More discerning voices calling out Michael Brown and Carl Lentz.

The Vigilant Christian and Paul Flynn (Megiddo Radio) are two more of the many voices calling out the deception and ‘doublespeak’ of Carl Lentz and Michael Brown.

Disclaimer – We do have a very great respect for the apologetic work of Paul Flynn however we do not endorse Vigilant Christian as a ministry, rather we are showing in this article that people from all arenas are joining together to expose Brown and Lentz.

The Vigilante Christian (VC) recently reported that the hosts on ‘The View’ had this observation about Hillsong:

“Hillsong is seen as “hip” and “progressive” church that is drawing huge millennial crowds but it is “still” evangelical. So where do you stand on social issues that young people are particularly interested in like gay marriage, abortion…”

The VC observed the following:

“The church can’t be seen as “hip” to the world. Okay? If the church, your church, is hip and progressive, to ‘The View’ and their audience, there is something seriously wrong. You need to examine yourself immediately. This thing about being “hip,” what does it even mean? What does being “hip” (being “coool”) have to do with being biblical? Well if you’re hip, you’re in trouble. Okay? Mister pastor Carl Lentz. A progressive basically means – (and notice how they tied progressive into gay marriage and abortion) – well they’re saying if you’re a hip and progressive church, then you have to be okay with gay marriage and okay with abortion.”

The VC went on to say this:

“Now, as we’re going to see, Dr. Brown and those who kinda backed Carl Lentz up on this one, they took the position that, ‘Yeah. You know. He kinda- he didn’t take a firm stand. But if you listen to what he said, he really did take a strong stance.’

What we need to realize here is that snakes have two tongues. We’re dealing with a snake. I’m sorry to call it as it is. I don’t know what’s wrong with the pastors here today. We can’t just call a wolf for what he is. A snake. A wolf in sheeps clothing among us who is going to compromise the very biblical values that are foundational to Christianity.”

Let’s look at Australia and the climate with Hillsong where it all started. Whenever anyone has questioned the ‘apostolic’ authority of Hillsong – Hillsong has done everything within their power to destroy them.

  • Philip Powell was threatened with death when he started investigating the claims that the founder of Hillsong was sexually abusing boys.
  • Geoff Bullock who was close friends with Brian Houston was later told by a Hillsong board member: “We tried to destroy you … until we realised you weren’t a threat.”
  • Henry Sheppard who questioned the Apostles of the AOG including Frank and Brian Houston was financially destroyed and had his reputation ruined by them.
  • More recently, Hillsong used under-hand tactics to try and get Tanya Levin arrested and attempted to destroy her reputation and to financially ruin her.

We have seen websites bullied or threatened with legal action by Hillsong and similar movements that are part of their ‘apostolic’ network. So it’s more than just an ‘influential’ organization – it’s an international cult that is threatening discerning Christians who question them.

Later, the VC turned his attention to Flynn and Michael Brown. When VC got to the section where Brown was reading out Brown’s response, VC, clearly passionate, expressed how upset he was that the deceit of Dr Brown and Carl Lentz is destroying his generation:

“You’re not able to double-speak like this as a pastor. You have to have one message when you’re on ‘The View’. One message when you’re on your instagram. One message when you’re on your Facebook. What is this? Why are we allowing this two-faced, double-speak technique to be done and [manipulate] us? It’s deceit. It’s not right. We need men of God who are going to stand the same way that they would in all places.

This is not what we do. And let’s not play games here Dr Brown. What is wrong with you? This is ridiculous. This is insane. Okay?

Now I’m going to point something out because YOU PASTORS NEED TO CLUE IN. Okay? I’m much younger than you. I’m thirty one years old. And what I’ve watched is my entire generation of millennials (okay, I’m like one of the first- right- I guess you could say a generation x millennial. That’s what I would be considered as). And under me, THEY HAVE TAKEN US AWAY. AND IT’S BECAUSE OF YOUR WEAK STANCE. YOU’RE NOT STANDING AGAINST EVIL. AND THAT IS CAUSING AN ENTIRE GENERATION TO GO AWAY. The world. Hollywood. This. The media. THEY’RE TAKING THEM AWAY. They have an agenda to brainwash and take away the kids and they’ve done it successfully. LOOK IN YOUR CHURCHES! THEY’RE NOT THERE. The only one’s they are at are at these false ones that are now “hip” and “progressive” and eventually are going to accept “gay marriage, abortion.” The great falling away as prophesied in the bible is here and these are the men that are falling away before our very eyes. This is two-tongued snake compromise. Wake up to this! This is not a game. This is insane.” [10:33]

Don’t forget that Michael Brown as the “Director of the Coalition of Conscience”, is deceiving people by defending Carl Lentz. If he, as the director of this Coalition of Conscience, is searing the conscience of millions of people around the world, this makes him a very real danger. The VC can see it and is calling him out. So why does a thirty one year old appear to have more integrity than the majority of pastors, speaking out against the evils appearing on the evangelical landscape?

Source: The Vigilant Christian, Carl Lentz on The View Debate (Dr. Brown Vs TVC, Ben Shapiro and Paul Flynn), YouTube,, Published Nov 19 2017. (Accessed Nov 20 2017.)


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