Amanda Wells and Winnie Banov ‘drinking’ from the same polluted source.

In this post we look at two women, well-known for their bizarre ‘ministries’ in various NAR churches in various part of the world.

We first look at an article with accompanying film clips from the ‘Museum of Idolatry’, which features Winnie Banov (the wife of NARpostle Georgian Banov) speaking at Katherine Ruoanala’s Glory City Church and provide quotes from the original sermon. We then provide a link to the ‘Fighting For The Faith’ program with Chris Rosebrough recently reviewing Glory City Church  ‘prophetess’ Amanda Wells, speaking at both morning and evening services at Destiny Life Church in Bournemouth UK .

Note – we also provide a transcript from Amanda Wells’ evening service below the Winnie Banov review:

        From Fighting For The Faith:

Joyce Meyer Recommends a Colonoscopy


00:17:38 Joyce Meyer Recommends a Colonoscopy
00:53:08 Winnie Banov Has Lost Touch With Sanity
01:16:44 Sermon Review: Incoherent Ravings by Amanda Wells

Joyce Meyer teaches the Word of Faith false doctrine.

From the Museum of Idolatry:

Winnie Banov Has Lost Touch With Sanity

Bethel Church Cancels “Serious Death” & Releases Chickens, Barbecues and Houses (About Winnie Banov’s husband, Georgian Banov)

Georgian and Winnie Banov with their close friend, Heidi Baker:

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Joyce Meyer Recommends a Colonoscopy, Fighting For the Faith,, Published 13/07/2017. (Accessed 23/07/2017.)

Winnie Banov’s sermon:

Notes and Quotes From Winnie Banov’s sermon review:

1:49:45 “Everything you’re going to see tonight, is actually in here. (Holds up draft of her new book) But it’s the only copy I have ha ha ha ha….”

2:05:30 Banov explaining and scribbling her notes 2:26:48 “…do you walk around like you’re hungover?”

2:27:38 More scribble and explanation

2:37:58 – 2:38:50 “…Keep giving her some drinks of the love wine. You know when we say, ‘we drink the Holy Spirit’, it’s ‘love wine’, it’s His blood, it’s exclusive, very exclusive, okay the world cannot drink this, they can see the effects of it on you…. ‘What are you on? I’ve never seen anything quite like this’. And you say, ‘you can meet my supplier’, whooo, would you like to come to the wine cellar with me? Because I can’t possibly drink it all.”

2:40:48 – 2:43:30 “Practice going to the tomb with Him and laying dead, okay? Like go, what am I supposed to do practice lying dead, okay? Really, it will do you good. It will do you good. That’s how you start with Him. That’s how you start. Remember that (points to her scribble) This carpet is really soft, there’s extra sponge under it, right?…. This is a very thoughtful church, and it’s for those who fall out under the power of the Holy Ghost, and when that happens, you should just practice lying dead….(writes more scribble) Remember we talked about fruit, up here and up here (points to scribble and draws some more) …. All we had was fruit, do you know what kind of fruit it was? And here’s the picture, oh my goodness, miscarriages and still births. AHHHHHH.”

2:47:50 (scibbles more notes) ….Cohabiting with evil, he’s got a twin brother, identical twin. We’ve got evil, we’ve got sin and they’re both living in the house. I don’t know which ones which. One’s running in one room, the other’s running in the next, and Jesus is coming you guys had better get out….some of you have managed to lock them in the garage…. What side is Jesus in? Left side, right side? I don’t know….”

2:49:45 “If he (devil) exists, I mean he exists, but if you live in La La Land, he isn’t coming around. He don’t like La La Land. He doesn’t like happy, he doesn’t like music, he doesn’t like party. Didn’t you know that?

2:50:18 “…. No good is present, so now there’s triplets! No good, evil and sin. What? They’re in me? They’re in my house? How did that happen? Jesus. No good thing, the one I want to do I can’t do. The good I want to do. I looked up the word ‘I do’….”

2:52:05 “We are not to supress evil or sin, we are to die with Christ. Because He died, we died. That’s His gift, that’s His gift, the unspeakable gift. Whoooo…. It should offend every drop of religious blood in you…

2:57:09 – 2:58:25 More lunatic ravings as she is scribbling and explaining.

2:58:38 “A man needs to be restored to virginity. Okay? For a long time, all I thought about it was the woman… Men need to be restored to the spirit of purity….single eye, single heart, no other idols, that’s how a man is a part of the bride of Christ.”

3:04:15 “we are finishing with this. If anyone is hearing voices, saying, ‘no this is not possible’…. These could be voices from the ‘old in-laws’….

3:05:12 “Any voices that say, ‘no this isn’t true’ (as she points to her scribble) ‘it can’t be true’, why not? You’re married to another….

3:05:55 Banov sums up her scribble: “So if we consider all this surrounding evidence (points all around the board) Co, Co, Co, Co, union, union, union, married to another, death released you, no condemnation because you’re in wedlock to Christ. Okay, Co, all the union (still pointing at her scribble) union with the Spirit. Heaven promises no divorce. Traditionally we’ve been taught that you live this lifestyle (points to scribble)….(points to the top of her scribble) There’s a little fresh air here, just breath (takes some breaths) whoooow (drops down) now you’re back down in the pit.”

