What Michael Brown is hiding from his audience (Part 5): Michael Brown’s New Order of the Latter Rain roots…

When you read Michael Brown’s books, it becomes evident he is neither a Pentecostal or a typical Charismatic (although he claims those titles). Reading his books you will soon realize that the theology he is espousing is nothing more than the damnable New Apostolic Reformation heresy and his readers will see why they have no authority in his eyes, if they raise valid questions about his involvements and his beliefs.

We here at ChurchWatch Central are an example of a group who have obtained and read most of his books, studied his theology (and those he endorses in his literature) and even read the books he has endorsed to see what theology he agrees or aligns with. It was in the process of reading his books that we realized Michael Brown is neither Pentecostal or the typical charismatic but an NAR Apostle with his origins from the Latter Rain cults. His own books and the books he endorses are also what we confidently relied on when we called him out for his involvement in the NAR and his apostleship. Yet for some reason, even men like James White refuse to examine the black and white evidence in front of them regarding Michael Brown.

In this article (and the next), we look at specifics book he has endorsed or written in compilations. Some of this provides valuable history and context in his involvement in NOLR/CRM/NAR scenes. Before looking at the books Brown has endorsed, we encourage you to look at the evidence that exposes his lies of his Apostleship and his involvement  in the NAR.

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We have demonstrated that Michael Brown had no problem with publishing his material with the NAR Publishing house ‘Destiny Image’ under NAR Prophet Don Nori:

Further evidence of Michael Brown’s ties with the NAR.

So it comes to no surprise that Michael Brown claimed ignorance of Nori’s publishing agenda. However, when further pressed, Brown acknowledged the existence of the NAR after 1995:

Dr. Michael Brown FINALLY admits the NAR exists!

Nevertheless, this does not explain why Brown writes compilations with other men and women who are recognized (or claim to be NAR Apostles) and espouse NAR heresy. Once again, Michael Brown’s denial about being involved in the NAR, denying his NARpostleship and claiming ignorance of the NAR’s existence rings hollow when we compare what he writes and the books he endorses.

In this case, we will look at three books – one that looks at Brown’s history and theology in ‘Awakening the One New Man’ (AONM); a book he co-wrote with John Kilpatrick ‘The Fire That Never Sleeps’ (FNS) ; and a much later book titled ‘Ask of the Rain’ (ATR). The first book has Brown providing his history, exposing that he was fully indoctrinated into the Latter Rain cults, peddling their ‘dooms-day’ cult-like extremism, involved in their Lattter Rain apostolic networks and Latter Rain bible colleges .

Chris Rosebrough recently critiqued Michael Brown and observed that he hadn’t yet seen evidence that Michael Brown’s leader John Kilpatrick is an Apostle. We provide the evidence from the second book, demonstrating that both Michael Brown (and Kilpatrick himself) regard John Kilpatrick as an Apostle. 

The third book connects the New Order of the Latter Rain and the New Apostolic Reformation theology, highlighting how their theology is synonymous, peddled by Brown’s NARpostolic friends.


Brown wrote a book with some Jewish writers, one writer being NAR Apostle Daniel Juster of Tikkun Ministries (Brown used to be involved with his ministry from 1987-1994). This book was compiled by Robert F. Wolff, the work called ‘Awakening the One New Man’.

It’s worth noting Michael Brown’s written history. Evidence suggests that the very first church Michael Brown attended was a Latter Rain church that called itself Pentecostal – a misleading claim. Brown said the church was Pentecostal because of what the older folk at this Italian church used to say to him:

“When I was saved in 1971, I was saved in an Italian Pentecostal Church… And we saw God do amazing things over those years but the old timers told me, ‘You stick around long enough and you’re going to see these great miracles. We saw them in the 40s and the 50s. These amazing healing meetings. We saw them. If you stick around long enough, you’re going to see them.”

Source: Michael Brown, Cessationism or Continuism? – by Dr Michael Brown, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84CtSbpJuVM, Published by RH F on Jan 14, 2015. (Accessed Jan 28, 2018.) [5:38, 9:40] (Emphasis Added.)

