Hillsong sponsoring contemplative Alpha – allows Catholic mass at conference.

“In what appears to be a one of the latest atrocities in the ecumenical war against God’s church, Hillsong churches are partnering with Alpha – a contemplative program that originated in the heretical Anglican Holy Trinity Brompton – the church that was the European home of the ‘Holy Laughter’ heresies. The mega-ecumenical Alpha Conference 2018 in the U.S. was just held at Hillsong Phoenix on Feb. 8-9, and featured popular Catholic artist Matt Maher, the Hillsong Phoenix worship team, Eleanor Mumford of the Vineyard Int’l Executive, Catholic Bishop Eduardo Nevares, and former Willow Creek executive Craig Springer.”  Read more here:

Hillsong Sponsoring Contemplative Alpha – Allows Catholic Mass at Conference

Source: Mark Jefferies, Emergent Watch, https://emergentwatch.com/2018/02/15/hillsong-sponsoring-contemplative-alpha-allows-catholic-mass-at-conference/ Published Feb 15, 2018. (Accessed Mar 27, 2018.)

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