What’s the point of Billy Graham’s ministry? “God Has a Dream for You” Says Rick Warren.

When did ‘fulfilling your dream’ replace ‘repent and believe’? A follow-up post from the ‘Messed Up Church’ blog.


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Steve Kozar writes:

Recently, Saddleback Church had a service where Rick Warren was teaching the importance of “choosing the right team for your dream.” Mention was made of Billy Graham’s ministry, since he had just recently died. After the last video montage about Billy Graham played, Rick Warren told his audience the importance of “fulfilling your dream-just like Billy Graham.” After just a minute of his pep talk, he tells everyone to listen to message of the next song. The worship team then performs the pop song “This Is Me,” which Billboard Magazine describes as: “a beautifully uplifting tribute to self-acceptance and self-love.” Here are some of the lyrics.

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