Todd Friel Says ‘Reformed Charismatic’ Movement Might Soon Look Like NAR.

Pulpit & Pen provides a video link to Wretched Radio host Todd Friel expressing concerns about The “Reformed Charismatic’ and the New Apostolic Reformation. You can watch the link here:

Here, Todd Friel expresses his concern that “the cautious guys” (i.e. cautious continuationists) like John Piper, Matt Chandler, and Wayne Grudem may very well be headed to a bad place. More importantly, they may be leading many in the ‘Reformed Camp’ to a bad place.

Friel demonstrates the inanity of “caution” regarding spiritual gifting, and supposes that those following after Piper, Chandler, and Grudem will probably not be as cautious.

Friel says, “It isn’t going be long until huge movements inside the neo-Reformed movement are going to be indistinguishable from the NAR movement.” He goes on to say that [New Calvinist groups like] Acts 29 and The Gospel Coalition will not be able to stop it.

A few things are interesting about this. First, while Dr. James White seems busy denying even the existence of NAR and dismissing it as some kind of conspiracy theory with Michael Brown, men like Todd Friel (and Phil Johnson, Justin Peters, Chris Rosebrough, et al) recognize NAR as a very real threat. Second, others are beginning to realize that the ‘Reformed Camp’ is just as vulnerable to the dangers from an open Charismatic Window as everyone else.

[Editor’s Note: For why you cannot be both a charismatic and Reformed, click here.]

Source: Pulpit & Pen, News Division,, Published Jan 23, 2018. (Accessed Jan 25, 2018.)

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