The ‘One New Man’ Heresy; the driving theology behind NARpostolic unity & mainstreaming of HRM.

[Be advised. This is a long article reporting on why Evangelicalism today has such an unhealthy fascination and fixation towards Jews and the Jewish Roots movement. We encourage you to visit the sources yourself and come to your own conclusion on this scandalous topic.]

In 1948, Israel was declared a nation. It’s no coincidence that in the same year, the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) revival emerged. Among the many abhorrent practices and beliefs that came out of the NOLR cult, were doctrines which helped establish what is today now commonly known as the Hebrew Roots Movement (HRM).


NAR Apostle and Prophetess Gwen Shaw (a close friend of NAR Apostle Patricia King), was instrumental in linking her NOLR heresies with the development of HRM heresies in her End-Time Handmaidens and Servants ministries ( Even NAR Apostle Michael Brown and his friends NAR Apostle Daniel Justers (of Tikkun International) and NAR Prophet Sid Roth (from TV show ‘It’s Supernatural’), have been guilty of promoting the Hebrew Roots Movement in Christendom). Although the HRM existed before the NOLR, the leaders of the NOLR helped developed the HRM with their restorationist and utopian end-times government of the church.


Going back to the NOLR and the birthing of Israel in 1948, the leaders, teachers, elders and ‘twelve apostles’ of the NOLR cult attempted to develop their theology around the restoration of Israel. Because they saw the restoration of Israel as a sign of the end-times, the NOLR believed that Christ would return at the end of the millennium. The NOLR publication ‘The Sharon Star’, was proudly represented by the Jewish Star.

Historian Richard Riss recorded what the NOLR publication said back in the day.

“All the great outpourings of the past have had their outstanding truths. Luthur’s [sic] truth was Justification by Faith. Wesley’s was Sanctification.

The Baptists taught the premillenial [sic] coming of Christ. The Missionary Alliance taught Divine Healing. The Pentecostal outpouring has restored the Baptism of the Holy Ghost to its rightful place. But the next great outpouring is going to be marked by all these other truths plus such a demonstration of the nine gifts of the Spirit as the world, not even the Apostolic world, has ever witnessed before. This revival will be short and will be the last before the Rapture of the Church.”

Source: Richard Riss, Latter Rain, Honeycomb Visual Productions, pg. 56-57. (Sharon Star Newsletter)

When perusing the documents of Latter Rain theology, they constantly play semantics between ‘former rain’ and ‘latter rain’ to justify their pet theological musings.

Nevertheless, there is a general theological undertone that:

  1. the Former Rain was the former covenant and covenantal blessing that Ancient Israel embraced before Christ; while
  2. the Latter Rain was the latter covenant and covenantal blessing that came with Christ.


  1. the Former Rain was Pentecost in Acts to birth a supernatural church while
  2. the Latter Rain was to be a second Pentecost to birth a greater supernaturally-powered church before the end of the age.

As a result of unusual biblical interpretations, they also started reading into these three specific Jewish feasts:

  1. The Feast of Passover
  2. The Feast of Pentecost
  3. The Feast of Tabernacles.

Examples of this can be seen in the works of two NOLR Apostles George Warnock and Clayton Sonmore. You can read their works here in PDF format:

Feast Of Tabernacles George Warnock
Beyond Pentecost Clayton Sonmore

In NOLR theology, they are progressing towards the third and final age where “the Latter house shall be greater than the former” (Sonmore, pg 12).  This is why the Charismatic Movement was birthed and why we are seeing the NAR trying to militantly take over churches and establish this greater “New Order” and “New Wine Skin” church.

So let us unpack this ‘Feast of Tabernacles’ theology. How is this connected to the HRM and the Man-Child Company heresy?


According to Warnock, we are to look forward and embrace the ‘Feast of Tabernacles’:

“If the Passover was wonderful – and it certainly was – how much more wonderful shall we expect Pentecost to be in its fullness? And if Pentecost is wonderful, how much more shall we expect Tabernacles to exceed it in glory? In the Passover we have but the Sheaf of Firstfruits by way of harvest, and not the harvest itself. But Pentecost was the harvest. And what a tremendous harvest there was! And so now the Feast of Ingathering must far surpass Pentecost, even as Pentecost surpassed the harvest of the Sheaf of Firstfruits.” – Warnock, pg. 40. (Emphasis added.)

Sonmore is no different. And keep in mind that this final feast is “symbolic of the regathering and repentance of Israel:”

This great and final feast is symbolic of the regathering and repentance of Israel, heralding the great final Holy Ghost and Fire outpouring. Note the long interval on your calendar between the Day of Pentecost and the Day of Tabernacles (almost 2,000 years) occupied in the Pentecostal work of the Holy Spirit in the present dispensation. Yes, it has been a long, long day, a hard day in both the two thousand year Pentecostal calendar and in our personal Pentecostal calendar…. (The highest order of “latter end” speaks of God’s last day visitation), one that is beyond Pentecost. God help me, and you, that we might not miss this “highest order” of God’s eternal and final plan for the consummation of this age through His sons“. – Sonmore, pg. 42 (Emphasis ours)

It is this type of dangerous thinking which had the NOLR cult believe something similar to the Mormon cult – that is the Doctrine of Exaltation.

