Hillsong’s Carl Lentz Tells Christians Labeling Him a Coward: ‘You and I Know a Different Jesus’

Brian Houston says that Hillsong started with his father Frank Houston back in 1977, known then as Christian Life Centre. In 2014, a Royal Commission discovered that the founder Frank Houston was a serial pedophile and had his crimes covered up by his son, Brian Houston from as early as 1999 (see evidence of Royal Commission Case 18 – specifically Brian Houstons correspondence with Barbara Taylor, AOG Executive and victim AHA).

Knowing this, many Hillsong followers insist that this serial pedophile was called by God. At face value, if this was any other religious group, Hillsong would be branded internationally as a dangerous cult. With their emphasis on the prosperity gospel and their teaching to blindly submit to Apostles Frank and Brian Houston and their ‘vision’, even the most biblically illiterate person could easily consider Hillsong a cult.

Now over the decades, Christians have seen Hillsong leaders claim that Muslims and Christians worship the same god, that God died to make you rich, that Jesus is not the only way to have a relationship with God, and you can be gay and Christian.

Their disdain for orthodox/traditional ‘religious’ Christianity has been on display for decades. And now popular megachurch leader Carl Lentz, has been carrying the Hillsong brand forward as an emblem to show the world their brand of ‘Christianity’ is very different to ‘traditional’ and ‘religious’ Christianity.

Finally many Christians world-wide are taking notice of Hillsong’s compromise with the most foundational doctrines and for the first time are pushing back strongly. This is especially true with Carl Lentz’ rise to stardom and his failure to stand and contend earnestly for the Christian faith. Instead of standing firm, he is shown constantly ‘shaking hands’ with the world – and in doing so, promoting hostility toward those who hold to the clear teachings of scripture.

This was clearly on display with his recent comments about abortion on the progressive liberal show ‘The View’. Now with even more Christians publically airing their anger at how badly Carl Lentz represented Christ and His church with his commentary about abortion – Lentz now claims Christians who have issues with his statements, follow a different Jesus!

For once Hillsong and Christianity can agree on something.

Christianity does follow a different Jesus in contrast to the one Hillsong follows. True Christianity believes in the Jesus of the bible, holding to the creeds, confessions, and Solas of the Christian faith.

Hillsong, as demonstrated over the decades, have followed a different deity altogether, their love being as hollow as the sound of their ‘clanging’ worship. The world sees a pedophile flee from being held accountable for his crimes while leveraging off believers to make a name for himself and Hillsong followers are unable to see that this same serial pedophile, supposedly called by ‘Jesus’, leave an unbiblical ‘apostolic legacy’ for his son. The Hillsong ‘Jesus’ that Lentz worships, has gained him the world because of his turning away from the true Jesus – who said that to gain the world and deny him is to “lose his soul.”

For once we can thank Carl Lentz for setting this distinction, drawing this line. To worship his Hillsong ‘Jesus’ can only turn their followers into reprobate, unrepentant sinners. Proof of this is found listening to their sermons where without a prick of conscience, they twist the Word of God to push their man-made religion.

A recent article from the Christian Post that reports on Lentz stating that those who object to his stance may be following a ‘different Jesus’:

Carl Lentz Tells Christians Labeling Him a Coward: ‘You and I Know a Different Jesus’

astor Carl Lentz of Hillsong NYC has responded to some Christians labeling him a “coward” for taking an alternative approach when speaking on controversial topics, such as abortion, by stating that they may be following a “different Jesus.”

“A lot of Christians that don’t know who we are say things like ‘You’re a coward’ and ‘Truth is truth’ and ‘You need to speak out.’ I just say, ‘I think me and you — first of all — might know a different Jesus.’ I think I did what I would always do, which is try to get to know a person,” the megachurch pastor told Relevant magazine.

“To me, I’m going in there with the intent of pointing to Jesus and hopefully speaking a language the world can understand.”

Lentz sparked controversy when he suggested that the issue of abortion is not an “open and shut case” during an appearance on ABC’s daytime talk show “The View” on Oct. 30.

“To me, I’m trying to teach people who Jesus is first, and find out their story. Before I start picking and choosing what I think is sin in your life, I’d like to know your name,” he said as part of his answer at the time.

“I think our job is still to help people — not necessarily change how they think — but try to point them to what God has said, what we believe the Bible [has] to say. We believe that God is good, that God loves everybody, that Jesus was here to set people free, and that’s still the Good News of the Gospel.”

Later, he explained in a statement that there were several reasons why he didn’t directly respond to the question on whether abortion is sinful.

“I do believe abortion is sinful. Our prayer is that we can continue to help and love those that deal with the pain of regret from personal choices, rather than cast further shame and guilt on those already carrying so much and create a church that can teach people how to form convictions based on God’s Word, that will be the driving force in all their decisions,” Lentz clarified.

The pastor, who has been the subject of several interviews as he promotes his new book, Own the Moment, told Relevant that he knew he was going to get asked questions on controversial topics.

He explained that his strategy in responding was aimed at “keeping the conversation moving.”

As for “The View” interview in particular, he positioned that the fast-paced environment of the round-table did not give him the opportunity to fully address his point.

“I was going to talk about Psalm 139, because she said ‘How do you feel about homosexual marriage? How do you feel about abortion?’ and then before I could even say anything, the other host jumps in and immediately asked me a question about something so specific … the host who asked me the question is not a Christian, doesn’t believe in God, doesn’t believe what we believe and she asked me about sin. So I felt like a higher question would be ‘Let’s talk about who Jesus is before we go there,'” Lentz stated.

He argued that the best thing he felt he could do at the time was “point to Jesus” before getting into a discussion about sin.

“It doesn’t mean I’m not going to get to the truth; it doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to say. My point is, ‘You want go there, before we do, [I want to exercise] my right as a human to say: ‘What’s your name? Where are you from? Why did you get an abortion? Who is the other factor in this? Where were you raised?’ Just so it will be more effective,” he added.

Source: By Stoyan Zamov, Carl Lentz Tells Christians Labeling Him a Coward: ‘You and I Know a Different Jesus’, Christian Post, https://www.christianpost.com/news/carl-lentz-tells-christians-labeling-him-a-coward-you-and-i-know-a-different-jesus-206951/, Published Nov 17 2017. (Accessed Nov 17 2017.)

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