Please stop the deception Dr Brown.

Michael Brown recently released this video clip to refute Todd Friel, host of Wretched Radio, a conservative, evangelical Christian radio show and Phil Johnson, executive director of Grace to You and pastor at Grace Community Church. We take a look at some of the false claims Michael Brown makes – where he attributes to the Holy Spirit, words from his own heart.


“Now listen. These are brothers… but I respect them as brothers in the Lord.” [00:13]

No. They are his enemies – and he treats them as such with his approach (as he demonstrated with Phil Johnson when he invited him on his Line Of Fire program a few years ago). The proof of our claim is to see how he misrepresents them in this video by playing the ‘diplomatic card’ to make himself look approachable. This is very much an NAR tactic he uses to make them look bad while himself trying to look wise and considered.

Brown is clearly displaying a lack of respect for those solid Christian leaders because they hold to Sola Scriptura (and proving that he does not). How can he call them ‘brothers’ when he lies and slanders them?


“I’m known for Jewish apologetics. I’m known for standing for righteousness in society, tackling moral and cultural issues.” [00:27]

This is a half truth. Having read many of Michael Brown’s works one could conclude he is nothing more than an experiential moralist who likes the idea of a God who changes culture. This is what you would expect to find in New Apostolic Reformation cults – men like Brown who appoint themselves as voices of social conscience. He likes to talk of his many accolades – but he does so to ‘virtue signal’ how wonderful he is without people analysing what it is he actually believes in and endorses. Virtue signalling is the conspicuous expression of moral values done primarily with the intent of enhancing standing within a social group.


“Yet [Todd Friel and Phil Johnson] feel that I disqualify myself and completely compromise any credibility that I would have by standing with what they believe are the wackiest, craziest elements of the Charismatic movement.” [00:38]

What makes this statement outrageous is that the majority of it is true. What’s false is how Brown is describing their claims. They did not feel Brown disqualified himself. In fact, Brown later plays audio of Friel stating why he believed Brown is dangerous.

The entire show provided examples of why he was dangerous based not only his defending ‘the wackiest, craziest elements’, Phil Johnson recalled his personal experience of Brown’s dishonesty. In other words, it appears Brown has made this video to distort what Phil Johnson and Todd Friel are saying about him.


“It’s interesting that Todd Friel says he doesn’t think my main agenda is bringing conservatives and charismatic together. Whoever said that was my main agenda?” [1:47]

Really Michael Brown? On the Dividing Line, you lauded your relationship with ‘conservative’ James White and promoted one of the ‘wackiest, craziest’ (Heidi Baker) on his show.

Michael Brown said this was his main agenda in the following claim when he stated:

“I want to bring the gospel to the Jewish people, take the gospel to the nations, spark revival in the church, equip believers to stand strong, etc.”

 He laid out this ‘theology of revival’ and how the church needs to ‘stand’ in his books, ‘Whatever Happened to the Power of God’ and ‘Jesus Revolution’. He reveals his true NAR agenda in these books proving his alliance with those he endorses, works alongside with, and defends – in order to promote this false unity between wolves and sheep.

(Please note – like many of the people we research for CWC, we have actually read Michael Brown’s books.)


“And aren’t most charismatics conservative anyway?”

They are if they reject Michael Brown because they have demonstrated biblical discernment. Unfortunately, the majority elevate their ‘supernatural encounters’ above the gospel, attempting to hear God ‘speak to their heart’ rather than lend an ear to the bible, they embrace an unbiblical ‘second baptism’ instead of holding to their first baptism, one which scripture remind us we are to cling to as the one true baptism.

The majority of charismatics are listening to men like Michael Brown. So playing the obfuscation game like this, to look as though he is not a minority, is simply dishonest.


“Todd says, ‘I’m on too many radio stations?’ Does he want to censor voices that he doesn’t agree with. Is that his point?”

And this is what makes Michael Brown dangerous. There was a very good reason why false prophets in the Old Testament were stoned to death – it was their wicked deception that put them in positions of power causing great harm to God’s people.