Mormonism believes one can become a god when God exalts them in obedience (Doctrines & Covenants 132:20–23). The Latter Rain take this doctrine of obedience further by claiming men can be ‘gods’ in this life before death. There are two forms of deification in two unique NOLR doctrines in this end-times church. Individuals are to be ‘deified’ and the church corporately is to be ‘deified’:

  1. Individually – The Manifest Sons of God (MSoG)
  2. Corporately – The Man-Child Company (MCC)

The first heresy goes by many names. The CRM in the 70s and 80s called it ‘Kings Kids’ which evolved to be known as the ‘Little Gods’ or ‘I Am’ doctrine (Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Mike Munroe, Joel Osteen, Jesse Duplantis, etc.). In the NAR, it is commonly known as the New Breed doctrine but is also subtly pushed under the name of Sonship, (Lou Engle, Michael Brown, Todd White, Todd Bentley, Patricia King, Matt Sorger, Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, etc.).

The Man-Child Company also goes under many names. The NOLR also called this the First Fruits Company, Joseph Company (or anything with ‘Company’ at the end of the title), Sonmore also calling it the ‘Corporate Overcomer’, ‘Son Company’ or the ‘Many-membered son’.


The NAR specifically call it the New One Man but can also mix it with New Breed language, names often ending with ‘Generation’ like the ‘Joshua Generation’ (as Joshua led Israel to victory into the promised land, being led by the presence and power of God to take dominion over the land). However, both the NOLR and NAR cults and it’s leaders use Gideon and his army to further this Man-Child Company, One New Man or New Breed heresies.

This terminology and individual/corporate ‘deification’ can be seen in Sonmore’s writings:

“God has in mind for us as individuals and as loosely formed organisms to be partakers of the “First Fruits Company,” and to help many become “Overcomer… Sons” that will break forth in life and power in these last days. This “Joseph Company” will be a company of God-gifted, persecuted, forgiving forerunners, who, though mistreated and misunderstood, will become the means of bread for their brethren as well as for the Egyptians. They will in spite of all persecution be uncompromising, and will arrive to proclaim His truths in the power of the Spirit such as the world has never seen.” – Sonmore, pg. 12 

The Man-Child Company heresy relies on passages in Revelations 12, Ephesians 2:15 and Isaiah 66:1-14. Sonmore interprets Isaiah 66:7-8 as so:

“Before she travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child [a corporate overcomer]. Who hath heard of such a thing? Who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once? For as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.” – Sonmore, pg. 72

Warnock is similar with his ideas. But both he and Sonmore stress who perfects and births this end-times church. The church through the New Order of Apostles and Prophets:

“At our Lord’s ascension He gave His FIVE MINISTRIES to the New Testament Church, for the perfecting of the Body (Eph. 4:12)… Seeing then the need for us to return to GOD’S DUE ORDER, to witness again a strong militant Church going forth against the gates of Hell, we must examine further the Church of the first century. In those days each local church or body was sovereign and free, yet an integral part in the one great “body” or organism of God. Church government and that implemented through Theocratic fashion functioned within Scriptural Divine Order. Church discipline was practiced according to the Word. The fivefold ministry was in beautiful operation and “The eye could not say to the hand I have no need of thee.” They knew the truth of “Now ye are the body of Christ.” No one seemed to be contending for the high place but all, and as servants to all, were contending for God’s Due Order. ”
– Sonmore, pg. 27-8 (Emphasis added.)

Thus the Latter Rain was restoring this lost Order of Apostles and Prophets back to the church. Now since this New Order was established in their midst, the church can now be “a strong militant Church” and “one great body or organism of God”. Even in NAR cults (PDL cults included) and some Charismatic churches today, we can see Latter Rain language and concepts littered in sermons by NAR Apostles and Prophets to rally the churches to raise this One New Man to form God’s End-time army. Consider this diagram by Sonmore highlighting this Tabernacle/Man Child progression in many NAR cults today:

NOLR Apostle Claton Sonmore – highlighting NOLR and language of NAR progression to a deified church. (Typo in chart – meant to read 22,000, not 32,0000)

Notice the exclusion of Pentecostalism and traditional denominations in the above diagram due to their language but includes the New Order of the Latter Rain and Charismatic Renewal Movements (CRM).