3:07:30 “You’re going, ‘what in the world is that’ (points to her scribble) that’s a piece of art work. Prophetic art, I don’t know…. You know what, I auctioned one of these off one time.

Amanda Wells’ morning and evening sermons came from Destiny Life Church 

Notes and Quotes From Amanda Wells’ evening service:

14:55 “(In reference to Noah being a ‘perfect man’) I want to tell you today, you are perfect in your DNA. And the church has been telling us how bad we are, I am not a sinner saved by grace, I have the perfect DNA of Christ in me.”

16:30 “It’s time we looked and saw the Father, I’ll tell you what He looks like, He’s got diamonds all over Him and He has a wing (only one).”

23:11 “We are the only beings in the world that carry the DNA of God. Two stands of DNA twisted, and scientists say there’s now a stand of light, that they can see in the DNA. I love how God calls you and I perfect…. Here’s a scripture that’s going to blow your mind, you ready? 1 John 5:18, ‘We know anyone born of God does not sin.’ Hello! ‘We know anyone born does not sin, but he that is begotten of God keeps himself, and the evil one touches him not.’ Does not sin! The word begotten there is the word DNA, it’s the word genes, born of God, why, BECAUSE ONCE YOU’RE BORN AGAIN, YOUR DNA IT HAS NO RECORD OF SIN IN IT. NO RECORD OF SIN. STOP BRINGING IT UP. I AM NOT A SINNER, HE SEES MY DNA AND IN MY DNA, THERE IS NO SIN. Can you imagine that? The religious hate it….”

25:40 “I want to tell you something tonight, if you have been condemned through sin, get rid of it, it’s not in your DNA, some goose put it on you, and just tell that goose, whose the enemy to get out in Jesus name, you don’t belong near me. Because of my DNA, I am begotten of God, and my DNA only has a record of Heaven. It’s time the church got over the sin thing. Do I make mistakes, yes, do I say sorry yes. But I don’t dwell on it, I’m just like ‘Oh God.’ Like Noah, you imagine Noah was perfect in his generations as in the days of Noah, so shall your day be…” (In other words Wells is perfect)

28:18 Wells’ mathematics on Noah’s Ark are breathtaking 😕 She says it was a box and every measurement has another meaning which she explains.

34:28 “Animals were made in Heaven first. Now you’re going to have to listen to me here… Are you ready for a revelation? A secret? The animals (on the ark) were not made on earth, they were made in Heaven. Earth was not removed from Heaven until the opening of the door was made in Adam’s side… that rib taken out of woman, that’s when earth was taken out of Heaven.”

38:00 “When we are begotten of God, I’ll tell you something, WE DO NOT SIN, it says, why? Because I’m in a place I was made for. When I get saved I’m in a place I was made for, I’m in that generation.”

38:40 “What else was in the box (Ark)? Well if I’ve blown you away now, wait till you hear the next bit. Gen 6:21, ‘And take thou unto thee, all the food that is eaten.’ I want you to look at that, ‘THAT IS EATEN, and thou shall gather it unto thee, and it shall be food for thee and for them.’ Oh Roger would love that! ‘Oh Roger I ate this food but I decided I didn’t like it so I brought it back up for you tonight.’ THAT’S WHAT IT MEANS. Take your food that is already eaten in Hebrew, pre eaten food.

So now we have thousands of animals in a box for 200 days, and God doesn’t say, ‘take food for them all,’ good fresh food, He says, ‘take pre eaten food.’ This is slightly different to what you heard at Sunday school.”

44:55 “It’s time the children of God stop being so legalistic, stop pointing to everybody’s sin. Do you know, you go on Facebook for 5 mins and you’ll see, ‘they’re a sinner, Donald Trumps a sinner, so and so’s a, I’m tired of it… how about there is a generation who are perfect in their DNA, that are rising up and preserving this nation.”

46:50 “I imagine that I’m raising the dead. I imagine that I’m healing, that I’m walking around and laying hands on the sick. I’m imagining these things. I’m imagining walking on water, I haven’t got it yet, but I’m imagining. What’s it going to feel like? Are you imagining today? Because the potential becomes the actual…..”

51:00 “Jesus said to me a few weeks ago, He said, ‘Calvary has become a rubbish dump.’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘They’re throwing their sin at Calvary and walking away.’ And it’s just like, okay, He said, ‘Why won’t they come through the veil and come through the open door?’ Why won’t they come in and live Heaven on Earth?’ Why won’t they see Daddy’s face?’ It’s time we moved into that place…. I don’t know whether that made sense tonight?

55:35 “Do you know the church has been too sin conscience, and not perfect conscience? If someone comes to Jesus they’re perfect straight away. Just like that…. I felt to take you into an encounter tonight, it’s so easy, yet the church has stopped us. ‘You can’t do that.’ I want to tell you tonight just get rid of all that, you’re a begotten son, you’re a begotten daughter. Can you imagine what you DNA looks like? Let’s take a blood test that’s going to blow the test tube to pieces. Ha ha ha ha ha I can’t wait.”

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