JD Hall tackles the hypocrisy of Bethel pastor Ben Fitzgerald.

Jordan Hall addressed the lies and nonsense of Ben Fitzgerald’s rant against discerning Christians judging his parents Jen and Ken Hodge from Christalignment. His review of Ben Fitzgerald starts from 35:30 – 43:37.

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Podcast: Steven Anderson Joins Us to Take James White’s Orthodoxy Test

On this episode of Polemics Report, Steven Anderson briefly joins the program to take James White’s orthodoxy test by which he Whitewashed Michael Brown. Anderson passes with flying colors, and then JD goes on to explain why you shouldn’t endorse Steven Anderson anyway. Hopefully, some people will learn their lesson.

Then, JD discusses the SBC promoting a Papist as a “Gospel preacher,” and then moves on to the “sheep beating” of Ben Fitzgerald and Greg Locke. JD review Greg Locke’s recent sermon and demonstrates what appears to be plagiarism, and then Locke yelling out the name of a church member who had criticized him, calling them names and telling others he’ll shout out and shame them from the pulpit as well.

As always, you can listen at Bible Thumping Wingnut or click to listen below.

Source: http://polemicsreport.com/2018/01/18/podcast-steven-anderson-joins-us-to-take-james-whites-orthodoxy-test/, Published

JD Hall – Polemics Report 18 Jan 2018 – Ben Fitzgerald


Jordan Hall: “We’re going to talk about ‘sheep beating’ today. Is that cool with everybody? We’re going to talk about ‘sheep beating’.

Okay, this is from Ben Fitzgerald. Now discernment is a spiritual gift. The discerning of spirits, and I think I can demonstrate from the Epistles of John that when he says that, he doesn’t mean ‘demon radar’. He means discerning of doctrine. And when we ‘test the spirits’, we’re testing what is being taught.

If someone has been given that spiritual gift, do you beat them? We’re going to listen to a couple of pastors, spiritual leaders that beat people with discernment. And the first one is Ben Fitzgerald of Bethel Church, he’s a Missionary for Bethel. And it’s his mom, Jen Hodge that was doing the, and may still be for all I know, the Christalignment Tarot Cards. And he’s mad, he’s mad people are talking about his mom.”

Ben Fitzgerald audio: “Hello family, friends around the world. Merry Christmas, what an amazing time of year this is. And ah, I’m excited to speak to you today…. I will do this final statement about the judgment that is happening, it’s just absolutely ridiculous and crazy.”

Jordan Hall: “It’s ridiculous and crazy judgement. If you have a problem with ‘Christian tarot cards’, you’re ridiculous and crazy, nuts! I think the ‘Christian tarot card’ is nuts, did you see the topless dancing?  We posted that. It’s his group, it’s his mom. They had like a ‘spirit dance’ and there’s topless woman dancing, um it was edited. I think you can thank Steve Kozar for that, thank you for editing that so we don’t have to use eye bleach. So if you think that’s bad, your judgment, you’re judging, and that judgment’s bad.”

Ben Fitzgerald audio: “I just need to speak into it, because I’ve had enough of it. And seeing the stuff I’m seeing in the last two weeks, it’s just enough is enough. And so, if you’re a believer and you’re watching this, even if you’re a non-Christian and you’re watching this, you could learn from what I’m about to say. Because we need to be, the Bible really commands us to walk like Jesus, which means we need to walk in love. And when we don’t have love, we have nothing. And so this week, the last two weeks actually, my whole family has been under attack, severely.”

Jordan Hall: “I don’t think anyone has literally attacked them. They have said, ‘stop doing stupid stuff’.

Ben Fitzgerald audio: “It opened my eyes to something that I didn’t realize was so severe in the body of God. So I just felt like I really needed to talk about it to you guys quickly.”

Jordan Hall: “The discernment is severe.”

Ben Fitzgerald audio: “So for those who may not know, there was a big accusation that went around the world now. So far around the world that it started getting to Christian radio stations, and all sorts of craziness. People doing YouTube blogs, all sorts of stupid stuff about my family. And the thing they were doing the most, is they were attacking them saying, ‘your family is witches, they do tarot cards’. I’ve received personal messages from people, actually this is not the first time…”

Jordan Hall: “By the way, you’re welcome! That was us and Pirate Christian, the discernment community.”

Ben Fitzgerald audio: “Anyway, we take it as a joy and a blessing, to be counted among people who are being attacked. We shouldn’t become defensive, we shouldn’t become people who fight back. That’s not what I’m saying, but what I am saying is…”

Jordan Hall: “Now they have threatened to sue and mitigate. They’ve threatened to ‘stick it to the people’ who sent us screen shots and things like that. Now it’s all public, like from public Facebook posts and so forth. But they have been pressuring the poor Australian people for sending us stuff. They’re mean, they’re the bullies. We just report the truth and you’re mad about it…”

Ben Fitzgerald audio: “I’m not saying every time its right, I’m just saying our whole concept is quick judgments, quick media judgments and its like ‘click bait’. And when we have this ‘click bait’ stuff on the internet, we become professional judges. So every single day of our lives…”

Jordan Hall: “He’s judging me.

Ben Fitzgerald audio: “Like 20 years ago this was not the way. Now every single day of our lives, often for hours at a time, everything we see online…

Jordan Hall: “By the way, sometimes it’s just best to ask people, ‘are you saying its wrong to judge?’ Try answering that and not being a hypocrite.”

Ben Fitzgerald audio: “We see it, we judge it, we judge it, we have to. Because we have to find out what’s true and what’s not true. But the problem with that is, we judge based on ‘micro information’, not holistic pictures, not a holistic world view….

Jordan Hall: “Alright, I think I missed the part, where did it go?”

Ben Fitzgerald audio: “People doing You Tube blogs, all sorts of stupid stuff about my family.”

Jordan Hall: “Stupid stuff?” (Jordan searches for missed audio)

Jordan Hall: “Alright, so he says at one point, ‘do you think I would really support witches?’ ‘I wouldn’t support witchcraft’. ‘I wouldn’t do that’. Um, I think maybe that you would. There’s a post over at Church Watch Central. Com… endorsing demonic grave sucking.

Now, Michael Brown says, ‘I don’t know nothing about no ‘grave sucking’. And Bill Johnson like, ‘yeah, we have nothing to do with that.’

Now, we have pictures, (actually Church Watch Central does), of Bethel people, Bethel pastors, Bethel missionaries, Bethel students sucking from graves. (That’s where you go to a grave and you try to like suck the ‘Spiritism’ off of the prophetic person.) You try to get the ‘prophetic mantel’, like from the coffin, then you put it on. Like Smith  Wigglesworth and Hagen and so forth.

And there was one person, one Bethel pastor kind of at the centre of this. Now you will have to go and see this at Church Watch Central, I can’t play it for you… But thank you God, literally, that there are screen shots. And do you know who’s at the centre of the Bethel grave sucking? Now this post was put up in July of this year, long before the tarot card Christalignment thing. Who do you think the Bethel person was doing the grave sucking?”

Ben Fitzgerald. That guy. ‘Do you think I would support witches and witchcraft?’ YES YOU DID, YOU GRAVE SUCKING SUCKER! Look at it right there, that’s you! It’s literally him doing the grave sucking!

‘Would I really support witches? This is crazy, the criticism is crazy, it’s nuts, so stupid. Stupid people’…”

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