How can Dr. Michael Brown call it the “So-Called” NAR when… (Part 2)

As we look at Part 2 we hear Ps. Chris Rosebrough tackling the topic of Michael Brown’s denial of the NAR and Bethel’s association with this ‘mythological conspiracy’, in his recent podcastIn Part 1 Rosebrough challenged the integrity of Brown’s claim in this article:

How can Dr. Michael Brown call it the “So-Called” NAR when…(Part 1)


Ps. Rosebrough opened the podcast by refuting the claim of Brown that the NAR should be regarded as the ‘so-called’ NAR by focusing on C. Peter Wagner. The first segment dealt with Chris reviewing C. Peter Wagner with this video of Wagner:

Source: C. Peter Wagner, C. Peter Wagner lectures on the New Apostolic Reformation, (Lecture: Hitching Apostles to Prophets), YouTube,, Uploaded by Bruce Wilson on August 12, 2011. (Accessed March 02, 2018.)


The second part of the program refutes Brown for distancing Bethel from the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult.

In the middle of the sermon, Rosebrough compared the theology coming from Bethel to the leader of the New Apostolic Reformation, C. Peter Wagner. For a church apparently not part of the NAR, Rosebrough highlighted that Bethel was espousing this unique heresy of the new ‘Apostolic Age’, the ‘New Wine’, ‘New Wine Skin’, their teaching of governing apostles and prophets by reading out Wagner’s works [1:14:00-1:18:20].

Ps. Rosebrough demonstrates that this sermon was not necessarily about tackling the question: ‘What is an apostle?’ – but having Bethel redefine Christianity so people are open to the idea of the New Apostolic age and the concept of the NAR theology of apostles today. For instance, at 1:36:26 Vallotton claimed God spoke to him directly about the following:

“The Lord said to me that denominationalism is like the concubines of old. The Lord said  to me, ‘Do you know what the difference is between a concubine and a wife?’ Remember kings would have like – they would have like 400 concubines and like 10 wives or 20 wives or 30 wives. And the Lord said, ‘Do you know what the difference is between a concubine and the wife of a king?’ No.

‘Well, the concubines didn’t carry the king’s name and none of their children had an inheritance.’ That’s denominationalism.” [1:36:25]

In other words, just like the cults, Bethel reduced orthodox Christianity to an unbiblical position and elevated their ‘apostolic and prophetic office’ to a higher authority as than the scriptures themselves. Their claim to direct divine revelation from God Himself is no different to Roman Catholicism, Islam, JWs, Mormonism, Latter Rainers, Moonies, or those at Jonestown under Jim Jones; all claiming higher authority by placing their ‘offices’ above the scriptures. This is exactly what puts them into the category of cult.


The audio of Vallotton also exposed Bethel pushing the dangerous doctrine known in the old days as the ‘covering doctrine’.

“We’re not saying truth isn’t important. We’re saying relationship is the foundation. Covenant relationships are the foundation of the church.” 1:10:00

Though this has changed in practice slightly (no one makes covenants with their apostles/shepherd anymore), the implications are deadly. Rather than say people are aligned to, or are under, the covering of an apostle, Vallotton is up to date with the ‘language’  across the NAR, downplaying previous phrases and now calling it ‘relationships’.

Needless to say, Apostles and Prophets in the NAR determine their relationship with its followers as being correct or incorrect based on their agendas and not the Word of God (note how Apostle Brian Houston treated his best friend who was Hillsong’s worship leader).

Hillsong’s NAR agenda hidden in plain sight

Three more cult-like aspects in this sermon has Bethel reinforcing the idea that we must find how we fit as a brick/stone in their wall [1:23:58 -1:24:52], we musn’t question the apostolic/prophetic leadership and that the church is playing the role of God here on earth, reconciling the world to God (replacing the role of Jesus the Messiah). He even references ‘kool aid’ in this sermon. Listening to this review, you will understand how unbiblical Bethel really is.

The people at Bethel ‘don’t need no education’, they’re all up for ‘thought control’, they love ‘dark sarcasm’ in the pulpits and are primed to be that ‘brick in the wall’ – this sermon being proof.