These are the voices that Brown should himself censor. Consider NAR apostles like Phil Pringle, Frank Houston and even Michael Brown’s good friend John Kilpatrick – they use their positions of ‘power’ to silence anyone who dares question their ‘apostolic’ authority. Brian Houston (another false teacher Brown defends) attempted to destroy the reputation of his former close friend Geoff Bullock and used his influence with government officials to bring ridiculous charges against Tanya Levin -because they questioned him.

Then we have Brown endorsing the convicted felon David Yonggi Cho, who threatened the livelihood of his elders when they asked Cho to do the right thing by authorities with his financial mismanagement.

And Brown has issues with Todd Friel for claiming that Brown is on too many radio stations? Why did Friel and Johnson do this – because of his endorsement of the growing list of false teachers (see some listed above) he also has on his program. Calling out Brown is the biblical thing to do. The body of Christ is to “Remove the wicked from among (them),” as outlined in 1 Corinthians 5. That is, to expel or shun – hoping that they would repent of their wrongdoing.


“I heard the Holy Spirit say the exact opposite to me.”

Brown claims he is, “Dangerous to the status quo of dead religion.” He claims to speak for God but appears to have a problem with discerning men who hold to Sola Scriptura. He then states the following:

“That’s what I heard in my own spirit as they were saying this about me.”

So in one sentence Brown says he heard the Holy Spirit and in the next sentence he says he heard ‘in my own spirit’. Which is it? Dr. Brown, stop attributing your words to the Holy Spirit.


“They are making sweeping, wrong statements that are detrimental to the whole body.”

Phil Johnson and Todd Friel hold to Sola Scriptura. Michael Brown rejects it. Sola Scriptura is the foundational belief of a Christian worldview. Brown’s sweeping rejection of this fundamental truth is proving detrimental to his whole life, which is one reason why they are claiming he is ‘The dangerous Michael Brown’. What Friel and Johnson have claimed is not wrong. They are talking about their own interaction with Dr Brown and laying down the facts concerning the validity of his theology.

After playing the MacArthur clip [6:36], Brown works himself up and starts speaking out against these ‘conservatives’ (like John MacArthur).

What makes this problematic is Brown inserts a clip from a few years ago – to try to discredit these men. Brown doesn’t even try to fairly represent what Friel and Johnson have to say. Is he attempting to stir up division among his listeners, to mistrust these men he claims as brothers – rather than present a valid theological argument against their claims?

And who does Michael Brown run to as an example as a ‘Charismatic relief program’? Pat Robertson, chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network, whose own statements have stirred much controversy over the years.

We can appreciate Robertson standing up against the cult-like Sheperding/Discipleship Movement in the 1970s but this theological movement is what Brown grew up with. In fact, Robertson compared the SDM to be just as dangerous as the Jim Jones cult. But it was Jim Jones who got his theology from the same place as Michael Brown and Pat Robinson  –  the New Order of The Latter Rain (NOLR)


Brown continued his typical disdain for John MacArthur – what followed afterwards was Benny Hinn being shown as an example of a lucrative televangelist. By reviving this audio, Brown has only caused people to once again raise questions about his ongoing defense of men like Benny Hinn. Why can’t Brown stop defending these frauds?

[Listen to the radio show between Phil Johnson and
Michael Brown – you can hear the REAL Michael Brown]

Finally, Brown plays audio of Todd Friel and Phil Johnson talking about Bethel – an unbiblical movement of ‘heathens, heresies and hoopla’. A wicked generation seeking after signs, wonders, powers, miracles and nonsense all in the name of ‘Jesus’.

And Brown takes issue with discerning Christians sounding a warning against the devil disguising himself as an angel of light?

Again – Michael Brown is demanding that discerning Christians call that which is evil good, and good evil (Isaiah 5:20).  He doesn’t want to hear the Truth spoken in love.

The church has a responsibility to remove such men as Brown before they ‘devour and entire households’. Michael Brown failed to prove he’s not dangerous and that he’s prepared to malign godly Christian men while rallying people around his own ministry.

God does not lie – compare Michael Brown to the Word of God.

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