False prophets & their false prophecies over Todd Bentley & Lakeland.

The Elijah List is the gift that keeps on giving, reinforcing time and again that the NARismatic movement is not a fresh move of the Holy Spirit. Chris Rosebrough from Fighting For The Faith, recently played a clip of Todd Bentley reading Wendy Alec’s false prophecy about Jesus returning bodily to earth to set foot on the stage of Lakeland.


Here is the video of the ‘prophetic word’ that Bentley read out (see transcript below):

The Lord just spoke to me and said “This IS what will happen tomorrow night!”The King and the King’s anonting falls tomorrow night. The 8th of June, the anointing of the King of Glory falls. Jesus said, “I am coming in person.” The King is coming in person.I sense so strongly there will be a personal divine visitation of the Lamb of God, the Lord Jesus Christ to the revival tomorrow night.

He will come in the clouds, in His chariot, surrounded by a great angelic host because the great honoring of the Lamb of God, The King of Glory is coming to visit Lakeland, to visit the revival, to visit the outpouring. The devil trembles with that knowledge. For tomorrow the King of Glory sets foot upon the stage in divine, personal, one-to-one visitation.

However, there wasn’t just one false prophecy about this ‘revival’. The Elijah List published a series of false prophecies by false prophets regarding the Lakeland hoax back in 2008.


From The Elijah List,

“BOB JONES, TODD BENTLEY (Canada), WENDY ALEC (Washington, D.C.), ROB DELUCA (New Zealand), DENNY CLINE (Albany, Oregon), JOHN ARNOTT (Toronto), Steve Shultz (Albany, Oregon)–EXPLOSIVE REVIVAL IN FLORIDA–THIS IS BIG!”

From the desk of Steve Shultz:

I’ve known Todd Bentley since 1999. His first book has reports of healings–written by THE ELIJAHLIST. We acted as SCRIBES to the miracles that were happening. I’ve never been one to just accept miracles without proof. I remember specifically sitting next to some senior ladies and had them verify that they could now hear out of their deaf ears, and at least one of them had NO EAR DRUM! Strange, but miraculous!

I’ve seen Todd here in Albany, Oregon many times and have watched him grow in the LORD and grow personally over the last 8 to 9 years. I can’t wait for Todd to come back. Let me just tell you–Todd is the real deal, but the HOLY SPIRIT in Todd is REALLY the REAL deal.

Miracles are happening. Are you sick? I’d get on a plane and fly to Florida! Last time this happened with Todd Bentley here in Albany, Oregon, many people who were VERY sick–even terminally ill–got dramatically healed by simply coming out or FLYING OUT–to Oregon from all over the world.

The same will happen in Lakeland, Florida, believe me!

We have included in this post, various reports and prophetic words about the revival breaking out in Lakeland, Florida from:

Todd Bentley with a prophetic word from Bob Jones; Wendy Alec from God.tv; my pastor, Denny Cline from Albany, Oregon; Pastor Stephen Strader from Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida–where the revival is breaking out!; Pastor Rob DeLuca from New Zealand, who spoke a prophetic word over Todd Bentley several weeks prior to the Lakeland Revival; and Pastor John Arnott from Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in Canada.

P.S…Here is Todd Bentley’s best-selling CD, Marinating and Pickling in God’s Presence. Also, many of Rick Joyner’s prophecies are now coming true in his book, VISIONS OF THE HARVEST. Both are very appropriate for right now!

Marinating–Pickling in God’s Presence
by Todd Bentley
Audio CD

Visions of the Harvest
by Rick Joyner

Steve Shultz
Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The ElijahList & ElijahRain magazine


Written April 16, 2008
REVIVAL IN LAKELAND FLORIDA…Bob Jones said: “The Angel Named ‘Winds of Change’ is bringing the change NOW”

Dear Friends,
As I write this, just two hours ago at 2pm, the Glory fell on me; I’ve been weeping and praying about what is happening here in Florida. I honestly have never felt such a manifest presence. People are saying they feel the glory 10 miles away from the meetings, it’s that tangible.

And based on how absolutely electric the meetings are going, one can only imagine what will happen tonight and in the meetings to follow. Along with many other leaders, we pray that this is the next wave that we have all been waiting for.

I just spoke with Bob Jones again, and he told me several things. First, he was not expecting that the glory would fall this soon.

Second, Bob said the angel named “Winds of Change,” is bringing the change NOW, and that this outpouring would break out internationally. He said this outpouring, the very tangible healing anointing, is for the world and would go everywhere. (God told me that every night in the meetings I was to impart it to ministries, and as I write this, several hundred pastors, evangelists and ministries have already come.)