Ps. Rosebrough highlighted the fact that although Vallotton portrayed himself as an apostle/prophet who received direct revelation from God, every scripture he used to back up his ‘divine’ conversation was twisted. And Ps. Rosebrough also compared the theology of Bethel to the New Order of the Latter Rain cult:

“This is the exact same theology I heard when I was in the Latter Rain. It’s all about unity. And doctrine is the thing of mind. And you need to turn the mind off and you just got to unite.” [1:29:52]

At the conclusion of his sermon. Kris Vallotton is assuming people in Bethel see their leadership as apostles and prophets:

“Do you know what I like about prophetic and apostolic ministry? Is we get the privilege of commissioning people. I believe that’s part of the mission of a prophet, is to commission people. In the Old Testament, the prophets commissioned kings. And I think it’s part of what we get to do. Like we actually get to metaphorically knight every one of you. Bill’s going to come with a sword. He’s going to stay tonight. He’s going to … touch each one of you.” 1:52:33

He then proceeds to share the dangerous covering doctrine (which also goes by the name of apostolic alignment/alignment theology) where he starts flexing Bethel’s apostolic authority, encouraging people to submit to their authority so they too can be blessed:

“I think there are Joshua’s [apostles] that are building bigger armies and wonder why they are stilling losing – when all they have to do is hold up the arms of their leaders.” 1:54:48

By implication, if you don’t do this at Bethel and instead question their leaders, your children will question you; a veiled threat that if fathers and mothers challenge Bethel’s spiritual Fathers/Mothers (Apostles and Prophets) their children will challenge them (1:55:50).

So it’s important to note who Bethel Apostles and Prophets are ‘sifting’ in order to raise up in their ranks: those who blindly submit and do not question their leadership.

“I’m going to commission you tonight. The one’s that it’s really going to fall on are people who actually know how to be in submission to a mission so that they can be commissioned. Because you only have as much authority as you submit to.” 1:56:30  

This is what got the NAR in so much trouble in the 1970s. This theology, along with Latter Rain Branham’s prophecies, were instrumental in the tragedy of the Jonestown massacre. People’s faith was in the movement. Their hope was not in God but in the ‘church’ and they tragically put their faith and hope in the man Jim Jones – not Jesus Christ. And the theology of Bethel and the Jim Jones cult is exactly the same.

Jim Jones Judge Not Jingle

Jim Jones was, and Johnson and Vallotton are, the ‘Apostle and Prophet’. Jim Jones preached the same gospel as Bethel church – his message also backed up by healings, signs and wonders… and you could not question him. He relied on people’s testimonies to promote his movement. But there is one thing Bethel (and the Jonestown cult)  count on – their members do not hold themselves accountable to Jesus Christ and Sola Scriptura. And that’s the difference between true Christianity and the cults like Bethel and Jonestown. True Christianity encourages and equips people to test what is true according to the Word of God – Bethel and Jonestown do not. They rely on the same standard as Michael Brown does – themselves.

Again – the sermon review below exposes a Bethel leader espousing greater authority and supernatural power than the twelve apostles themselves. Yet this ‘power’ relies on those who desperately and blindly yield to their leaders (both a form of hypnotism and brainwashing):

“Cos I really do honestly want to commission you. But I know how this works. In order for this commissioning to be on you, you actually have to have a humble heart. You actually have to act- actually respect leaders that are human in your life. So I’m going to pray for you – but I know who this anointing will fall on. By the way, it’s always that way, right? It’s the humble and hungry who actually get it.” 1:58:22

Dr Michael Brown is endorsing a cult who holds the same theology to the murderous cult the world knows as Jonestown. Hillsong, C3, Bethel, CHC, Yoido Full Gospel Church and Jonestown are the fruit of the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR). So why would Brown speak against the NAR- the fruit of the Lattter Rain? Michael Brown is a Latter Rainer.

Michael Brown and James White2

Hear the entire refutation of Brown’s lies and the cult of Bethel here.

How Can Dr. Michael Brown Call It the “So-Called” NAR When…(Part 2)



00:06:42 C. Peter Wagner Explains How the N.A.R. is the largest and fastest growing megablock in Christianity
01:14:11 Sermon Review: What is an Apostle by Kris Vallotton

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Source: Chris Rosebrough, How Can Dr. Michael Brown Call It the “So-Called” NAR When…(Part 2),,, Published March 08 2018. (Accessed March 08 2018.) 

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