Dangers of Australian Bible Society (Part 1): an Introduction

We have watched with great sadness the rapid apostasy within the ‘Australian Bible Society’. With their liberal agendas and New Apostolic Reformation ideologies and heresies, the Bible Society has shown its true colours with anything BUT the sharing of the gospel.

Associated with some of the nastiest cults in Australia and promoting some of the most anti-Christian and anti-biblical teachers one could imagine.


EIC cult – as long as it sells, it must be gospel truth…

The Bible Society cannot with good conscience say that they represent Christianity. It represents the Evangelical Industrial Complex – a cult-like system that will do anything to promote what’s popular and trending at the expense of the bible and the truth. Over the last few years, we have seen this institution disregard Christianity and instead walk with the dangerous ideologies and leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) AND the socialist/liberal leanings of the Liberal/Emergent (LIB) cults. Of course, organisations like the Bible Society will claim they are orthodox, hiding behind a Christian veneer. But it is not hard to see them by default continue down the road of apostasy, while proclaiming their successes and achievements.

Who is responsible for the demise of this once glorious institution that actually stood for the uncompromised Word of God? Who is responsible for allowing the Word of God to be prostituted for worldly means and influence? Who is responsible for helping desecrate the bible simply to further their empirical endeavours?

Greg Clarke

Gary Clarke

We’ve come to a point in the church where those who claim to be Christian, cannot be trusted at face value. Below is Clarke’s attempt to give the impression that he and his organization are all about the bible. But in these series of articles we are going to look at what Clarke and the Bible Society really stand for.

Greg Clarke of the Bible Society writes,

Message from our CEO, Greg Clarke

At Bible Society Australia, we strive to lighten people’s hearts with the knowledge of God’s love for us as found in the Bible. The message of the Bible is summed up in that most famous of Bible verses, John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. Taking this teaching to heart enables you to ‘live light’. Your future is bright, your sins are forgiven, and you are deeply loved and wanted by God.

We are not content simply to hand out Bibles. We want to help you engage with the Bible and answer your questions about it. We want to connect you with churches where you can learn about Jesus Christ as part of a community. We want to inspire you with the inspired Word of God.

The Bible Society has been around for a long time — as long as any other Australian institution you care to name. But our goals remain in front of us: to ensure that everyone has access to the Bible in a language they can understand, in a format they can use, and at a price they can afford. We pursue this goal not just for Australians, but around the world as part of the United Bible Societies movement.

Across the globe, we support translation work, literacy, publishing, advocacy and more, because we know that the Bible addresses all of life and makes a contribution to human flourishing and the good of society.

I urge you to join with our many thousands of supporters by engaging with the Bible yourself, supporting us in reaching our goals and spreading the word about our work so that together we can ‘live light’.

In the Lord

Dr Greg Clarke

CEO, Bible Society Australia

Source: Greg Clarke, Message from our CEO, Greg Clarke, Bible Society, https://www-archive.biblesociety.org.au/meet-the-bible-society/message-from-the-ceo, Accessed 20/08/2017.

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