Michael Brown’s Charismaniac Trash Hoarding – calling for clean up while protecting the mess.

In just a couple of days Dr, Michael Brown will release his much publicized book ‘Playing With Holy Fire’, a book where he makes the claim that ‘it’s time for some prophetic accountability, let it start with you and me’.

Brown’s entire attempt in writing this is bogus. All he has done is allowed the most deplorable NAR Apostles and charismatics put it on their church bookstores to give the impression they care, while they still go about ripping people off blind and conning them to submit to their divine authority. Proof of this claim? Randy Clark.

Clark was smart enough to hide his con-artistry while not changing his NARpostolic ways by endorsing Brown’s book. In fact, he is so confident that this will not force him to look at his unethical and anti-Christian ministry that he even promoted he is the leader of his NARpostolic network. In other words, Brown’s book is nothing but a mere smokescreen to keep NARismatics and NARpostles from infiltrating churches and reforming culture to their lawless and reprobate ways.

Read a preview of the book here:

Playing with Holy Fire – Preview

Chris Rice from ‘Is Not Satire’ writes:

“Dr. Michael Brown is a hoarder of the worst of Charismaniac trash, yet he’s trying to pull the wool over the eyes of people by calling his camp of Christendom to clean up their act.”


Read more here:

Michael Brown’s Charismaniac Trash Hoarding – Calling for Clean up While Protecting the Mes

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