The ‘forked tongue’ of Hillsong and ‘genuine’ Carl Lentz (Part 6)

EDIT 22/07/2017: Added extra video.

In part one of this series, we highlighted how Carl Lentz tries to “uncool” himself and his Hillsong church in America.

The ‘forked tongue’ of Hillsong and the ‘genuine’ Carl Lentz (Part 1).

In part two of this series, we heard ‘uncool’ Carl Lentz launch a protest against ‘boring’ churches and wants people to see Hillsong church “cool, fun” and so on.

The ‘forked tongue’ of Hillsong and the ‘genuine’ Carl Lentz (Part 2).

In part three, we highlighted how Hillsong go out of their way to mimic the world and propagate a ‘celebrity culture’.

The ‘forked tongue’ of Hillsong and the ‘genuine’ Carl Lentz (Part 3)

In part four, we looked at WHY Hillsong continually go down this superficial ‘cool’ road at the expense of the genuine Christian faith.

The ‘forked tongue’ of Hillsong and the ‘genuine’ Carl Lentz (Part 4)

In our last article, we simply quoted what leaders of Hillsong were saying to the media about Justin Beiber.

The ‘forked tongue’ of Hillsong and ‘genuine’ Carl Lentz (Part 5)

In this article, we will show you how Hillsong exploit people (in order to promote their movement) by examining their lies to the media article part 5.

LIE 1:

Carl Lentz: “For us we’re just doing our best to it keep it as normal as we can. That’s the goal of our church: if you’re a TV host, if you’re a celebrity or if nobody knows who you are, we pray that you have a place in our church. And he’s no different.”

In the New Apostolic Reformation, they believe in what’s called the Seven Mountain Mandate (also called seven pillars/spheres/mountains/etc). Christians in places of high influence in the ‘marketplace’ on these mountains are not treated as regular workers. They are regarded as workplace apostles. They are in these positions to transform or influence the culture through their ‘mountain of influence’. So it’s perhaps disingenuous of Carl Lentz to make the claim that a TV host or a celebrity will be treated like everybody else.


As we have pointed out many times, Hillsong is part of the NAR and openly promote this ‘cultural mandate’ to influence societies:

Hillsong Conference – Promoting the NAR 7 Mountain Mandate.

In the PDF article above, you will notice that so-called ‘workplace apostles’ Carl Lentz and others are teaching people ‘how to reach and influence the world through this pillar of society’. And Hillsong makes it clear that leaders like Carl Lentz are ‘influencing their pillars’ with the message of Jesus.

Justin Bieber is not treated ‘just like everybody else’ as Carl Lentz claims. The leadership of Hillsong appear to be ‘grooming’ Beiber in order to make him their ‘workplace’ Apostle. Evidence of this has been leaked from insiders and various forms of behind-the-scene footage:

Has Hillsong asked Sunday World to retract their story?

It was our prediction, before the Sunday World story broke, that Hillsong was going to prepare their ‘Christian’ celebrities to start their own Christian channel. We had no idea at the time that Hillsong was about to launch their own Hillsong Channel.

Edit: Bobbie Houston has confirmed our suspicions that Hillsong is targeting celebrities to be part of the Hillsong Channel. Bobbie writes,

LOVE THE PEOPLE we get to do life with … (& hello, who would have ever thought God would entrust a Channel). Thanks lads for always making life more colourful 🌸🌼🌺🌾🌾🕊 #hillsongconf (London in one week) .
#Repost @hillsongchannel (@get_repost)
Our friend @RichWilkersonJr sat down for a conversation with some of our favorite (and most hilarious) guys at Hillsong Conference. Hear @chadcveach@JustinBieber, and @CarlLentz talk about what the theme “Closer” means to them, and what their favorite part of @HillsongConf 2017 was! Full video link in bio 👆

Source: Bobbie Houston, Instagram,, Published 22/07/2017. (Accessed 22/07/2017.)


So watch this space. From personal experience in the Hillsong cult, we are aware they treated some people as simply ‘assets’ (especially if you have the voice, the looks, the money or the influence).

The link below shows Hillsong allowing their own celebrity Justin Bieber be ‘as normal as he can’ – treating him as if ‘he’s no different’ to anybody else. Giving a whole new meaning to the word ‘normal’?





Source: jbteamworld, Instagram,, Uploaded 07/07/2017. (Accessed 19/07/2017.)

LIE 2:

Carl Lentz: “He’s just a face in the crowd – you know his face is really recognizable but for him it’s just a chance to be as normal as he can.”

LIE 3:

Carl Lentz: “We just try to just keep [Beiber’s] life as private as we can.”

LIE 4:

Joel Houston: “I think from the outside looking in, everybody kind of wants it to be a whole lot more then it is. From our point of view, he’s one of twenty five thousand people or more in that room. And we’re trying to keep it that way as much a we can and- for him as well. It probably comes across less spectacular then it comes across in the headlines.”

We use these comments above to point out how the reverse happened at their Hillsong Conference 2017. We’ll let Laura Lentz explain:

“When you raid your friends wardrobe…”


Source: Laura Lentz, Instagram,, Published 01/07/2017.

