‘There Is More’ – Hillsong blasted for hijacking local artist’s designs.

“My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of robbers.”
– Jesus, Matthew 21:13

A Hillsong pastor can abuse children and get away with it. Hillsong leadership can lie to a Royal Commission and get away with it. Hillsong can scam people financially and get away with it. Why?

Because they can. And in the name of Jesus too.

Now it appears they can steal your signature artwork style and profit from it as well. In a shocking display of plagiarism Hillsong had the audacity to take a woman’s artistic designs, copying her work and using it to make ‘much merchandise’ from their product. Brian Houston claims he is “the Executive Producer of countless gold and platinum albums that have come from the Hillsong Worship team.” So the buck stops with him – he is accountable for the plagiarism of her work, as he and Hillsong stand to make millions of dollars from this deceitful activity.

[Screen grab taken March 25, 2018.]

Here are archived links so you can see to the extent that Brian Houston and Hillsong have used her artwork design for profit :

Link: THERE IS MORE Worship Kit

Link: THERE IS MORE Special Edition

Link: THERE IS MORE Ultimate Collection

Link: THERE IS MORE Digital Album

It’s worth noting that the link to the ‘There Is More Worship Kit, states, “When you purchase the ‘THERE IS MORE Worship Kit’, you’re also gifting one to a persecuted church! We’ve partnered with our friends at Open Doors to equip persecuted churches in Iraq, Syria, North Korea, India, etc with their own ‘THERE IS MORE Worship Kit’.” This is just another avenue for an international cult to subvert the already persecuted church in non-christian countries.

How is it a ‘Christian’ thing to exploit someone’s artistic style without their permission and make millions of dollars under the notion of ‘worshiping’ God?

This proves yet again proves that Hillsong cares more about lining the pockets of their leaders Brian and Bobbie Houston rather than worshiping Jesus the way His Word commands. The evidence is there if you tune in to Hillsong’s Vision Sunday this year and learn how they heavily marketed and themed Brian Houston’s book ‘There Is More’ to their worship CD and this year’s conference.

Getting the world to tune into his Vision Sunday, Mr Houston encouraged everyone (as God’s Apostle) to buy his latest album with their music. However they’re not relying on talent.  Compare this music to their other albums ‘For All You’ve Done’ (2004) and ‘God  He Reigns’ (2005) to see what we mean.

When a church is all about prestige and stacking votes to bolster their below average lyrics and melody as they did with ‘What A Beautiful Name’ to win a Grammy, you know their focus is not about Jesus but about Hillsong. Worship has a right to sound amazing – but not at the expense of displaying a highly contrived product and then using the global Hillsong empire to manipulate votes to win an award. Creativity suffers when it is reduced to vote stacking, a sinful move that proves to be a very bad Christian witness.

“And he said to them, “Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written, “‘This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’” Mark 7:7-8

According to Brian Houston, “Vision Sunday is for EVERYONE and is a great opportunity to experience the heart and soul and ongoing vision of this House.” But the real point of Vision Sunday is to alert people how God is moving through the heart and soul of Brian Houston and his ministry. Mr Houston wants you to “come expectant, on the edge of your seat, with your spirit leaning into the Lord.” In other words, leaning in to what Brian Houston wants you to do: buy his CDs.

So how should Christians react to the corruption of vote-stacking but also having Hillsong plagiarise an artist’s work and give her no recognition whatsoever or pay for her amazing artistic talent?

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Here we see Hillsong tramples on yet another soul while making financial profit for their own extravagant ‘there is more’ living. But Houston said his book is all about living bigger; expecting greater; digging deeper and going further. Yes, living bigger corrupted lives, expecting to get away with deceitful plagiarism.

Chris Rosebrough reviews NAR Apostle Brian Houston’s Vision Sunday message here:

Eagles Make Love in the Air


00:07:13 Prophecy Open Mic from Glory City Church and Cindy Jacobs
00:40:26 Eric Dykstra Love Shack Part 2
00:50:22 T.D. Jakes Eagles Make Love in the Air
01:09:18 Sermon Review: Vision Sunday by Brian Houston

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Eagles Make Love in the Air, PirateChristian.Com, http://www.piratechristian.com/fightingforthefaith/2018/2/eagles-make-love-in-the-air, Published February 22, 2018. (Accessed March 20, 2018)

Esther Olsson’s article below captures the woes of a brilliant young artist. We advise our readers that they may find the language in this article confronting:

Hillsong Put On Blast By Local Aussie Artist For Basically [Hi-Jacking] Her Artwork

To end, we include some highlights of how Hillsong were 100% involved in plagiarising her art style to use on their merchandise.

Esther took to her Instagram account to share the entire story. According to email screenshots, the Art Director of Hillsong Church had contacted Esther prior to the designs being created, to let her know her work had inspired his concept for their upcoming album, and asking her to potentially work with Hillsong on the project. This was on the 5th November 2017.

Esther told her Instagram followers via Insta Story that she had passed on the offer, only to learn later on that they had designed something “heavily influenced by her work” anyway.

“So I have a sad story, I had a company  contact me, and I didn’t align with their views and I decided that I probably wouldn’t maybe work with them, and then they sat me down for a meeting and told me that they ended up designing something heavily influenced by my work.”

“So they sat me down at a little cafe by my house, and showed me the development and then basically showed me the final image. And I was like, ‘do you want me to recreate this?’, in my head I was thinking this, and then they were like ‘this is what we’re running with’. And then closed the computer, and that was the meeting.”

“I got no reply,” Esther said of that email.

Source: By Melissa Mason, Hillsong Put On Blast By Local Aussie Artist For Basically Jacking Her Artwork, Pedestrian.TV, https://www.pedestrian.tv/news/hillsong-artwork-esther-olsson/, Published March 19, 2018. (Accessed March 24, 2018.)

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