In Wolff’s book, Brown gives an overview of his history,

“From 1971 to 1977, I was part of the aforementioned Italian Pentecostal church, then from 1977 to 1983, I served in a non-charismatic (or, barely charismatic), Reformed, socially conscious church (which did, however, experience a powerful outpouring the last months I was there), after which I taught at a Long Island branch of Christ for the Nations Institute from 1983 to 1987 while also attending (at times, grudgingly) a Word of Faith church. Then, from 1987 to 1993 I served in a flagship Messianic Jewish congregation in Maryland, leading the theological institute there while also preaching frequently at Times Square Church in Manhattan from 1991 to 1995. After this, I was called to serve on the leadership team of the Brownsville Revival from 1996 to 2000, pioneering the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, which then became FIRE School of Ministry in 2001. (As an interesting footnote, I should mention that Brownsville Assembly of God was thoroughly dispensational in its theology!)

From 1986 until now, I have also ministered overseas on more than 100 trips in a total of 25 countries, including 20 trips to Italy, 16 trips to India, 12 or so trips each to Germany, Korea, and England, and 8 trips to Israel. In other words, I have been confronted with cultural diversity along with theological diversity and diversity in praxis, and sometimes the differences were quite jarring. On my first trip to India in 1993, as we arrived at tl1e meeting place after more than two days of travel, I was distressed to hear the use of “demonic” sounding worship songs. What else could you call songs that were sung to the same melodies that were chanted in Hindu temples? I
quickly learned tl1at the music was wonderfully anointed, the words were incredibly powerful, and the “demonic” sounds were simply Indian tunes. So much for my discernment!”

Source: Michael Brown, Awakening the One New Man, (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers, 2011), pg. 112.

NOLR Leader: Gordon Lindsay

Our timeline on Brown runs pretty much parallel to his own writings on his history. However, it is worth noting that Dr Brown was involved in a “non-charismatic (or, barely charismatic), Reformed, socially conscious church.”

This provides a valuable context of why he was ex-communicated from this church, given the fact he asked the congregation to: “Put away your theology for a while! Let’s go through the book of Acts.” We know this is the church he got kicked out of because he said above that it experienced “a powerful outpouring the last months I was there.”

But as a dog returns to its vomit and a pig to its mud, Michael Brown defaulted back to his Latter Rain beginnings and their false gospel, spirit and heretical ‘dumpster fire’ (emphasis ours):

“Over the course of these decades, my own views shifted from believing in diving healing (primarily because it was taught in the church in which I was saved), to questioning it (based on observation and skepticism, to firmly embracing it (based on intensive study of the Word); from Arminianism (having been saved in that theological environment), to Calvinism (largely due to intellectual study) to a rejection of Calvinism (due to fresh encounter with God in a time of personal revival)-not to mention my changing views on Messianic Judaism, congregational leadership, and a host of other issues.”

Source: Michael Brown, Awakening the One New Man, (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers, 2011), pg. 112.

Brown does a fantastic job exposing how he was ‘brainwashed’ by a Latter Rain cult to reject critical thought and the Christian approach to the biblical study. Instead, he let a ‘fresh encounter’ determine his theological leanings and beliefs. As a result, it was only a matter of time (due to his experiential and mystical logic and reason) for him to return to his Latter Rain roots. How?

By revealing that he didn’t just attend but taught at a Long Island branch of Christ for the Nations Institute from 1983 to 1987.” And it is no wonder he attended a Latter Rain church and “a Word of Faith church.” Why?

Of his expulsion from the Reformed Church (where he undermined the leadership to push his controversial doctrine on restorationism and revivalism), Brown recalled his thoughts at the time,

“I read about like John Alexander Dowie, this healing guy. He went off the deep end. And – Branham! Powerful prophet – and he went off the deep end. And you’re going off the deep end. But I couldn’t shake it. The more I’d pray, the more the fire would burn. The more I pray, the more I had this promise for revival.” [Source]

It seems plausible he got these ideas while he attended his ‘Pentecostal’ church. But what’s worse is not the fact that he went to a Word of Faith Church. What is worse is that he was TEACHING at “a Long Island branch of Christ for the Nations Institute.” Those who are not familiar with the NOLR history, William Branham’s right hand man, Gordon Lindsay, founded Christ for the Nations.