Although they claim this ‘Holy Place’ consists of the ‘Pentecostal Camp’, they really mean it’s their doctrinal views and definition of ‘Pentecostal’ which requires a ‘spirit-filled’ and ‘spirit baptism’ of the ‘soul’, specifically ‘chosen’ by God to pioneer something new. In other words, they believe that ‘true’ Pentecostals were the Latter Rain remnant Pentecostals who believed traditional Pentecostalism had been forsaken and now conformed to denominationalism. And from here on in C. Peter Wagner, his mentors and NAR Apostles were keying in on as the rumblings of the New Apostolic Reformation.

And as we see with NOLR theology, they are pushing Christianity to embrace the Third Feast. And the ‘thirst feast’ was important to them because they wanted ‘God to tabernacle with man’ in the last days. They had the belief man was to be glorified individually and corporately on this side of the resurrection with Christ manifesting Himself in all fullness of glory and power (thus deifying man) to usher his own return.

“The Old Covenant glory is the “former rain.” When the former rain teams up with the “latter rain,” or the New Covenant glory, we will experience a move of God like the world has never seen[…] The One New Man is the reformation that will cause the restoration of intimacy with God that was experienced in the Tabernacle of David and in the early church.”

We see this pushed in a seemingly relaxed fashion on the church in the CRM but very militantly and deceitfully in the NAR. If our readers have any doubts, they should familiarize themselves with the language and doctrine in the furthest right hand column above. (It is very noticeable in people like Michael Brown, C. Peter Wagner, Che Ahn, Patricia King, Bill Johnson, Bill Hamon, Todd White, etc.) Nevertheless, the CRM (but mainly the NAR) are attempting to have the church embrace the full Pentecost experience so that the church can transition into the final feast phase.

A Latter Rain site, (run by Jay Atkinson), offers this interpretation of Revelations 12:

“We may learn about the “man-child” of Revelation from chapter 12 starting with verse 1… Now who is the woman? The nation of Jewish Israel, with twelve tribes? No, because present day Israel is not made up of the Israel of twelve tribes but rather the one tribe of Judah and possibly 2 other tribes, the rest are called “the ten lost tribes of Israel” and generally dispersed among the Gentiles. That means if the twelve stars represent Israel then ten of them are assimilated and if they are the people of God they can be included in the Christian church, the same goes for the 144,000. Again, now who is the woman? We know that it is in the future or at least happening now, what will happen next? As for us, we know that Jesus is calling His Bride right now but the woman cannot be the Bride or the man-child would be out of wedlock, therefore the woman could be the church and the Bride is the remnant called out to be holy.”
– Atkinson, The Man-Child, (Emphasis added) [Archived]

Atknison’s NOLR theology on the church is fascinating as he powerfully reflects the spiritual supremacy in the early Latter Rain cults, why they were the ‘man-child’ and while the denominational churches are dead and ‘of the devil’:

“The dragon drew the third part of the stars of heaven? Think about that. Many are called but few are chosen, if the dragon shall pull even stars from heaven, how much more the sons and daughters of men. We have learned that the seven churches of Asia are also considered stars so it follows that these are three of the seven candlesticks and satan will be drawing much of the church down to him. Drawing them to earth denotes a church more interested in the things of this world than heavenly things. Better times coming though for.” – Atkinson, The Man-Child, (Emphasis added) [Archived]

So there is no room in true NOLR, CRM and NAR theology to include denominational churches of God. They exist to undermine traditional churches and call out the ‘true’ remnant from among this demonic and dead ‘Babylon’ denominational system. The proof of this claim can be seen extensively in Latter Rain publications such as the ‘Voice of Healing’ and ‘New Wine’ magazines.


Early Latter Rainers who became leaders of the Charismatic movement were zealous to see unity in the church so that the church can move in power and blessing. Violet Kitely, Bill Hamon, Paul Cain and others were adept at uniting Christians and Catholics together, downplaying doctrine for the sake of unholy ecumenism. Kitely emphatically pointed out that the spirit behind the Latter Rain cult,

“… prophesied that the large cathedrals of the world, including those belonging to the Roman Catholic Church, would be filled to capacity with people receiving the Holy Spirit. This was considered a bombshell to many who thought there was no way that the Holy Spirit would come upon those in the Catholic Church. But they were proven wrong as subsequent decades saw participation in the charismatic renewal by Catholics and mainline Protestants alike.” [Source]

In other words, the true end-times church was forming through “receiving the Holy Spirit” through a false spiritual encounter (now promoted through the false teaching of spiritual baptism). All that needed to happen now was for this global church to awaken so it can be united in spiritual power and blessing.


Who is Tommy Hicks & what is the End-Times Vision of the ‘Sleeping Giant’?

Resembling a Giant Jesus, the Sleeping Giant was made up millions of people.

