Senior Hillsong Pastor acknowledges Brian & Bobbie Houston’s NAR Apostleship

While it is true that Hillsong try to hide their New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), dominionist agenda from the public eye, occasionally they slip up. Here is another example of a Hillsong Senior pastor, Jules A’Bell, wanting Hillsong members to regard Brian and Bobbie Houston as (NAR) Apostles of their movement.

“It’s not all Apostle! It’s not all Brian Houston! It’s not all Bobbie Houston!” 

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Brian Houston is fully aware of his involvement in the New Apostolic Reformation and tries to downplay his NAR Apostleship (see archives). His language slip ups are proof of his agenda pushing the NAR cult across the globe as are blatant examples exhibited by his other Hillsong leaders such as Terry Crist.

Breaking News: Phoenix church victim of Hillsong take-over

Warn your friends against Hillsong and its involvement in the NAR. For more information on the NAR – click here.

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