It was a major center in promoting and mainstreaming NOLR heresies in Charismaticism… and this is where Michael Brown TAUGHT! The Christ for the Nations website has this to say about their foundations. This is what Christ for the Nations says on their website about their founders:

“Christ For The Nations was originally founded as The Voice of Healing in 1948 by Gordon and Freda Lindsay. The ministry name was changed in 1967 to Christ For The Nations as a reflection of it’s now broader global vision…

[…] J. Gordon Lindsay was born to Thomas A. Lindsay and Effie (Ramsey) Lindsay in Zion City, Illinois, on June 18, 1906. Gordon was raised in an atmosphere of healing and Pentecostal experience, as his parents were followers of John Alexander Dowie, a famous healing evangelist.”

Source: Founders, Christ for the Nations, https://www.cfn.org/founders/, Accessed February 01, 2018. [Archive]

Church for the Nations International (CFNI) has this on their website:

Where We Came From

The late Gordon Lindsay and his wife, Freda Lindsay, founded Christ For The Nations Institute in 1970. This trans-denominational Institute was one of Gordon Lindsay’s last visions before his “home going” on April 1, 1973. Gordon had envisioned thousands of Spirit-filled believers going forth to do exploits for God around the world. After Gordon’s passing, Mrs. Freda Lindsay followed the vision, and the ministry flourished. Today, CFNI graduates are positioned all over the world. Over 40,000 students, both domestic and international, have been trained at CFNI and empowered by the Spirit to touch others with the same Gospel that has transformed their lives.

Source: Where We Came From, Church for the Nations, https://www.cfni.org/explore-about-where-we-came-from/, Accessed January 31, 2018. [Archived]

If the information regarding Ravenhill is true, Brown’s connection to Gordon Lindsay’s Latter Rain church from 1983-1987 and his connection to Leonard Ravenhill appears to be a bit more than a coincidence. (Any information on Ravenhill’s NOLR apostleship and the identities of the other twelve – Clayton Sonmore and George Warnock already known, would be greatly appreciated.) 

As we read above, Brown provided insight into his theological mindset in the 70s and 80s that confirms his theological Latter Rain conflictions. This is damning.

What gospel was Michael Brown saved by? He claimed he originally believed in “Divine Healing” because “it was taught in the church in which I was saved.” This is the false ‘Healing gospel’ of the Latter Rain which birthed the Voice of Healing Movement (VHM). To this day as you can hear in his sermons (and read on his FIRE church website), Brown has defaulted back to this false gospel. Calvinism or Arminianism is not the issue – Brown’s gospel foundations are false.

Furthermore, not only was he expelled out of the Brownsville Revival, Brown was also expelled from the “Reformed, socially conscious church” between “1977 to 1983.” Brown confessed in the book:

“Over the years, I had learned not to esteem myself more highly than I should, recognizing my own weaknesses and understanding that there were no superstars in the Body. But there was something I was missing: Not only is it sinful to over-esteem oneself, but it is sinful to under-esteem others, and that’s exactly what I had done. I had negatively judged my fellow-leaders since they did not carry the same burden I carried or minister the same way I did. Rather than exalting myself, I subtly degraded them-not as people, but in terms of the importance of their callings– and the Lord dealt with me very deeply about this.” (Emphasis added.)

While it is brave for Brown to publish this confession – it explains why he was expelled from the Reformed church and possibly why he was expelled from Brownsville. Furthermore, if he is wrestling with this personal sin, it means he is continually falling into a state of sin and defaulting to a false doctrine that he must set aside spiritual differences to move forward as the body of Christ (as he quotes from Matthew 23:8, Romans 12:4-5,16 and 1 Corinthians 12:21-27 in the book). Because he struggles with this sin, this explains why he believes in NOLR Man-Child Company (MCC) heresy. The MCC teaches that God is preparing an end-times overcoming church that will manifest as a corporate Christ on earth to judge the nations in supernatural power, signs and wonders.

The concepts of the NAR doctrine of the One New Man (ONM) is practically identical to the MCC heresy when we examine how Latter Rain Apostle Clayton Sonmore lays out of the progression of how the ‘true’ church is to manifest or birth this ‘Man-Child Company’:

Jane Hansen Hoyt captures the same concept in the book Brown contributed to. Just as Sonmore talked about how Christians are to progress from the ‘Outer Court’ to the ‘Most Holy Place’, starting at ‘salvation’, progressing to being ‘spiriti-filled’ to then manifesting the ‘man child’, Hoyt does so in similar fashion:

“But under the “one new man” economy, every believer has the privilege of coming into the Holy of Holies (see Heb. 10:19-25).”