NOTE: This giant Jesus was made popular again in 1977, where Oral Roberts (a Latter Rainer) claimed that a 900-foot-tall Jesus appeared to him in a dream. The vision of the sleeping giant (church) raising it’s hands to the sky and then later in the vision administering healing to the nations reflects Oral Roberts’ giant “Healing Hands” sculpture which stood in front of Oral’s “City of Faith,” a medical center devoted to faith healing. The Healing complex “The City of Faith is now known as CityPlex Towers…. Its central tower stands 640 feet tall, which reportedly is the same height as the Jesus who appeared to Oral in a dream and told him to build it.” [Link] It is also worth noting that the ancient Gnostics gravitated towards the Gospel of Peter. Verses 10:39-42 reveals a very similar experience Tommy Hicks and Oral Roberts have where Jesus is presented as a giant with his head hitting the clouds.

In this vision, the falling latter rain hit this body as it was ‘awakening’. The vision exposed a corporate Jesus (the Man-Child Company) and people individually as a Jesus (the New Breed heresy).

The Latter Rain specifically drew a distinction between this true spirit-filled, powerful, end-times church versus the false spiritually empty and demonic, powerless, traditional church. The signs of their One New Man church is that it is yielded, yearning, hungry, thirsty, desperate, pressing/leaning in, etc. It is a church going to new levels, going deeper or digging deeper wells to tap in to the living waters, ‘New Wine’ or revelations of the Holy Spirit. This Latter Rain church wants a visitation, touch or encounter from the presence and power of God – often promoted through the idea that the church must be unified to move in spiritual supremacy across the face of the earth. So it comes to no surprise that the title of the book ‘Awakening the One New Man’ reflects the imagery of Tommy Hicks Vision.

End-times Vision of the Sleeping Giant (One New Man)

At some point between then and now, the heretical concept that the body of Christ is to become a literally ‘deified’ body of Jesus Christ on the earth has been renamed the ‘One New Man’.

And this is where Dr Michael Brown and other Jewish ‘Christians’ come to promote the idea of the MCC. Only they call it the ‘One New Man’. Michael Brown has his roots in the New Order of the Latter Rain cult, (we will publish more on this soon). However, he, along with Jack Hayford, and other Jewish writers had their works compiled in a book titled ‘Awakening the One New Man’.

The foreword explicitly states that the ‘One New Man’ is also made up of MORE than just Catholics and Jews:

“Years ago, I preached a sermon about the diversity and inclusiveness of the local Church. The Church, I said, should reflect the diversity of its society, and it should welcome people to hear and experience the Gospel regardless of where they come from. I mentioned religious background as one example. Assemblies of God, Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, unbeliever- the Church should welcome them all, for Jesus Christ (Yeshua haMashiach) loves them all… In Messiah Yeshua, Jews and Gentiles are not two people but one. Imagine the peace that would result in the Church and the world- and even in the Middle East!- if Christians simply preached and practiced the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In God’s kingdom, the KG [“Katholics and Gews”] Balcony is open, and there’s room for all.”

This book also pushes the heresies of ecumenism, the Hebrew Roots Movement and classic cultic Restorationism.

Consider these words on the back cover:

“When Jew and Gentile come together as One New Man, the Lord has stored up a release of blessing and power that will forever change humanity’s destiny.”

In this book, we see how the false Man-Child Company heresy is conditioning Michael Brown to promote the Latter Rain unity agenda. Brown highlights his agenda in this book:

“And I am absolutely committed to Yeshua’s high priestly prayer that all of His followers be one (see John 17:20-23), and that requires humility and honor, a recognition of our interdependence, and an understanding that not one of us has it all or knows it all. We become the One New Man through our identity in Yeshua and the life He imparts to us, not through the perfect accuracy of every jot and tittle of our teaching… God has a great big family, and none of us have every detail of our beliefs or practices right. To think that we do is the height of spiritual arrogance. To think that we do is to demean our brothers and sisters.”

After misquoting Romans 12, Brown concludes:

“This is one of the glorious principles of the “one new man,” the principle of unity in diversity, the principle of a tapestry deriving its wholeness and beauty from the many different threads and colors and stitches. I came to appreciate this richness through the tapestry of congregations and ministries in which I served during the past four decades.”

This book is damning, revealing his Latter Rain roots, Latter Rain theologies and agendas. Remember, it was the Latter Rain which heavily emphasised that God was restoring Apostles and Prophets. As we know, Brown does not reject the heresy of the Latter Rain ascension gifts (aka Five Fold Ministry) nor their Man-Child Company heresy.

It is also worth noting that NAR Apostle Jack Hayford writes in favour of this One New Man (you can read his excerpt from his book on his website). Here are some disturbing quotes from Jack Hayford relating to this NOLR end-times heresy:

“Unforgettable among these is that highlight occasion I shared with more than 1,000 leaders who were at the 2004 conference conducted by The Road to Jerusalem ministry led by Bill McCartney and Raleigh Washington. Dr. Bill Hamel and I each spoke, representing the historic and evangelical Christian community of our day, addressing Daniel Juster and Jonathan Bernis of the Messianic Jewish community. Our purpose was to break down all walls that have separated us as brothers within the One New Man.”

