Jennifer LeClaire takes authority over demonic ‘timewarps’?

The most insidious thing about cults is how they imply they have the highest spiritual authority over the lives of others. Self-appointed ‘prophet’ Jennifer LeClaire, is a very good example of someone ‘speaking’ over people, as though she is an authority figure over their lives.

Jennifer LeClaire recently released a video on her Facebook wall that has her praying against the devil and his demons having influence over believers.

In the Christian faith, born-again believers can not be possessed by the devil. However, in the New Apostolic Reformation cult, its leaders reinforce the idea that Satan’s ‘base camp’ is hell and he and his minions have power, authority and spiritual possession over Christians. This is a cultic doctrine used to manipulate believers into putting their trust in their leaders, not Jesus Christ. And these scare-campaigns are not only very effective , they are also very lucrative.

In this case – Jennifer LeClaire wants her followers to put their faith, trust (and their money) in her. In fact she is quite prepared to make up any nonsense to gain that faith, trust (and money) from her supporters.

We draw your attention to the recent Facebook video she put up on… well… ‘demonic timewarps’. Here is the last six minutes of the video:

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At 2:55, Jennifer claims to take authority over the ‘demonic timewarps’ in people’s lives. At the five minute mark above, she is also alluding to the New Breed theology by promoting a self-actualization (5:17), righteousness-in-Christ/greater-is-He-in-me (5:25)  “we are partakers of the divine nature” (5:40) litany.

Towards the end, she crys out that we need to be more filled with the Spirit. “‘Will you let me fill you?’ says God” (6:40).

Take note – this is classic New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) talk. Branham promoted the idea that God emptied himself into Jesus and Jesus emptied Himself into his church so His church can be filled up with His power.

The false Kenotic Jesus of the NAR – refuted

Is it safe to say that this woman is not only a false prophet, she is demon-possessed?

Just like many leaders in the NAR, they continually attempt to convince Christians into believing that demons can have a stronghold in the believer’s life, despite the fact that godly Christian pastors and all the writers of scripture teach that Christians, as Holy Spirit-filled believers, cannot be possessed by demons.

So why do we put up with this woman who wants people to embrace a false spirit that teaches you can demonically possessed?

We encourage her  readers to hold fast to the Christian faith which teaches the Holy Spirit speaks to us and assures us of our salvation and His protection through His written Word. This means we are to reject the ‘spirit’ of LeClaire’s imagination – a ‘spirit’ who has convinced her that anyone of them can be possessed by the demonic.

And let’s not forget that this woman and her fanciful false doctrines are tolerated, and endorsed, by Dr Michael Brown (who defended her ‘Sneaky Squid Spirit’ theology).

Transcript of Gullible Michael Brown Being Duped By False Prophet Jennifer LeClaire

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