Source: Jane Hansen Hoyt, Awakening the One New Man, (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers, 2011), pg. 141.

This theology is reflected in many worship songs at Brownsville, in particular a song we’ve heard Brown reference titled, ‘Take Me In’:

Take me past the outer courts into the holy place
Past the brazen altar, Lord I want to see Your face
Pass me by the crowds of people and the priests who sing Your praise
I hunger and thirst for Your righteousness but it’s only found in one place.
Take me in to the holy of holies…

What is binding Brown and all these NARpostles (NARpostle Jan Hansen Hoyt, NARpostle Daniel Juster and NARpostle Jack Hayford) together is their foundations in the teachings of the Latter Rain movement – they are its children ushering in this Order and New era for Christ’s church to raise up the One New Man and the New Breed to fill the earth, subdue it and take dominion.

This specific theology is what Sid Roth, Cindy Jacobs, Che Ahn, Lou Engle, John Arnott, Rick Joyner and all of his apostolic friends and associates have in common with Michael Brown. The emphasis of unity, subjugation, subjection, dominionism, the NAR ‘gospel of the kingdom’ and a powerful end-times people in relation to the ‘One New Man’ could not be made any more clearer than in this book Brown helped write. Hoyt was the most militant about this dominionist ‘One New Man’ concept:

“Look at the words subdue and dominion. The word subdue means: to conquer, tread down, force, keep under, and bring into subjection. The word dominion means: to prevail against, to take or to rule over.”

Source: Jane Hansen Hoyt, Awakening the One New Man, (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers, 2011), pg. 151.

So yet again, Brown’s Latter Rain NARgenda is showing – especially when he believes the church is to manifest corporately and individually as ‘gods’ (New Breed) to subdue and take dominion over the earth.

It is also worth recognizing that the ‘One New Man’ is brought to maturity under the restored offices of Apostles and Prophets, (these writers twisting Ephesians 4:11-12). (At the conclusion we will come back to this book to highlight the Apostleship of Brown and the other Apostolic contributors.) However on the topic of Apostles, this brings us to our next book.


‘The Fire That Never Sleeps’, is a book written by NAR Apostle John Kilpatrick and Michael Brown, the foreword written by NAR Apostle Jack Hayford and concluded by NAR Apostle Mike Bickle.

Image result for the fire that never sleeps book

We are not going to look into the theology of this book, only how Michael Brown’s leader, John Kilpatrick, presented himself in this book.

The Fire That Never Sleeps

At the back of the book, Michael Brown, John Kilpatrick and Larry Sparks all parade their titles, achievements and ministries. Oddly, Michael Brown had no problem with his Brownsville leader claiming he was an “in-demand apostolic leader” fulfilling his “apostolic call.”

John Kilpatrick was blessed to experience firsthand the Glory of God as Holy Spirit entrusted him with the pastoral oversight of the historic Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida and the Bay Revival in Mobile, Alabama. He currently serves as the founder and senior pastor of Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama. He also travels extensively across the nation spreading the fires of revival and impacts the churches around the world through media ministry. With nearly fifty years of pastoral ministry, twenty-two of which included his ministry at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida, he and his wife Brenda are fulfilling their apostolic call by helping to establish churches and mentoring ministers. His hunger and passion for God’s presence awakens and stirs the hearts of many to cry out for a move of God.

Source: [Link] (Emphasis added.)

Kilpatrick also advertised his apostolic credentials beside Michael Brown’s credentials.


MICHAEL L. BROWN holds a PhD from New York University in Near Eastern languages and literature and is recognized as one of the leading Messianic Jewish scholars in the world today. He is the founder and president of FIRE School of Ministry, the host of the nationally syndicated daily talk radio show The Line of Fire, and the author of more than twenty-five books.

JOHN KILPATRICK was blessed to experience firsthand the Glory of God as Holy Spirit entrusted him with the pastoral oversight of the historic Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida and the Bay Revival in Mobile, Alabama. An in-demand apostolic
leader, speaker and author, Kilpatrick currently serves as the founder and senior pastor of Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama.

LARRY SPARKS is a conference speaker and author of the book Breakthrough Faith. He is a regular columnist for Charisma online and host of the radio program Voice of Destiny, and has been featured on the Christian Broadcasting Network and It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth. He holds a Master of Divinity from Regent University.

Source: [Link] (Emphasis added.)