“In that moment, all who were present saw a living demonstration of the One New Man, Jew and Gentile grafted together, laying aside their differences, humbly asking forgiveness after centuries of persecution directed towards each other.”

“The Lord Jesus is calling us now, to a broader and even deeper awareness and awakening-to a distinct arena of unity and oneness that cannot be neglected without missing our call to this twenty-first-century hour. It is that-the times-that mandate the Church rise with spiritual passion and action, and embrace the truth and practice inherent in the words of Ephesians 2, calling believing Jews and Gentiles to give place to our Lord’s desire to platform “One New Man”-one truly united Body, fit for ministry, spiritual warfare, and servant-like compassion across our world-everywhere.”

“I am honored to be invited to contribute to this collection of articles regarding the need for and pathway to a Body-wide awakening of the whole Church to God’s purpose regarding the One New Man He intends to manifest through Christ Jesus-Yeshua haMashiach.”

“Consider the possibility that our call to the One New Man, if responded to, may very conceivably be the key to the whole Body of Messiah opening to one another!”

“The quest for One New Man-for acknowledging, pursuing, and embracing this spiritually essential precursor of God’s “last days spiritual awakening and awaiting worldwide revival” (see Rom. 11:12,15,25)-must become an essential, vital to us, in us and through us all. It is critical because the Word of God exhorts us to pursue it. But today it is also at a crisis point of needed awakening in the living Church; remembering the times call for it-both past times as well as today’s unfolding times.”

Now we have Jews responding to this Feast of Tabernacles/Man Child Company heresy invented by the Latter Rain. Remember that the NOLR’s agenda was to not just unite spiritual differences (Catholics and Protestants) but to claim God is calling and birthing the Man-Child to usher this final feast.

NAR Apostle Jack Hayford

At this point, we wish to remind you what the NOLR Apostle Sonmore taught regarding the MCC and the final Feast of Tabernacles approaching:

“This great and final feast is symbolic of the regathering and repentance of Israel, heralding the great final Holy Ghost and Fire outpouring. Note the long interval on your calendar between the Day of Pentecost and the Day of Tabernacles (almost 2,000 years) occupied in the Pentecostal work of the Holy Spirit in the present dispensation. Yes, it has been a long, long day, a hard day in both the two thousand year Pentecostal calendar and in our personal Pentecostal calendar. But it is “He who fed thee in the wilderness (Pentecostal encampment) with manna (miraculous provision), which thy fathers (evangelicals without the infilling of the Spirit) knew not, that he might humble thee, and that he might prove thee, to do thee good at thy latter end:” (The highest order of “latter end” speaks of God’s last day visitation), one that is BEYOND PENTECOST. God help me, and you, that we might not miss this “highest order” of God’s eternal and final plan for the consummation of this age THROUGH HIS SONS.” – Sonmore, pg. 42 (Emphasis ours)

We are about to see how this played out in New Apostolic Reformation theology and their events..


You can see NAR prophet Bob Jones espousing this ‘One New Man” theology from the Latter Rain and keeping its imagery in line with Tommy Hicks’ vision.

This is what Bob Jones said in his 2012 Shepherd’s Conference regarding the NOLR One New Man and New Breed heresies (24:40):

“And He’s been speaking this to us since ’99: a remnant coming forth. Well a remnant that will be guides for the body of Christ. Once you begin to walk that spirit trail, and you begin to obey the things of God, instead of there being one Jesus down here there will be thousands. And they’ll be called to do the things that He did. And they’ll only be called to do that which they hear, here, and have trained their mind to proclaim it.”

Source: Bob Jones, Bob Jones 2012 Shepherd’s Rod (Full Prophecy), YouTube,, Published on May 6, 2012. [24:40]

We can see that Bob Jones blatantly promotes the NOLR by unashamedly publishing images like this on his website, writing articles that link the Latter Rain’s Joel’s Army with their MCC (One New Man) and MSog (New Breed) theology:

URL name of archived graphic: 2012_09_MercyNaries[1].jpg

At the beginning of this article, Jones claims that on Saturday August 18he “was taking a nap he went into a trance and began to prophesy in rhythm.”

Bob Jones states:

“Shortly there will be a war that I will declare and it will be a great victory! For I am going to hire mercy-naries you see and I shall pay well when they work for Me. […] They shall know defeat no longer but they shall be victorious. They shall know honor in Me. There will be no defeat for them. They are warriors and I will give them the victory. My pay to them shall be love, joy and peace that they will have within themselves. This shall be the tip of the sword of which they touch many. They have been warriors in many religious churches. Now I call them unto “the church” and they will have a victory in Me. Amen.”

Source: Bob Jones, God’s Mercy – Naries, BobJones.Org,, Published Sep 2018. (Accessed Feb 11, 2018.) (Emphasis added.) [Archived]

Where have we seen the tip of a ‘sword’ being used in relation to this ‘Joel’s Army’ concept? Answer?

Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church.

Read more information here about the knighting ceremony here:

NAR Apostle Bill Johnson & Kris Vallotton ‘knight’ Ben Fitzgerald?

While Bethel is definitely connected to the NOLR and NAR in all this, we wish to stay on Bob Jones a bit more who highlights this Joel’s Army and MSoG and MCC by quoting Joel 2:1, 7-10:

“These are the days Joel prophesied! The Father will blow the trumpet in Zion and call His army into formation. (Amos 1:1) These are not battle weary soldiers but warriors well-armed in the power of the word and the fear of the Lord. They march forward in the might of the Holy Spirit never breaking rank. They never strive against one another but move in unity forming God’s most powerful army.”

Thus concluding with a few scriptures:

God is Declaring War!

The Father declares war but the mercenaries fight it at His command. We are the soldiers of fortune on this land. Our fortune is to do His Will. There will be great prosperity in His peace of mind, joy and love. The voice of the Father is the only one they will hear as they march forward into battle. Their life is spent on doing the Father’s will. Not one will cower to the fear of man or be led astray by the enemy.” (Emphasis added.)

Once again, Tommy Hicks’ Sleeping Giant reflects the imagery Bob Jones is conveying. Cross Wise further reports on Bob Jones also pushing this MCC and New Breed heresy at Bethel:

Bob Jones statement at the 2011 “Piercing the Darkness Conference” held at Johnson’s Bethel Church, “Recently, the Lord spoke to me and said, I’m coming IN my people. Christ in you, the hope of glory. I’m comin’ IN my people.’

Source: Jones, Bob “The Coming Kingdom” Piercing the Darkness Prophetic Conference, February 2011. Hosted by Bethel Church, Redding, CA, Feb 23-25, 2011, Session 4, Feb 24, 2011, 7:00pm, 38:53 – 39:05. Emphasis in original. Available for sale at Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church website: <>; as accessed 09/15/12.

Then there’s Bob Jones talking with Todd Bentley about the New Breed and One New Man heresy. In another trance he is also very forward about the One New Man and the New Breed:


“So I began to, in this trance I went into at 3 o’clock last Saturday, I could ask questions. I began to ask questions. What is this New Breed? The New Breed will be those that are the partaker of the divine nature. As you begin to grow into the likeness of Christ, you’re going to begin to partake of the divine nature. And unless you begin to grow up in that away, you’ll continue to mature until you look like Christ all over the world. Jesus was one person. Now get ready for Jesuses all over the world.” [01:45-02:29]


Bob Jones and Bill Hamon (read his book ‘All Saints Day’) were some of the key men in laying this New Breed and One New Man theological foundation, not only in the NOLR movement – they made sure they were around NAR Apostles and Prophets to lay this foundation in the New Apostolic Reformation.

NAR Apostle Rick Joyner and NAR Apostle Mike Bickle were raised under the New Breed and One New Man heresies of Bob Jones. Jones also heavily influenced the leaders of Lakeland in 2008. So this theology is not exactly hidden. It’s in plain sight – just presented with carefully constructed words. Consider Rick Joyner’s infamous series ‘The Call’. Undergirding his entire work is the Joel’s Army framework regarding the true church and false church. When he is talking with Adam in heaven, Adam talks of the role of the New Breed and lightly touches on the One New Man.

What’s interesting with Joyner is that he believes it’s the role of NAR Apostles to fulfil the Apostolic Commission that Wagner and many other NARpostles.

“This is the apostolic commission, and it is far beyond human genius or ability. If we are going to be apostolic, our labor will not be finished until Christ is formed in His people. We must not let any other emphasis eclipse this basic work. We are looking for far more than the manifestation of the sons of God; we are looking for the manifestation of the Son of God in His people. Jesus must always be the focus of our ministry if we are every to be truly apostolic…

The apostolic ministry will be restored to the church before the end comes. The apostolic message is not in word only, but in demonstration of the Spirit of power. This demonstration will be a church that fully reveals the nature and power of the Lord…

The apostolic ministry requires a commission from God and it requires the substance of spiritual authority. True apostles will not come with theories, forms, recipes, and formulas, but with an impartation of the true life and power of the Lord.”

Source: Rick Joyner, The Apostolic Ministry, US: MorningStar Publications, 2006, pg 79, pg 91. (Emphasis ours.)

NAR Apostle Lou Engle picked up the title of this book and labelled his rally ‘The Call’ with NAR Apostle Che Ahn, NAR Apostle C. Peter Wagner and Michael Brown being involved in this blatantly NOLR event. Chris Rosebrough even reviewed a sermon that revealed that Engle believed his movement was going to raise up ‘Sons of Thuunder’ (another term for New Breed) and to usher in the ‘Jesus Movement’ – a company that was going to take away the sins of the world.

