Dr Brown Burnt By Authentic Fire.

Dr Brown is in damage control mode with many of his followers finally seeing Michael Brown for what he is – a promoter of false teachers and now his promotion of the occultic prayer circle practice. (At the end of this post, you see that many of his listeners or online followers called him out for such a blatant promotion of this pagan practice.)

What was Michael Brown’s response? As the typical NAR Apostle that he is, he censured all those who opposed his unbiblical ‘product’ promotion, with the typical NAR mantra mill of ‘unity and love’ at the expense of Truth. Brown doesn’t care about a believer being sanctified and united in the truth and light of God’s Word. According to Brown, the problem with Christianity is not him promoting occultism, endorsing frauds, criminals, heretics, deceivers or cult leaders. Believers are the problem!

Those Brown appears to have issue with, are people who defend and keep His word. It’s Christians he is not happy with. And it is God’s Word he is despising by twisting it to silence Christians for calling him out of his lies and false doctrine and practices.

You can see him do this particular NAR bible-twisting over unity in his article ‘Why Are We Attacking Our Own Family?‘. Here is the video in question:

False teachers have no place in the body of Christ, wolves have no place in the Shepherd’s flock. One should ask the question – why does Brown promote unity over Truth?


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