Caveat Emptor: Let the buyer beware.

By definition a legal advisor has the same educational requirements as a regular lawyer, which includes completing a law school and the bar exam.

So an interesting question needs to be asked – should a senior pastor in a movement represent his associate pastor as a ‘legal advisor’ when he is not qualified as such? This is a question that needs to be asked of Phil Pringle, founder and president of C3Global and Simon McIntyre, who describes himself as “a Senior Team player with C3 Global – an international church family; we pastor a church in London (, and oversee our C3 European churches.”

Listen to this episode of Fighting For The Faith and hear how those who are pastors “in name only… not fulfilling the duties of the pastoral office” use that “office” to abuse the sheep without accountability.

A Look At The Dangers of False Ecclesiology



A Look At The Dangers of False Ecclesiology With Kerrie Ferguson
PCR Abandoned Conference Sydney Australia 2017

Source: Chris Rosebrough, A Look At The Dangers of False Ecclesiology,,, Published 25/07/2017.


Chris Rosebrough interviews Kerri Ferguson

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