NAR Apostles together: Bill Johnson with Lou Engle

And as we all know, C. Peter Wagner was the head of the New Apostolic Reformation. Chuck Pierce is one of Wagner’s spiritual children. Both Chuck Pierce and Bill Hamon are Honorary Members and recognized Apostles of Wagner’s International Coalition of Apostles. They also push this One New Man heresy.

Chuck Pierce was speaking at one of his events called he “Head of the Year Celebration” (2012) at his church (Global Spheres center) with the following speakers:

  • C. Peter Wagner,
  • Dutch Sheets,
  • Jay Swallow,
  • Trevor Baker,
  • Bill Hamon
  • Paul Keith Davis
  • Venner Alston
  • Mark Chironna
  • Avner & Rachel Boskey
  • Rania Sayegh
  • Jeff Jansen
  • Robert Heidler

This is how the event was advertised on their website with a line up of talks:

The Camels are Coming: A Year to Bridge the Past and Enter the Future! Move from Recovery to Wholeness!

At the “Head” or start of the Hebraic year, we have access to fresh revelation for the coming year. Join us on September 20-23 for Head of the Year 5773: The Camels are Coming – A Year to Bridge the Past and the Future and Move from Recovery to Wholeness! This will be the year of Ayin Gimel (73). Gimel is the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet as well as the number 3, and originally pictured a camel. This is a year that we will be looking for the camels to come! This is a time to keep your feet moving and go beyond where you have been in the past, until you drink and eat of the produce of your promise! The Kingdom of God will become the greatest influence in the earth realm.

Join us as we cry out to Lord to:

See the Camels Coming to Bring the Rewards and Reimbursements for Our Sorrows!
Find Our Way of Escape from the Past!
Cross the Bridge of the Past and Enter the Glory of the Future!
Neutralize the Enemy’s Power, Recover Lost Strength, and Nourish Us into WHOLENESS!
See the Priesthood for this Hour Blossom!
Grow Up and Mature into One New Man!
Bring the Impoverished into a New Dimension of Prosperity!

Source: The Camels are Coming: A Year to Bridge the Past and Enter the Future! Move from Recovery to Wholeness!, Global Spheres Center,, Accessed Feb 11, 2018. [Archived]

You can see the schedule here. However, it is more important is to observe in the list above in the blurb, the sixth topic at this event: Grow Up and Mature into One New Man.” This means this heresy is not hidden by NARpostolic leaders – it’s publicly spoken of. You can even see and hear Rod Parsley talking about the New Breed being raised up and as a result, there being a separation “between those who truly belong to the living Christ and those who have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof.” [Click to watch and read]

This doctrine is openly taught in Bethel. It has been preached numerous times by Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson. But here is a more clearer instance where Bill Johnson is pushing this One New Man heresy at Bethel Church. His language is reflecting the NOLR name of the heresy.

Source: Bill Johnson, The Real Jesus – Part 4 -Bill Johnson,, Published by ChasingRiver on Sep 2, 2010. (Accessed Feb 10, 2018.)


“… Here’s what I’m believing for – I know it’s never happened; but, I know that it must before the end. There must be, not just individuals – I’m thankful we have individuals that are rising up with such anointing, such strength, we have people scattered all over the planet right now that are just making a mess of things in all the right ways.

We are so encouraged. But, what I’m believing for is a generation – a generation that’ll rise up with a corporate faith, a corporate anointing to press into realms because it’s my conviction that as much as God put on a William Branham, or a Kathryn Kuhlman, or a Wigglesworth, He’ll put far greater anointing on a company of people than He ever would on an individual. And to do that, there must be that corporate sense of, ‘we have to deal with the issue of obeying the rules of this kingdom to tap into the resources of this kingdom’…we cannot use the principles of this world and expect to tap into unlimited resource of the kingdom of God…”

You an also see this ‘Man Child Company’ and ‘One New Man’ heresy taught on television and advertised on YouTube by Sid Roth.


In a program featuring Bill Morford and his ‘One New Man Bible‘ (Bill Morford on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth – One New Man: Published by Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!Published on Nov 7, 2011), Sid Roth provided a few damning advertisements regarding his beliefs on the NOLR One New Man heresy (see below). Once again, Morford, just like countless others default to Ephesians 2:15 (see website here), to justify this supernatural, Corporate Man-Child, end-times church movement:

Source: The Jewish Roots of Christianity Come Alive in the One New Man Bible, YouTube,, Published by Steve Spillman on Nov 29, 2015. (Accessed Feb 12, 2018.)

(We can’t help but think this is what inspired Brian Simmons to ‘have a go’ at translating the bible in similar fashion to Morford to get into unlocking the ‘Hebrew’ and ‘Aramaic’.)

