A warning about Hillsong’s Facebook marketing ‘con job’.

Brian Houston often says that it’s by the grace of God he is where he is today. This is complete fraudulent on so many levels. With that in mind and given its wordwide impact, it is worth examining the marketing arm of Hillsong.

While biblical Christianity trusts that Jesus will grow His church through the preaching of His gospel, Hillsong have relied heavily on marketing research and innovations to grow their empire. In this example, we highlight their latest marketing ploy.

If you are on Facebook, have you seen this ad put out by Hillsong?


If you click on the add, you are taken to a Hillsong web page heavily promoting their Hillsong brand and overpriced product. The website is all about their merchandise marketing the Hillsong brand, encouraging their followers to part with their money to pay not only for their TV channel, but also flooding the Christian market with their overpriced Hillsong rubbish.

Hillsong Cap Frank Houston

Marketing works both ways. Think twice before buying or wearing the Hillsong brand. Do you know their history? Do you want to endorse a cult founded by pedophile leader Frank Houston, that has leaders offer lip service to government policy and procedures?

It’s also very disposable rubbish with a ‘use by date’ – because by next year, they will have designed a new campaign for Hillsong and Houston. His latest book, their worship album, their conference and their product – because that is what Hillsong is about. Money obviously, but mainly Brian Houston… and maybe Steven Furtick?

It appears when you click the ad to explain itself, it says “…Hillsong Channel wants to reach people interested in Steven Furtick, based on activity such as liking Pages or clicking ads.”


Does this mean that ‘Hillsong Channel’ are tapping into Furtick’s ‘fan base’ by monitoring Furtick fan’s activities? And not just Furtick’s fan base – only “people aged 18 and older who live or have recently been in Australia?”

People are already disturbed that Facebook collects this type of information to begin with. Some would consider it an invasion of their privacy or even a form of cyber-stalking. But the fact a ‘church’ would sink to this level is unsettling. The tactics in Hillsong marketing prove once again they have no form of ethical fiber in anything they do.

From fixing votes to win Aria or Grammy awards for their music, to stealing art styles without the artist’s permission, using entire campaigns to ‘deify’ Brian Houston or Hillsong, to having a financial monopoly on Christian worship and art scene in Australia and around the world, to capitalize off celebrities status to promote their name on television, using sermons to ‘spruke’ product rather than preach Christ – Hillsong is not a biblical church.

It’s a cult that capitalizes on people’s gullibilty in order to ‘sell’ Hillsong and Brian Houston. Want evidence? Watch Hillsong’s annual conference this year and observe the massive marketing machine in action. If Brian Houston has learned anything from his father – it’s how to get people to do what he wants, when he wants – for his personal gain.

Brian Houston Hillsong quote  itching relevance

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