The ‘New Breed’ Among Us (Part 3): Todd White.

As you are now aware from part 1 and part 2 in this series, New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) leaders genuinely believe that ‘gods’ actually walk the earth among us. As Bob Jones teaches, they are partakers of the divine nature and are like little Jesus’ roaming around the world. These Manifest Sons of God or ‘New Breed’ are to be raised up to lead the end-times church.

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Leading Apostle of the NAR, C. Peter Wagner, declared that 2001 was the start of the New Apostolic Age of governing end-times apostles and prophets in the church. Lakeland in 2008 was confirmation of this end-times global revival, with the arrival of Paul Cain (a prophet of the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR), claiming he saw what the NOLR prophesied about – the ‘New Breed’. On live television, Cain claimed that Todd Bentley was this ‘New Breed’.

The ‘New Breed’ Among Us (Part 1): Todd Bentley

In Part 2, we report how Matt Sorger also rose to prominence as a ‘New Breed’ and recognized by such by NAR leaders.

The ‘New Breed’ Among Us (Part 2): Matt Sorger.

In this article, we report on a third person of this new breed trinity. This little god is very influential among such men as Bill Johnson, Michael Brown, Daniel Kolenda, Benny Hinn and so on.

His name is Todd White.

And he was discovered to be this New Breed through the NAR Apostolic ministry of Patricia King:

Todd White is part of “A New Breed” walking the earth with the Lord – full-on in God and full-on for God in all things at all times. This New Breed loves Jesus, loves people, and walks in the power of God that comes from His love and righteousness, and they are truly about the Father’s business in the earth.”

Source: Patricia King, 2014 – A New Breed, XP Media,, Published 13/06/2017 . [Cache]

Elsewhere Patricia King states,

“… There is a new breed of believer arising. Men and women who know they are sons and daughters because they know their Heavenly Father. This new breed of believer gives God everything because they understand all that He gave for them. […] They live powerful lives of complete abandonment to the Lord, completely consumed by the reality of His Kingdom. […]

Todd White is a forerunner of this new breed. In this CD set he shares revelation, insight, and testimonies that illustrate what it is to be a part of this champion company that flows effortlessly in the power and presence of God.”

Source: Patricia King, THE NEW BREED 2 CD TEACHING BY TODD WHITE,XP Media,, Published 13/06/2017.

The ‘champion company’ is important language to recognize. Back in 1948, the Latter Rain (who gave us the NARismatic movement), called this heresy the ‘manchild company’. And it’s important we bring up the Latter Rain cult again. Franklin Hall was one of the main people that influenced this heretical sect with his work ‘Atomic Power with God, Through Fasting and Prayer’. In the online iHOP Forerunner bookstore, they state that Franklin Hall’s book is, “highly recommended by Todd White.” [Source]

From our research, Franklin Hall seemed to be the originator of this idea of the ‘manchild company’/’manifest sons of god’/’little gods’ heresy that will accompany the end-times church.

To end, we will let Todd White talk about himself being a little god, and how he lives as this ‘New Breed’. (We’ve downloaded the video.)

It is important to note where Patricia King met Todd White – at a ‘glory school’. People need to be aware that in the NAR there is a secret mandate known as the ‘Apostolic Mandate’ which explains why they have many glory schools across the globe. NAR Apostles believe it is their job to raise up this New Breed for this final end-times chapter of the church.

Source: Todd White, 新種のクリスチャンたち Todd White-A New Breed Of Christian, YouTube,, Published on Nov 20, 2014. (Accessed Feb 20 2017.)


“Back in 2008 when Patricia King came to a glory school and I met her for the first time and didn’t know her. I went through the glory school and it was very biblical, just amazing. Just precept upon precept, line upon line. I had no idea what it was. It was awesome. And she called me out and prophesied over me. And when she did she prophesied these two words: New Breed. And it went right to my heart. Just knocked me down actually. I was under the weight of that word in my heart. Just on the ground for while.

… But what God’s been stirring in me is that he’s raising up a generation that will be the New Breed. A New Breed of Christianity. A New Breed, one that would walk in the love of God, that is so consumed by passionate love for him… […] When sonship is established, what we know is our dad. He’s our dad. I’m a son. He’s my dad. And nothing get’s in between here where there’s a life of no compromise that’s established. Because compromise separates  relationship…

[…] When this is established, when sonship is established, there’s no compromise. Why would I want to join myself to another when I’m already joined to Him, unless it’s in a marital status? This thing’s amazing… […] It’s totally different than anything I’ve ever even heard of, ever even dreamed of, because the gospel is 100% supernatural. But there is such a place to be in God where sonship is established, where righteousness is the core of everything you are. Where He’s the centre of everything you are. Where God is the focus of every day in everything. When we come to the realisation that we can do absolutely nothing without Him… […] I can’t go anywhere without Him because He’s my dad and He loves me profusely.

Like it says in Hebrews, it says, in Hebrew 12:14 it says “Pursue peace with all people and holiness  for without which no-one will see the Lord”.  And that Scripture can be taken a couple of different ways.  Some people say without peace and holiness we’ll never see Him, which is true. But without peace and holiness in your life as the Christian that pursues God, the love of God profuse where deep cries out to deep, where our heart and His heart become one, where we are intertwined, where our views become His views… […] Not by a robot but because the divine grace of God intertwines our thought processes where we become one. Where we pursue holiness and peace with all people, because without us doing that on an individual basis, people will never see God in us and will never want what we have.

So there is such a place to grow, and look, miracles are becoming more prevalent, the healings are more prevalent, they are profuse. God will flow through anybody because He loves people. And a lot of people come to a place without sonship where they do a miracle but don’t realise they are a son, and they do a healing and don’t realise they are a son..

[…] And when that happens they start to gain their identity through what they do instead of what they are. But when sonship is established, you are doing the miracle because of who you are. You are healing somebody through the power of God through you because Holy Spirit flows through you just like He did through Jesus because of God’s love for them.

So God will flow through you no matter if your garden is clean or not, but you are a steward of your own heart. So we can cry out from more of an intimacy with God, for us to pursue Him with a more intense desire, to where we want his things in everything we do…

[…] It says in Matthew 7, verse 21 it says, “not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But he who does the will of my Father in heaven”.  Notice it says does the will, not just knows the will, but does the will. “Many will say in that day, didn’t we prophesy, didn’t we cast out demons, didn’t we do many wonders in Your name?” […] So here’s the deal. Doing the will of God, knowing the will of God and not just walking by it but doing it, knowing and doing it, hearing and doing it. Where relationship enters in to where you wouldn’t want anything else. It says “didn’t we do all this stuff in Your name? And then I will declare to them, I never knew you. Depart from Me”…

[…] So we can walk in such a measure of sonship in such a measure of the love of God, in a profuse relationship with God, to where lawlessness and unrighteousness is so far from us, where we want nothing to do with that, because when we do with that, it has to interfere with this [shows vertical relationship with hands].

[…] People ought to see Christ in you so that they want what you have.  It is time for us to shine. Shine doesn’t just mean tell people Jesus loves them. […] My God has found no fault in me because there is a place we can walk in purity and holiness and peace, and without, that no-one will see the Lord…

… [Prays] Father, I thank you in the name of Jesus, God, to an uncompromised breed of Christian that is going to walk out the truth of the gospel. That nothing is going to interfere with this. God I thank you for the profuse grace coming upon the body. No compromise in Jesus name. Mark ‘em God in Jesus name. Amen.

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