And who is Bill Morford? Morford’s own website claims:

“Rev. William J. Morford […] was ordained in August 1988 by Christian International of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, served on staff as student advisor for Christian International School of Theology and is a Certified Instructor to teach Christian International’s series on the prophetic gifts.” [Archived]

This is Apostle Bill Hamon’s apostolic church and school. Morford attended a CI near where Bill Hamon actually lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Remember, Hamon was a young man who was involved and heavily influenced by the New Order of the Later Rain cult. Hamon has been up front in his ministry and books about raising up this ‘Man Child Company’ which Morford has defaulted in calling the ‘One New Man’.

Hamon advertises himself as follows (this text is worth scrutinizing to see how intrinsic NOLR/CRM/NAR theology is to birth the One New Man through the New Order of Apostles and Prophets):

“In 1967, Dr. Bill Hamon founded Christian International School of Theology and in 1970 the first CI Extension Colleges were established. […] In 1980, Christian International formed its first ministerial association, Christian International Ministerial Association (CIMA). Three years later, in 1983, Dr. Bill Hamon received the revelation that God was going to raise up a great end-time company of prophets to restore the ministries of the prophet and the apostle. […] God began giving Dr. Hamon both a vision and a burden for calling forth, activating, and maturing that great company of prophets. CIMA was changed to Christian International Network of Prophetic Ministries (CI NPM) with the purpose of fulfilling that vision. CI NPM grew nationwide with scores of ministers and churches. Hundreds of prophets and prophetic ministers were called forth and activated into prophetic ministry.

In 1991, apostles began to be recognized, along with the prophets, as foundational ministries of the Church. […] CI NPM had trained and activated thousands of ministers and saints across the world as the Prophetic Movement sounded forth the call of God to gather a company of end-time prophets. […] The networking together of ministers and churches for relationship, oversight, and accountability would add a new dimension of covering for those relating to CI NPM. In May of 1992, Christian International Network of Churches (CINC) was formed to meet that need.

[…] No other organization or network offers what is available in linking together the apostolic and the prophetic such as was demonstrated in the book of Acts. For the last forty-five years, Dr. Hamon and CI have sought to present and promote the cutting edge of what God is doing and saying in the Church.”

Here is a great example of a NOLR follower who is now part of the New Apostolic Reformation leading the way in help birth the ‘One New Man’. He is responsible for creating Bill Morford who in turn as developed this ‘One New Man’ theology, (no doubt), in his false bible.

At this point, you may think we are playing semantics with their words. Not so – they are playing semantics with the Bible and with their audiences to reinforce belief in something completely heretical. Sid Roth makes it very clear that this ‘One New Man’ is a corporate supernatural manifestation of God through a people in the last days – just as the NOLR defined it to be.

In fact, Sid Roth is so driven by this concept, he ran a One New Man Fellowship website and has even pointed out on his shows that he runs a ‘One New Man’ conference. Here you can see NAR ‘prophet’ Kathie Walters recording herself manifesting at this meeting.


Source: Laughing in the Freedom, YouTube,, Published  by Kathie Walter on Sep 28, 2008. (Accessed Feb 12, 2008.)

The caption below the video of Kathy reads,

“Clip from Kathie Walters’ portion of the One New Man Celebration with Sid Roth”

To end, we prove our case that this Latter Rain Man-Child Company heresy is in fact this One New man heresy by allowing Sid Roth to advertise his beliefs on his Messianic ‘One New Man’ advertisements and providingarchived links on his website that promote this NOLR One New Man heresy.

Source: One New Man ♥Promo♥ | Sid Roth, YouTube,,Published by Jesus Heals Broken Marriages on Mar 16, 2015. (Accessed Feb 12, 2018.)

Source: One New Man | Bride of Messiah ♥Promo♥ | Sid Roth, YouTube,, Published by Jesus Heals Broken Marriages on Mar 03, 2015. (Accessed Feb 12, 2018.)

Source: Sid Roth One New Man.wmv, YouTube,, Published by 545468800 on April 27, 2011. (Accessed Feb 12, 2018.)

(If you would like a copy of these videos – please email us.)

These two articles are a must-read from SidRoth.Com (both were made archived links in case articles are pulled),

What is the One New Man?
By Messianic Rabbi Eric Carlson, Published July 15, 2007.

Quote: “The “One New Man” is the “End Time” body of believers! God is restoring His people! “

One New Man Interview
Sid Roth Interviewed 

Quote: “The Old Covenant glory is the “former rain.” When the former rain teams up with the “latter rain,” or the New Covenant glory, we will experience a move of God like the world has never seen. In other words, the Jew needs the Gentile Christian and the Gentile Christian needs the Jew for a full release of God’s glory from the Tabernacle of David. The One New Man is the reformation that will cause the restoration of intimacy with God that was experienced in the Tabernacle of David and in the early church.”

We hope this article has alerted you to this dangerous heresy that can only lead people to spiritual destruction. We pray that our research into this matter blesses you and reaches those caught up in the cults of the NAR, NOLR, HRM and CRM.

Email all comments and questions to

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