NAR Apostle Randy Clark, his Apostolic Network & his ‘Voice of the Apostles’ Conference.

As many people are aware, Michael Brown denies the existence of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). People may not know that Brown has allowed Randy Clark to write the foreword of his new book ‘Playing with Holy Fire’.

Who is Randy Clark?

Before the Toronto Blessing, NARpostle C. Peter Wagner described Randy Clark as a “relatively unknown Vineyard pastor” (The Rising Revival, 1998, pg. 10). It is significant to note that Clark was a Vineyard pastor. Wagner worked closely with John Wimber and his Vineyard movement, heralding him as the “pioneer of the New Apostolic Reformation” (The New Apostolic Churches, 1998). Wagner astutely observed that Vineyard (later known as the Association of Vineyard Churches), was “one of the early prototypes of the New Apostolic Reformation in the United States” (ChurchQuake!, 1999, pg. 136).

While at Vineyard, Randy Clark received a spiritual ‘impartation’ from NAR Apostle Rodney Howard-Browne, carried this ‘impartation’ to Toronto and released spiritual mayhem in John and Carol Arnott’s airport church. What you are about to read is a valuable insight into Clark’s relationship with Vineyard and John Wimber:

“In January 1984, Randy Clark met John Wimber (founder of the Vineyard Movement) for the first time. John prayed for him and prophesied many encouraging words. Among those words, which Randy has never forgotten, were: “You are a prince in the Kingdom of God.” Although discouraged prior to receiving this prophecy, Randy was greatly encouraged afterward. A few months later, Randy discovered what else God spoke audibly to John that night. When Randy asked why he had been put on the Leadership Council of the Vineyard when he had less than 50 people in the new church he was starting, and everyone else on the council had churches from 500-5,000, a close confidante of John Wimber told him, “John didn’t invite you onto the council because of what you have done, but because of what God told him audibly you will do. You are going to go around the world and lay your hands upon pastors and leaders for impartation of the Holy Spirit, and to stir up and impart the gifts of the Spirit.

Ten difficult years passed before this word from God was fulfilled. A few days after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the Toronto Airport Vineyard, now called Catch the Fire, John Wimber called Randy. He said, “This is the fulfillment of what God showed me about your life ten years ago.” The last time Randy met with Wimber, John gave him one more word, “God told me audibly that you and (one other) were the two Vineyard pastors who would go around the world, laying your hands upon pastors and leaders to impart gifts of the Holy Spirit to them and to impart the Holy Spirit to them.”

Global Awakening was birthed by Randy Clark in January 1994 as a result of God using him to bring the fire of revival to the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. This ministry was birthed in the greatest revival movement of the last half of the 20th Century, a move of God resulting in the longest protracted meeting in the history of North America. During the first year, the “Blessing” spread to 55,000 churches around the world. Over three million people visited the church during those first few years; thousands were rededicated and saved and thousands more were empowered and equipped to minister more effectively.” [Source]

If you click on the source link above, you can read how his false revival impacted Heidi Baker and many other false apostles and prophets. This ‘revival’ soon spread to other countries and was responsible for the diabolical manifestations in 1994 at Holy Trinity Brompton (UK), in 1995 at Brownsville, Pensacola (US) and later Lakeland, Florida (2008).


Somewhere in his early success, God supposedly made Randy Clark an apostle. Clark states,

“He believes that the United States will once again experience a powerful “Healing Revival” and, when it does, he knows that he and his associates and interns, along with the pastors and itinerant ministers who are part of the Apostolic Network, will help fan the flames.” [Source]

Clark implies that he was already an apostle even before he launched his apostolic network:

“… the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening is a teaching, healing and impartation ministry with a heart for the nations. Founded in 1994 by Randy Clark after being used by God to begin the Toronto Blessing revival at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship…” [Source]

In the early days of the Toronto outpouring, God called Randy to be a Fire Lighter, Vision Caster, and Bridge Builder. This call rests upon the Network and its members.[Source]

Don’t let those titles fool you. In the early days, apostles were known as vision casters and fire starters. Randy Clark is apostolically alluding to his divine office and calling. In expanding on how those titles apply to himself and the network, his website states:

Lighting Fires is the ministry of impartation and renewal of the Holy Spirit and His gifts to the people of God, particularly leaders.

