Bobbie Houston revisiting her ‘climactic’ first Christian book on Instagram.

Bobbie Houston i'll have what she's havingBobbie Houston recently revisited and referenced her first book “I’ll Have What She’s Having: The Ultimate Compliment To Any Woman Daring To Change her World” on Instagram.

For those who haven’t read the book, she opens with Chapter 1 talking about how she was inspired to write this book based on the famous ‘When Harry Met Sally’ highly sexualized movie scene. Bobbie writes as her book opener:

Chapter 1: The Ultimate Compliment

“Who can forget that famous scene in the 1989 movie When Harry Met Sally, when actress Meg Ryan simulated a climactic moment in a crowded cafe? The response, “I’ll have what she’s having!” from an envious female onlooker inspired the title of this book. Perhaps your response is similar to my dear husband’s response: “Bobbie, you cant be serious. You can’t call a book that!”

But I did.

“I’ll have what she’s having!” Could it be the ultimate compliment? Could it be the most rewarding compliment a person might receive? That someone else would observe your lifestyle, attitude, sense of purpose, resolve, and conviction, and  then desire the same in her own life? I personally do believe it is the ultimate compliment and also a mandate that belongs to every Christian woman, young or mature, regardless of whether she’s in actual leadership or not…..” (pg xiii)

Bobbie Houston writes,

Wee blast from the past … 1998 to be precise. 😝🌸🌼🌺🌼🍇🕊 #firsteverbook #twentyyearsago#stilllaughing #gotNanaarmsnow😳😜😝😂

Source: Bobbie Houston, Instagram,, Published 19/09/2017. (Accessed 20/09/2017)


Shall we discuss the ethics of “sex sells, but should it?”

It’s clear that Bobbie Houston’s initial appeal to her consumer base was based on a highly sexualized scene from a movie. With that in mind, is it appropriate for a pastor’s wife to ‘appeal’ to the sinful nature we all struggle with? Is it appropriate to compare that highly sexualized scene to a desire to be in Christian leadership?

Revisiting her first book, having such a nonchalant approach – #stilllaughing – to holiness, Bobbie is promoting the idea that women are to (sinfully) aspire for leadership instead of embracing the natural and orderly role God created and called them to be in the community and His sacred assembly.

At the same time, Brian Houston has clearly neglected his responsibility as a husband to ‘live, love, lead’ his wife.

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