Jen Johnson’s ‘armpit reflector’ Jesus: worshiping a pagan image that can be changed by your words.


We don’t know which is worse, Jen Johnson saying what you are about to hear or the fact that Michael Koulianos thought this was a sensible interview to upload.

The question that Koulianos addressed to Jen Johnson seems reasonable.

“What is worship? And secondly, how is worship connected with the presence of the Lord?” 

However, her opening response to the program highlights how lacking in biblical integrity she really is. Her ‘god’ is obviously not the God of the bible. Nowhere in scripture does it say that God worships us. Nowhere in scripture is He telling us that we arebeautiful, amazing, kind and wonderful.’ This entity more reflects the narcissism of Lucifer who tries to usurp God’s glory and makes the creation about the creature – and not the Creator (as we read in Genesis).

This entity is not Jesus – it’s a graven image, carved with the ‘power’ of Jen Johnson’s human tongue, “the Lord absorbed our praises and He more so became what we declared Him as.” 

So much for, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Heb 13:8). 

Transcript of Video 1 provided below.


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Betheltv writes,

We become like the one we worship.

To watch the full message, visit:…/worship-the-postures-of-p…/2015/05/10 w/ Jenn Johnson

Source: Betheltv, FaceBook,, Published May 20 2015. (Accessed Jan 16, 2018.)

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“What is worship? And secondly, how is worship connected with the presence of the Lord?”

“Worship to me is kind of a two-fold thing that I – The Lord showed me this picture. I don’t know where this is- um- scripturally. But it’s a picture the Lord showed me so- [Koulianos: “We’ll take it.”] – yeah! Yeah! Hahaha! ‘My revelation’. But um – it was this beautiful picture. I was just worshiping and I just saw a congregation worshiping. And worship kind of shot up – the presence did – unto the Lord. And we were just declaring who He was and His goodness, His mercy and He’s beautiful and He’s incredible. Just declaring who God was.

And in all in one fluid motion, the Lord absorbed our praises and He more so became what we declared Him as. And in one motion He kinda flung out or declared over the earth, ‘Yes I am. Yes I am’. So as we were declaring the power, uh, life and death in our tongue, the power of life, we were declaring who He was. It was kinda like – it just went BOOM! out of the heart of the Lord, over the earth, going, ‘Yes. That’s who I am’.

And also, in that same motion, that same picture, the Lord has this reflector near under his armpit. You know, I think God has an armpit. I don’t know but it’s in the picture. We’re made in His image. I get it. But He had this reflector. And as we – our praise went – just shoot up to Him, this reflector would say, ‘You’re beautiful, you’re amazing, you’re kind, you’re wonderful’. In one fluid motion it would hit this reflector and shoot back to us and the Lord would say, ‘So are you. That’s who you are’. And it’s one fluid motion.

It says when we’re in His presence we become like Him. And just this picture of that um – happening is just, as we’re declaring to the nations who He is and in that same motion, we are becoming the very thing we are declaring.”

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