Casting Vision is the vision of the Kingdom of God expanding most rapidly through commitment to power evangelism, which includes healing, deliverance, and the actualization of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Church.

Building Bridges refers to establishing relationships with apostolic leaders across the nations, both with Global Awakening and between each other.

You will notice ‘Building Bridges’ is about “establishing relationships with apostolic leaders across the nations, both with Global Awakening and between each other.” That is a key feature of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). The NAR is infamous for their apostolic networks. And Clark has made it very easy for anyone to see how vast his apostolic network is around the world:


Randy Clark published his Global Apostolic Network

Interestingly, Randy Clark exposes on his ANGA website that Apostles Che Ahn, Bill Johnson ad Heidi Baker are not only friends with Global, ANGA states that Bill Johnson’s Bethel church is an “apostolic network” that  “has crossed denominational lines in building relationships that enable church leaders to walk in both purity and power.”

And yes, ANGA is a New Apostolic Reformation network through and through. Its characteristics are there for all to see.

The ‘Network Member Benefits and Expectations‘ are proof of this. It is important to examine the concepts, language and structure of this set up. When we examine other NARpostolic organisation (like Phil Pringle’s C3 movement) we see both have a very similar structure and apostolic relationship and accountability model. More importantly is their emphasis on ‘relationship with Global Awakening and other Network members’ (emphasis added).

More proof of it being NAR is their idea of ‘accountability through peer relationship and apostolic oversight’. This concept is examined thoroughly by Wagner in many of his books, specifically ‘ChurchQuake!’. But the most NARpostolic feature of Clark’s network is that his network will provide ‘a covering for your church or ministry‘. This actually shows him off to be THE apostle of this network providing his spiritual covering for any that come under his apostleship within his apostolic network. 


When we look at Randy Clark’s ANGA’s statement of beliefs, it may look Christian – but it is anything but. ANGA states, “Our statement of faith is not a litmus test that must be passed in order to be a part of the Network but a basis for understanding the views of the founder of the Network, Randy Clark.” This is important because they completely reject the true Christian gospel and espouse the false gospel of the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR). ANGA goes on to say (emphasis ours), “The fullness of our gospel includes forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and the second coming of our Lord to consummate His Kingdom upon this earth“. This false gospel devalues salvation and emphasizes misconstrued concepts and false promises. It goes under many names but was made popular through William Branham, a major influential figure that heavily influenced the NOLR.

The ANGA’s statement of beliefs also provides lip service to the historic Christian faith and states, “Jesus was anointed as God’s Messiah and empowered by the Holy Spirit” (link). This is the false kenotic Christ, a Jesus that is not fully God but fully man. This false Jesus is easy to spot as they emphasise the Holy Spirit being on Jesus’ life to do the work of God. This also again confirms their cultic teachings from the NOLR.

On the topic of the NOLR, as much they say their belief statement is “a basis for understanding the views of the founder of the Network, Randy Clark”, Clark has designed ‘credentialing guidelines’, “for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of the Network’s credentialing process” (link). Not only must the applicant “read and agrees in substance with ANGA’s Statement of Faith,” the applicant must

  1. … attend “… the School of Healing and Impartation I & II (Or viewed the DVD’s), and submitted [a] written report of the healing schools.”
  2. “… [have] completed the following reading requirements.(Provisional acceptance may be given before the reading is finished.  However, before final approval, all reading must be completed).”

These approaches are not educating them in the Christian faith, they are brainwashing and indoctrinating people into believing their ideas – which they call ‘training’.