Third, Bob said, and I agree, we have never seen such notable miracles. (Distinctively, scars and burn marks have been removed from bodies, and there are testimonies coming in of cancers, tumors, deaf ears, diabetes, lupus, autism, and a vast array of other sicknesses and diseases, all being healed. I’m talking hundreds of healings so far! There are dramatic salvations, and heavenly visitations especially coming to the children.)

Fourth, Bob said that our interns would become “doctors,” quickly, and take this to the world, and that our associates are needed to spread the fire. (Since many associates are in the meetings here, right now, if you would like to book any of these associates to bring the fire and revival to your city, church, or ministry, call the Fresh Fire office: 604-853-9041 or go to our website http://www.freshfire.ca and check out our associates under Associate Ministries.)

Please read the following letter and comments from Denny Cline, one of our real friends and fathers, who pastors the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Albany, in Oregon. (Note by Steve Shultz: Denny Cline is my personal pastor and a spiritual father and advisor to Todd.)

Also, another report follows below given to me today by John Arnott, who is currently in Hawaii right now with Che Ahn, Bill Johnson, and Heidi Baker.

Before closing, I want to invite all those who are really hungry and praying for revival, to come get some! You can also watch what God is doing in Lakeland on GOD.TV or live on our website nightly at 7pm EST at http://www.freshfire.ca. We are here through April 27th and are willing to stay longer. I also welcome any comments you might have about what you believe is happening.

In Revival,
Todd Bentley
Fresh Fire Ministries

Along with reports, please also read first a Prophetic Word given to Todd over three weeks ago while he was ministering in Australia by a pastor from New Zealand —Pastor Rob DeLuca. The word given describes an outbreak of Revival in four places with Lakeland, Florida being one of them. The pastor who gave this word had no idea that Todd was going to be holding meetings in Florida!

Rob DeLuca:
“Prophetic Words Spoken Over Todd Bentley–BEFORE Lakeland Revival Breaks Out”

Intro to prophetic word from Pastor Stephen Strader, Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida:

Todd Bentley asked me to send you this prophecy. It was given over Todd in Australia three weeks BEFORE he came to Florida. The prophet (Rob DeLuca) did NOT know Todd was coming to Florida.
The Florida Healing Outpouring started on April 2nd and is planned right now through April 27th. It started as a five day conference. We are now going seven days a week.
Pastor Stephen Strader
Ignited Church
Lakeland, Florida
Email: ignitedchurch@gmail.com

Prophetic Word Spoken over Todd Bentley and the Nations
Prophesied on March 8, 2008

This is exactly word for word what was spoken over Todd Bentley (from Fresh Fire Ministries) at the “Downpour Conference” on the Gold Coast in Australia, on March 8, 2008, by Pastor Rob DeLuca from New Zealand (this is a picture of Rob Deluca prophesying the actual word over Todd Bentley):

Todd, I saw a vision, and it’s concerning four revivals that are going to take to place in the world.

I saw a human boomerang flying out of Canada and it hit the nation of England, it hit the nation of Australia, it hit the nation of New Zealand, and it came spinning around.

I saw “Todd Bentley”–your name on the boomerang, but I knew that it was the Lord showing me that it was you, and I saw it fly back around and it came and hit America.

But, there was a bit more accuracy to it. It hit the state of Florida. The Lord is showing me that what took place in Pensacola, and also what took place in Lakeland with Rodney –you’re gonna bring something very strong to Florida.

I see something BIG in Florida. Then I saw the Lord turning you into a human nail, you know, like a spike nail. I saw the hand of God, I saw the Father hit this hammer and it hit you and it went straight into the ground of Florida.

I saw a scroll attached to this nail and it said, “The Kingdom of God has now come.” I really believe that what has taken place in the last 20 years in Florida, will be rekindled and rebirthed from your coming and going to Florida. A matter of fact, I will be even more bold to say that I believe that there is going to be a massive work where it’s so fruitful, that there will be seasons of time in Florida from Canada.

I saw it hit England, Australia, New Zealand, but I saw it going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. But I really believe that it’s not just going to touch thousands, but tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands. It’s going to be something that’s going to be heard around the world.

