Hodge connects ChristAlignment to Bethel; Bethel retracts statement.

Before tackling this issue – we want to point out that the New Apostolic Reformation church known as Bethel (governed by NAR Apostle Bill Johnson) is directly responsible for promoting nonsense like this in the name of Jesus Christ. As you will find out in the timeline below, Hodge states how their coven ministry is linked to Bethel and NARsociates. We also think it’s important to read this article before fingers are pointed our way for judging the Hodges.

Playing the ‘Religious Card’.

You will see that this is the typical card NAR followers use to silence any form of valid Christian concern. When Christians try to follow the clear instructions of Jesus in loving, submitting and holding each other accountable to the word of God, people caught up in the NAR are quick to condemn them by twisting Jesus’ words such as ‘judge not’ or ‘he who hasn’t sinned cast the first stone’. You will see this come in to play as we timeline the series of events between Bethel and the ChristAlignment ‘coven’.


Recently, Pulpit and Pen published an article exposing a coven-like group who parade themselves as a Christian ministry:

Charismatics Now Using “Christian” Tarot Cards

When the P&P article was advertised on FaceBook, Ken and Jen Hodge protested and wrote the following on the advertised P&P FB link then deleted it (we managed to obtain a copy of what they wrote before they deleted it):

“Haha this is so hilarious. Our cards are our own. We hate tarot. It would be awesome if you guys that call yourself christian yet judge with such passion ever bothered to find out if what you are slandering about a ministry is even true. In the case of Christalignment you couldn’t be more wrong. We are a deliverance ministry aimed at rescuing new agers out of darkness. We would like and demand an apology and retraction of what you have said” – Published Dec 12 2017

Kris Vallotton put up a statement (read in the Bethelgate link below), that suggested Bethel had no connection nor would promote tarot-card ministries like that of the Hodges. Jen Hodge protested her innocence under his statement, promoting her tarot cards.

It appears around this time she also published this on his wall as well, where she failed to convince people what she was doing was not tarot card reading. Furthermore, her words confirm our report on the ChristAlignment coven connection with Bethel leadership and Bethel students. In fact, she reveals more than we ever could:

Her words are damning, she claims, “We fully support everything Bethel believes in and we do not have to repent as our ministry has nothing to repent off [sic]. Jesus celebrates it.”

Looks like this ‘Jesus’ likes to have fellowship with darkness.

Jen Hodge also states, “We have had many Bethel students over the years come out on teams with us – some of your finest. They can attest to you that we have done nothing wrong rather something right.”

The occultist then decided to take a swipe at Christianity by claiming, “It is ridiculous that Christians have judged us based on photos where cards appear yet not one person has asked – what exactly are those cards?” (We will be looking at more of this in a future article). Even more damning is her claim that she received a prophetic mantle from one of Bill Johnson’s NAR buddies: Adam F. Thompson. She states that Thompson prophesied that the Hodges would see “hundreds of witches born again, tarot cards would be disabled and see thousands being set free of darkness”.

Not long after publishing the article ‘Bethelgate – looking under the rug of Bethel administration‘ (which refuted Kris Vallotton’s statement), a not so ‘Haha this is so hilarious‘ Jen Hodge put up a video on her FaceBook page. While claiming she hated tarot, Hodge attempted to refute AGAIN what she engaged in was not tarot card reading.

[Click to Download]

Not long after this video was uploaded, it was announced below her video that ‘Kris deleted the post conceding you were a legitimate ministry’. Maybe. Or it could be because he read our article exposing his lies. Or maybe he was told to take it down by a Bethel leader. We are yet to find out.

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