Is Michael Brown blind? Has he not the eyes to see or the mind to comprehend in asking Kilpatrick why he thought himself an apostle? And why is Michael Brown presenting himself similarly to Apostle John Kilpatrick?

Another damning piece of evidence that authenticates that the Brownsville Revival was a central event in the development of the New Apostolic Reformation is Mike Bickle’s endorsement of the event in the conclusion, describing how Brownsville impacted his iHOP ministry in Kansas:

Several of the leaders at the International House of Prayer were impacted by what they experienced during the Brownsville Revival. This move of God continues even to this day- it continues in the missionaries who are taking the Gospel to the four corners of the earth whose lives were marked during the fires of revival. It continues through the intercessory missionaries in Kansas City and many others throughout our nation who labor for a sustained move of the Spirit in their cities and in the nations of the earth. It continues in homes, where husbands and wives are reconciled, sons and daughters are set free from addiction, and prodigals are brought home. It continues in those who live to see justice released throughout the earth, biblical values restored, and human trafficking brought to an end. What began on Father’s Day back in 1995 can truly be described as a Fire That Never Sleeps.”

Source: [Link] (Emphasis added.)

In this same book, Brown exhibits the defining role by Wagner of an NAR Apostle by claiming God gave him a vision to establish the  ‘Brownsville Revival School of Ministry’ (BRSM). Wagner and other NAR Apostles in the past have recognized Steve Hill as an NAR Apostle of their own, Kilpatrick included. Even though Brown insists he never was or is a NAR Apostle, it is interesting that Kilpatrick and Hill affirmed this God-given vision of Michael Brown to start BSSM:

“It was in that light that God gave me the vision to launch the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in 1996, within weeks of getting involved in the revival myself, and it was a vision deeply affirmed by Pastor Kilpatrick, Steve Hill, and the other key leaders.

We opened our doors in January 1997, and, by God’s grace, now as FIRE School of Ministry, we continue to raise up and send our laborers to the nations.”

Source: [Link] (Emphasis added.)

It’s quite the claim of Brown that God gave him this vision. To have this vision affirmed by Apostle Steve Hill and Apostle John Kilpatrick once again affirms that Brown considers himself an apostle. Why? Leading NAR Apostle C. Peter Wagner recognizes NAR Apostles as visionaries and calls them as such.

When Brown was later expelled from the Brownsville revival by the AOG, he explains how his F.I.R.E School was made. It wasn’t founded the way a normal bible school was founded. This is how Brown explains his school started (emphasis ours):

“That’s why we prayed right at the birthing of F.I.R.E not to be melodramatic… Who needs more people doing more things for God without God initiating it? And guiding it? And anointing it? And blessing it? But if it is a God thing, we need the God Presence and the God anointing and the God gifting and the God grace.” [52:42]

This language exposes the foundations of Brown’s background in his Latter Rain cult. ‘Birthing’ was used by the NOLR to promote the idea the church was to ‘birth’ the man-child company. But as Brown has openly repeated, he is raising up an army of holy radicals, himself leading this ‘Jesus Revolution’. Back then and until now, his eyes are still set in transforming and changing/transforming the world by those he is raising up and sending out.

By Brown’s admission, he is personally identified in Wagner’s writings as an Apostolic leader. Brown himself naturally defaults into the second mould of a new apostolic leader, personally reacting against (and often despising) the biblical and traditional church leadership model.

“Traditional church leaders begin with the present and then look to the past. New apostolic leaders begin with the future and then look to the present. Most denominations are heritage driven. Most apostolic networks are vision driven. The difference is enormous. Traditional leaders long for the past, live in the present and fear the future. New apostolic leaders appreciate the past, live in the present and long for the future.”

Source: C. Peter Wagner, ChurchQuake!, pg. 56

How many sermons does one need to hear of Brown talking about himself to advocate that God ‘is about to do something new in the not-so distant future’? He puts an enormous emphasis on his calling and how God raised him up to be a leader so people can expect God to do something through him.