And Father, we thank You for it. I thank You for the revivals that are coming to the nations that have been spoken and seen.
I thank You Father for England. Lord, let the impartation of revival come with the new wave, with the greater glory to England.
I thank You for Australia. I thank You even for the impartation over these days, but Lord, let this be the beginning. Let this be the embryo stage of something that turns into a great giant of a revival in the nation of Australia.
I thank You for New Zealand. I thank You Father that people will come from all over the world and taste and see the impartation of the effects of revival that has been tasted even in the last week.
I thank You Father that it is for our generation and for the generation that’s coming. Lord, let history be made even in the now, we pray.
And I thank You for the anointing that’s on this man of God. I thank You Father that we honor the gift of God and we value the gift of God and in doing so Father, we declare blessing concerning the increase of his ministry, concerning the promotion of even being one that’s sent to take entire nations to influence entire nations.
Father, let America be influenced from what’s about to take place concerning the seasons that You’re preparing for Todd in Florida.

In Jesus name, what’s happened…I really believe what happened–it’s even going to hit CNN, it’s going to hit news broadcasts, it’s going to be talked about all over America. There’s something brewing so big and so strong that it’s going to waste the nation with God’s glory, definitely, in Jesus name.

Pastor Rob DeLuca
His Way Church in New Zealand
Email: admin@hiswaychurch.com

About Rob and Caroline DeLuca:
Rob and Caroline DeLuca are the senior pastors of His Way Church International in Auckland, New Zealand. Their heart’s passion is to see the greatest revival that the nations have ever witnessed through God’s manifest presence. Rob originally came to New Zealand from America as a missionary with nothing but a Bible, a suitcase, and a word from God for revival in the nation of New Zealand. Rob operates in a strong Apostolic and Prophetic Anointing with signs and wonders that follow the preaching of the Word. With all their hearts, Rob and Caroline want to see a generation that is raised up to carry God’s love and fire all over the world. They have two beautiful children, Isabella (6) and Josh (4), who are minor prophets!

Wendy Alec:
“What You Shall See in the COMING DAYS Shall even Make these Days Pale–with What I Have Up My Sleeve”

For Todd Bentley and the Healing Revival in Florida
Prophesied by Wendy Alec from God.TV on April 17, 2008

I felt the Lord say that even as scandals and a cynicism have eroded the world’s view of the Church and the Church itself, the Lord said that, “Even in an instant what comes OUT OF FLORIDA will RESTORE CREDIBILITY and FAITH to BELIEVE and RECEIVE SUPERNATURAL MIRACLES OF A DIMENSION NOT YET SEEN ON THE EARTH–EVEN IN A MOMENT,” says the Lord.

“For My son, I am stirring up the river, I am stirring up the river. The sound of a GREAT GRACE,” says the Lord. “The sound of a GREAT GRACE is descending from My throne.”

“For even as you have yearned in your spirit to see this day, and even as you have seen this moment, I tell you that this is just the preparation,” says the Lord. “THIS is just the warm up party, for what you shall see in the coming days shall even make these days pale with what I have up My sleeve. And I tell you My son, THIS THAT I POUR OUT UPON YOU and UPON FLORIDA, shall flow to the East. Even to the East,” says the Lord.

“I tell you that ASIA–Japan, South and North Korea, Vietnam, even CHINA shall be impacted by My glory and beyond. And I tell you that this shall move from Lakeland, Florida. It shall move from the East Coast to the West Coast of AMERICA. The East Coast to the West.”

“And a great joining shall take place. And a great MERGING of movements; a merging and a joining. And a lowering of the dividing walls of ministries. And this shall be a sign to you–this is that of which I have whispered to your spirit as the great outpouring of the end.”

“And a softening shall take place in CALIFORNIA,” says the Lord. “And oh, oh yes, where they have said, ‘It is such hard ground,’ so I tell you that what I pour out in the coastlands of Florida shall even go to WALL STREET. And to LOS ANGELES,” says the Lord. “And the sound of My coming will be made known in the streets–FOR I AM GOD. And it shall go to the ghettos of Los Angeles, and it shall pour on the streets of New York. And I shall do a new thing in the Bible Belt. I shall do a new thing in the Heartland with FRESHFIRE,” says the Lord.

“For I shall pour My spirit upon the arid ground, and even where the Church has clung to the old, I tell you that the wind; I tell you that the rushing wind that arises from Florida, shall blow away the chaff and the fire shall burn away that which is dross. And the old that does not satisfy shall be even in a moment–swept away as the NEW IS COME.”

