of view, he’s one of twenty five thousand people or more in that room. And we’re trying to keep it that way as much a we can and- for him as well. It probably comes across less spectacular then it comes across in the headlines.” (5:38)

Source: Hillsong’s senior members set the record straight, YouTube,, Published on Jul 2, 2015. (Accessed 19/07/2017.

(The interview goes on to having the hosts of the Morning Show ask why people outside of Hillsong religion are viewed in a negative light. The fact is this: Hillsong, since its inception is one of the most dangerous cults that has been birthed in Australia and spawned across the globe. The Royal Commission also gave us amazing insights to how far the leadership of Hillsong ignore their own policies, laws and legal agencies (NSW Commission for Children and Young People) and exposed their NAR leadership infrastructure of Hillsong. The fact that Hillsong harbored a pedophile, lied to its members, the AOG and other Hillsong affiliated churches, lied to their own congregants and to the media, has also given the body of Christ a very good reason to consider Hillsong to be a dangerous cult. Furthermore, Hillsong has attacked the integrity of the Royal Commission has NOT made millions of Australians look on this cult favorably either.

Joel Houston made the typical “they don’t understand us,” cult-like comment. The church for 2000 years has been a law-abiding institution. Hillsong is not. And this is WHY Hillsong has many critics from the media and the public.

With this in mind, cults like Hillsong placard Jesus – and mimic a Christian church. However, their environment is toxic with their leadership saying one thing to please an audience and then the exact opposite to please a different set of people. That is what is going on in this Sunrise interview. Hillsong is misleading the media and all those tuning in to ‘The Morning Show’.

In the next article we will examine Joel Houston and Carl Lent’s words and actions towards Justin Bieber as they claim Hillsong is REALLY trying “to just keep his life as private as [they] can.”


The fake church of JB

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