“Oh no she didn’t!” you might say. “Oh yes she did!” we say.

Justin Beiber Purpose Jacket


Not only did Laura Lentz “raid” Justin Beiber’s wardrobe, her husband did as well. The Daily Mail reported Justin Beiber wearing expensive attire to Hillsong Conference 2017. Here is a snippet of their news report:

Nice to see he dressed up for church! Justin Bieber wears a VERY casual (but expensive) $1130 Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie and ripped jeans at the Hillsong Conference in Sydney

He jetted into Sydney earlier this week to attend the Hillsong Conference.

And on Wednesday, Justin Bieber attended an evening session wearing a casual, but very expensive, ensemble.

The Canadian singer, 23, donned a Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie that costs around $1130, with ripped jeans and trainers.

Justin Beiber hoodie at Hillsong Conference

Source: By Chloe-Lee Longhetti and Candice Jackson, Justin Bieber wears a VERY casual (but expensive) $1130 Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie and ripped jeans at the Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Daily Mail Australia,, Published 05/07/2017. (Accessed 19/07/2017.)

Here is Carl Lentz now wearing his Beiber’s apostolic celebrity mantle:

[Click to Download]

Phil Dooley

It’s not just Hillsong leader Carl Lentz ‘promoting’ Beiber in front of thousands of youth. Hillsong leader Phil Dooley, senior pastor of Hillsong Africa was the one with the mic giving Bieber the platform in the above video.

So much for Joel Houston stating Hillsong is trying ‘to just keep [Beiber’s] life as private as we can’ – when Carl and Laura Lentz (apparently his pastors) are raiding his expensive wardrobe and wearing them at Hillsong.

So much for Carl Lentz claiming Bieber was ‘just a face in the crowd’ where he could have the ‘chance to be as normal as he can’.

Not only does Carl flaunt his wealthy celebrity friends, what message do you think he was sending by wearing Justin’s clothes? Particularly the Louis Vuitton Supreme sweater that cost $1,130.

But it didn’t stop there for Bieber being ‘just a face in the crowd’. He had even more time backstage, his face broadcast to millions around the world through Hillsong’s livestream. Filming his presence among the backstage crowd where these hosts interview Hillsong leaders does not, in the slightest, reinforce that Bieber is ‘just a face’. In fact, it reinforces the idea that he is being groomed by Hillsong to be the Christian celebrity face for their movement.

Nevertheless, it appears Justin seems to realise he is being played by Carl Lentz?

In the Hillsong ‘Backstage’ video below – we see a clear example where Bieber does not seem impressed with Lentz’ behaviour. While Carl ‘humblebragged’ how he was simply ‘hanging’ with his celebrity friend, Bieber shot straight through his nonsense and called him out for wearing his Supreme sweater. It also appears that Bieber was pointing out that Carl Lentz was “living the dream, like honestly.”

So while capitalizing off Beiber’s celebrity status, raiding his wardrobe and “living the dream”, Lentz then has the audacity to claim living the dream ‘looks like Ephesians 3:20 to be honest with you’.

This is a cult leader. A prosperity pimp. A liar – twisting the word of God to manipulate people (like Bieber) to live what he thinks is the Ephesian 3:20 ‘dream’.  Carl Lentz is called to faithfully handle the scripture, not twist them to justify living the pulpit-pimping life off the back of his wealthy friends.

This is the context of Ephesians 3:20. Is this about living the dream?

“For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named, that according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” Ephesians 3:14-21

If your pastor is ‘pimping’ you to live the dream, you need to find another church. And if your church is part of the New Apostolic Reformation cult, then you are simply an asset to the leadership. Nothing more.



Host: What have you been doing this conference?
Carl Lentz: “Yeah’ we’ve been just hanging.”
Justin Bieber: “Wearing Supreme sweaters.”
Carl Lentz: “Just wearing sweaters.”
Justin Bieber: “Living the dream. YOU’ve been living the dream, like honestly, right?”
Carl Lentz: “WE have been.”
Justin Bieber: Dreams, Dreams are being lived.. [ppl all talking at same time]
Host: What does that look like?
Carl Lentz: it looks like Ephesians 3:20 to be honest with you. [Carl changes topic]
Host: Good. I see what you did there
Carl Lentz: See what I did there. So my mate[ ?] [Referring to Beiber] sets me up here. Host: So there’s more Carl Lentz: We came over with some ideas.


The theology ticking under the hood of New Apostolic Reformation cults centers around the leaders of the movement. The theology itself makes its leaders ‘little gods, new breeds or divine’ – agents who market the stage for their followers so they too can step into their dream-destiny, purpose and best life now. We just heard above, that Carl Lentz attributes this to himself (the Ephesians 3:20 life).

Carl Lentz happily misleads the media to promote Hillsong and his own narcissistic leadership style. Narcissists are ATTRACTED to these leadership positions and know how to play the ‘genuine and authentic’ card to people who will further their name and image. Carl is no different. Nor is his spiritual oversight, Brian Houston.

Source: By Jeliebers, Carl Lentz via instagram stories, YouTube,, Published on Jul 2, 2017. (Accessed 19/07/2017.) [Blurb: Carl Lentz via instagram stories]

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