“And so MY CHURCH SHALL COME TO ITS RISING. Yes MY CHURCH IN AMERICA shall start to shake. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!” says the Lord. “SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! For I am doing a new thing. For some say, ‘I have seen this before.’ But I tell you–THIS IS a NEW HOUR and a NEW DAY and a FRESH OUTPOURING OF MY SPIRIT,” says the Lord. “I am pouring out My spirit in a NEW dispensation.”

“And My son, yes to the isles far across the sea this shall go. Even Ireland shall be touched by this FLAME. And the Netherlands and Sweden and Europe. And I tell you that the CINDERS OF THIS FIRE shall be borne by many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many multitudes, and they shall take it into RUSSIA and beyond.”

“Yes, for this is a new flow being released in Florida. A new flow, a new fire, a new outpouring,” says the Lord. “And I tell you that this is just the beginning of what you shall yet see in the coming days. For I tell you the days that are at hand shall be days when even as the shadow of My servant falls, so people shall be healed. And the dead shall rise,” says the Lord, “yes, the dead shall rise.”

“But make NO mistake–THIS IS DIFFERENT–a different anointing, a different outpouring from that which has gone out from this state before. Make no mistake–this is a DIFFERENT season and a DIFFERENT fragrance and a DIFFERENT sound. I am doing a FRESH thing. I am doing A BRAND NEW THING. And no, no, no, you have not seen or touched or smelt this before.”

THERE WILL BE A TASTE. For this is a taste and a sound. A taste and a sound and a fragrance. Yes,” says the Lord, “even a TASTE there shall yet be. And it is the taste of Heaven. And it is the sound of the war chariots. AND a sound of THE MIGHTY RUSHING WIND. THE SOUND OF A GREAT GRACE,” says the Lord. “You shall even hear the wind, my child, and My GRACE shall come in the wind. And My GRACE shall come in the fire. And My GRACE shall descend as an overshadowing. Even as a mother with her chicks, I tell you that My GREAT GRACE DESCENDS among you and overshadows you.”

“And the smell of MY CONSUMING FIRE. For My servants have cried out to Me. Yes, My people have cried and have yearned and have raised their voices in the midnight hour to Me. And I have heard their cries,” says the Lord, “and I tell you that what you see in this outpouring is but a shadow of what I shall pour in the coming days–in the months ahead,” says the Lord. “For have I not promised that I shall visit? Have I not promised that I shall pour My power and My grace upon all flesh? Oh yes,” says the Lord, “oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!”

“And I tell you–that which rises from Florida shall even set the nations alight–the nations alight with My glory. Oh yes, for there are many, many who say, ‘Here are the miracles,’ and there are many, many who say, ‘We are tired of the tawdry and the hype.’ But I shall move in such a way that the mouths of the cynics shall be shut, even in a moment. They shall be shut and they shall watch astounded as My Spirit pours out on the masses,” says the Lord. “And stadiums shall be filled because of what I have chosen to do in Florida–stadiums shall be filled all across the earth.”

“And the people shall weep. There shall come a great weeping and conviction and a great sound of repentance shall arise; shall arise from this place,” says the Lord. “The sound of a great WEEPING, for there shall even be a harvest of tears! And the nations shall be impacted by My glory and shall be impacted by revival and shall be impacted by MY SON,” says the Lord. “Yes, and then into the time of the end.”

Wendy Alec finished this word with, “For you, dear Todd, from the Lord.”

Wendy Alec
Co-Founder of GOD.TV

Denny Cline:
“This Fresh Outpouring is a NEW LEVEL and has the Potential to AWAKEN the Whole of North America and other Nations in Need of REVIVAL”

From the beginning of this year, the Holy Spirit has been impressing upon me to have us both prepare and plan for revival. And from that time, there have been signs that God is visiting us and His people in the U.S. in a fresh way. We can’t afford to miss this opportunity for something special to happen for our nation and us.

My hopes have been raised even more as I now know it was God who spoke to me last summer to tell Todd Bentley that he was about to have another visitation and another launching. I invited him to our conference on the ministry of angels held early in February. We heard a sound in the Spirit and decreed the release of the Host of Heaven for revival and harvest. There was clearly warfare against the promise for Todd, as he was prevented from crossing the border to attend our conference.

The next week, at the airport on his way to Phoenix, he was questioned again, but let through. His assistant looked through glass and saw three angels behind Todd.

But God is faithful. Something fresh began to happen the next week in Phoenix at a conference called, “Raising The Dead” with Patricia King. I attended and witnessed the increase and notable miracles which began to break out. Then Todd came to Lakeland, Florida, and was visited by an angel Bob Jones calls the “Winds of Change.” He said this is a high-ranking angel over all the ones assigned to healing, breakthrough and revival unto harvest.