Apostle Randy Clark’s writings are compulsory, and applicants must also read the late NARpostle C. Peter Wagner’s work ‘ChurchQuake!’, read a book series on the life of NOLR false prophet William Branham and read the life of Metaphysical cult teacher of the ‘Unity Church’ E.W. Kenyon’s work. (Click to see applicants reading list here.)


Not only does Randy Clark oversee an entire apostolic network, he runs an annual conference called ‘Voice of the Apostles’ (VOA).

In 2018, ‘Apostles’ speaking at this annual conference were Randy Clark, Tom Jones, Bill Johnson, Joseph Garlington, Leif Hetland, Deena Van’t Hul, Justin Allen, Charity Cook and William Wood. Clark advertises the event as so (emphasis ours):

“Ephesians 4 tells us that apostles are part of God’s solution for bringing stability into our lives and giving us a broader view of life. Come join hands with others from many different backgrounds and denominations to receive apostolic teaching & empowerment, to be refreshed in worship, and celebrate the name of Jesus.”

Our research indicates that the VOA started In 2008 they advertised this event on the NAR prophetic website ‘Elijah List’:

“Voice of the Apostles” Camp Hill, PA; October 29-November 1

And also for 2009:

“Voice of the Apostles” October 28-31, 2009 — Baltimore, MD

Most of the apostles who have spoken at this event over the years are all close friends having close relations with C. Peter Wagner and top apostles of the NAR. In 2017, the apostolic leaders that spoke at this event were Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Benny Hinn, Joseph Garlington, Tom Jones, Georgian Banov, Deena vant hul, Ché Ahn Leif Hetland, Paul Martini, Justin Allen, William Wood, Nina Myers and Charity Cook.

Ché Ahn, Leif Hetland, Benny Hinn and Georgian Banov are not only recognized as NAR apostles, they call themselves apostles. Tom Jones is also publicly recognised as an apostle as well:

“The Lord has made a way for Living Waters Fellowship to host Dr. Tom Jones and Charity Cook. Tom is an apostolic leader with Global Awakening called by God for such a day as this to release the Father’s heart into the North Jersey.”

Source: Global Awakening Dr. Tom Jones and Charity Cook, Facebook,, Accessed April 04, 2018.

The video below is footage from the 2017 conference. Randy Clark gathers people on stage and says to them he is “proud to be [their] spiritual father and to have [them] as a son or a daughter” (2:50). As we’ve covered in past articles, ‘spiritual father’ is another word for ‘apostle’.

Clark then asks “those that are on the platform, (that’s the apostolic leaders who are here and the prophetic voices), just to begin to go down and to lay hands and pray” (3:21). Note that the guest speakers get up and act apostolically, imparting the ‘spirit’ on people. At six minutes in you can see Apostle Bill Johnson ‘preying’ over his victims.

So once again, the NAR is hiding in plain site. Again they confirm their foundations are in the New Order of the Latter Rain cult and proclaim the typical false kenotic Christ, hiding behind Christian-sounding belief statements. Randy Clark is not afraid to parade his new apostolic reformation network nor afraid to call his friend Bill Johnson and others at these events as apostles or apostolic leaders.


Why are we focusing on Randy Clark now? The reason is very simple. Remember how Michael Brown claimed that the ‘so-called NAR’ is a myth? Note how Brown has called us “more unreliable than the Babylon Bee,” how he trashed faithful Christian leaders like Phil Johnson and Todd Friel and reacted negatively towards Costi Hinn and Anthony Wood’s book ‘Defining Deception’?

To tackle his critics, he has written a new book titled, ‘Playing With Holy Fire’. The person who Brown decided to endorse his book was…. NAR Apostle Randy Clark.

So much for the NAR being a ‘myth’ and Brown not being a part of it. Brown is definitely playing with Holy Fire – but is on the wrong end of it. And that is a very dangerous place to be. Again, Brown’s behaviour, alongside Clark’s endorsement, suggests that these men are deliberately masking deceitful intentions by deliberately trying to pervert the Truth –  in order to deceive people into believing a movement that opposes  biblical Christianity.

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