God keys Kris Vallotton’s Red Corvette – see the strong delusion in action.

Who wants to be a senior pastor at Bethel Church? Bill Johnson drives an Aston Martin? Reverend Anthony Wade from ‘828 Ministries’ does an excellent job exposing false teacher Kris Vallotton’s reaction to someone keying his red Corvette (and shares some other details about the cars being driven by Bethel leadership), in his latest article.

Kris Vallotton’s Red Corvette

This was the car recently bought by Kris Vollotton’s wife (pictured) for his birthday.

Rev Wade writes:

“God allowed someone to take a key to it this weekend and I only know because you are so deluded that you thought you were being high-minded and noble by posting a picture of your damaged sports car and proclaiming enemies of God must be behind it! Let me check one more time for you; nope I have it confirmed now in my spirit. God keyed your car.”

Source: Rev Anthony Wade, 828 Ministries,  http://www.828ministries.com/Diary/God-Keys-Kris-Vallotton-s-by-Anthony-Wade-Christianity-180402-316.htmlPublished April 2, 2018. (Accessed April 3, 2018.)

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God Keys Kris Vallotton’s Red Corvette — See the Strong Delusion In Action

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