Interestingly, Wagner articulates what New Apostolic Schools look like. From pages 234 to 239, Wagner confirms the fact that what Brown started at Brownsville was in fact a New Apostolic Reformation school:

“Church leaders and educators in the New Apostolic Reformation are well aware of the current maladies of theological seminaries… Homegrown staff, trained in conferences, are increasingly staff members of choice. Almost each apostolic network also has its own schools, but they are innovative and radically different from what we have known in the past.” pg. 234-235

How is this not Brown? Didn’t his students from the Brownsville revival, trained in their very own meetings, end up on his staff at Brownsville and then later at his F.I.R.E school? Looking at the previous articles in this series regarding Brown’s behaviour at his BRSM, Brown claims to be a ‘spiritual father’ raising up ‘spiritual sons and daughters’, leading an army of radicals to bring a ‘revolution’. He’s been recognised as a general and he claims he was expelled because he was operating from an ‘apostolic fathering framework’. And in this book, he claims he is the president and founder of FIRE School who received direct revelation from God to start it (and in a sermon – claimed God “birthed” it).  On top of that, Brown has made it clear he is fulfilling the NAR Apostolic Commission, promoting the One New Man (Awakening the One New Man) and New Breed (What Ever Happened to the power of God?) Latter Rain heresies.

All his life work and beliefs indicate he is undeniably an NAR Apostle. We didn’t identify him as part of the New Apostolic Reformation or his NAR Apostleship – C. Peter Wagner did. Brown’s enemy is not us calling him out. His argument is with the now deceased C. Peter Wagner and his well-articulated research on the topic of the NAR.

So it’s time Michael Brown comes clean. If he is NOT an NAR Apostle, why isn’t his theology, practices and life reflecting this? As we are about to see, Brown cannot separate himself from the core foundations, theologies and key players of the NAR.


In the last book we are looking at hear, Brown gives his approval to NAR Apostles and their Latter Rain heresy.

The back cover reveals hallmarks of the NOLR in the book:

“Position Yourself to Experience Holy Spirit Outpouring!
Ask the LORD for rain. In the time of the latter rain. (Zechariah 10:1)
God is pouring out His Spirit and revival rain is falling across the Earth. How should you respond? Ask for more! “

Yes. Michael Brown endorsed this Latter Rain rubbish. And look at the heretical NAR Apostles contributing to this work:

NAR Apostle Lou Engle
Michael Brown
NAR Apostle Bill Johnson
NAR Apostle Banning Leibscher (Regarded by some as an NAR Apostle)
NAR Apostle John Kilpatrick
NAR Apostle Tommy Tenney
NAR Apostle James Goll
Corey Russel (who leads the Apostolic Prayer and Preaching Program at iHOP)
NAR Apostle Don Nori

Yet the only one who does not claim to be an Apostle is Michael Brown? It is disingenuous to say the least. Furthermore, the preface of the book which is written by Lou Engle, who is deeply entrenched with Latter Rain heresy. He concludes: “It’s time to pray for the rain in the time of the latter rain. Then shall the great harvest spring forth in our nations and in every tribe and tongue. As the harvest ripens, pray for The Lord of the Harvest to thrust laborers into the world-wide harvest field. Let it rain.”

Before chapter 1, the NOLR sonship and man-child company heresies are clearly presented (emphasis added):

“It’s not about more of God coming down from Heaven; it’s about more of God coming out of His people and being visibly manifested in the earth.

We begin our journey by awakening to this essential truth: The rain of revival has already been poured out to us so that we can cry out for an even greater demonstration of God’s power and Presence to be poured out through us.

It all begins and ends with hunger.”

Brown contributed to this very disturbing anti-Christ piece of literature. And it is not hard to place Brown in the category of one who is anti-Christ and demands people listen to what he says as divinely inspired. The proof of this claim can be found in the back of the book, ‘Awakening the One New Man’ Brown contributed to. Apparently what he and others wrote was scripture. The actual words of God.

Consider what Nori is quoting below. He is using the parable of the sower, Jesus translated the ‘seed’ to mean the gospel (Matt 13:19). His Word. Nori is replacing the Word of God to “this message” of Michael Brown and co.

Apostle Don Nori claims that the book ‘Awakening the One New Man’ will change lives’. Talk about giving God the ‘apostolic birdie’! It only goes to show the arrogance of Brown and company for advertising that their writings will change lives rather than their being faithful in focusing on the bible as their one true authority. Who knew you had to sow Destiny Image books into people’s lives to change peoples lives?

The deception of Brown and his ‘apostolic apostates’ becomes more evident as we read their books and see their wicked endorsement of each other. We praise God for the discerning Christian leaders beginning to unite as one voice to call these wicked men and women to repentance.

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