Over the last three weeks here in Lakeland, there have been amazing miracles, a glorious presence of the Holy Spirit, and many coming to Christ. This outpouring is increasing at Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida, pastored by Stephen and Janice Strader. They have a heritage in outpourings, as he is the son of Carl Strader, who hosted Rodney Howard Browne. God used Rodney as a catalyst for the renewals that birthed extended outpourings of the Holy Spirit through other vessels in Toronto, Canada and Pensacola, Florida. There were many other powerful times of visitation and refreshing that are not as well-known, including our own region in the Northwest and in Albany.

This fresh outpouring is a new level and has the potential to awaken the whole of North America and other nations in need of revival. Todd was with us in Albany, Oregon, and sparked a healing visitation that spanned from July of 1999 to June of 2000. There were hundreds of healings, miracles and salvations during that year timeframe. I lamented that we ran out of gas and were unable to sustain it. There have been hundreds already in just three weeks in Lakeland. But the Lord spoke to me in an elders meeting the next year that He would come again with another outpouring and it would be ten times greater than before. I had no idea what that would look like except to believe that signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and salvation would be the fruit of it.

Now I realize with the way the internet and media in general have developed, people can experience an outpouring and can even be touched by God through the media and the communication available. People have watched the meetings from all over the world already on webcast, and now will be able to have it in their homes through God.TV, which can potentially reach 400,000,000 people. That is staggering when you think about it.

It would take many pages to write the testimonies coming in with just three weeks of meetings (from what is happening) in Lakeland at Ignited Church. But you can view them on Fresh Fire’s website each day as they are updated. Every night, Todd ministers and every morning the pastor or others do. At every service people get set free, changed, and saved in an awesome atmosphere of the presence of Jesus Christ.

We should all be praying and hungering for this outpouring to spread to the Body of Christ at large and into the streets and everywhere outside the walls of the church. For it has the potential to become a great awakening that brings thousands and even millions to Christ as God pours out His love and manifests the Kingdom of Heaven in healings, miracles, and an invitation to receive the Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ.

Denny Cline, Senior Leader
Albany Vineyard Christian Fellowship

About Denny Cline written by Steve Shultz:
Denny Cline is both my pastor and my friend. I’ve known him since 1999 and have attended his church since then–when I’m not on the road with THE ELIJAHLIST. A week or two ago, before we heard what was happening with Todd Bentley, who we both know well, Denny and I had lunch for FOUR HOURS! When Denny and I get to talking, it is easy to lose track of time. Both Denny and I are in Todd’s first book, as one of his most profound outbreaks of healing and revival broke out right here in Albany, Oregon, in our much smaller fellowship (back then) in 1999-2000.

Denny has been a God Chaser from the moment I met him. Weekly, he leads the local Vineyard into a God-seeking, God Worshipping session that usually goes “long? as opposed to ending at high noon. If you’re looking for a place where the prophets

always go, come to Albany, Oregon. Though we are a Vineyard, our sights are set on the community of Albany, not a particular congregation or denomination–and our entire surrounding area also known as the Willamette Valley. This is just me, but I fully expect Todd to come back here to Albany, Oregon before long, as he’s been here many times already. But don’t wait for Todd. We’ve had a lot of healing here, even without Todd Bentley.

John Arnott:
“This is a Prophetic Sign that Another WAVE of REVIVAL is Coming to North America”

John Arnott writes to Todd Bentley:
Todd, you need to keep going in these meetings as long as the Lord is moving. I feel that this is a prophetic sign that another wave of revival is coming to North America.

If you remember, the laughing revival was released in Lakeland via Rodney Howard Browne. Randy Clark went to one of Rodney’s meetings in November 2003 in Tulsa, and came to Toronto in January of 2004, and it all broke out here.
So, the meetings starting again in Lakeland could mean that revival gets another fresh start all over the world!

John Arnott, Founding Pastor
Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

Source: Steve Shultz, “BOB JONES, TODD BENTLEY (Canada), WENDY ALEC (Washington, D.C.), ROB DELUCA (New Zealand), DENNY CLINE (Albany, Oregon), JOHN ARNOTT (Toronto), Steve Shultz (Albany, Oregon)–EXPLOSIVE REVIVAL IN FLORIDA–THIS IS BIG!”, http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=6375, Elijah List, Published Apr 19, 2008. [Archived]

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