Dutch Sheets talks openly about the NARpostolic agenda and networks.

The US Apostolic Network was a network overseen by New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) Apostle Dutch Sheets. He was regarded by the late C. Peter Wagner as a significant apostle in developing the New Apostolic Reformation to REFORM America, this endorsement seen on the US Apostolic Alliance (USAA) website:

“God has His hand on America to bring our nation back into its proper alignment. A major key to making this happen is the formation of the U.S. Apostolic Alliance. Few have the clear, practical vision and the passion for mobilizing our nation’s apostolic and prophetic leaders, region by region, than Apostle Dutch Sheets. I am excited to be a part of Dutch’s apostolic team, and I believe we are going to witness giant steps toward seeing our land reflect the kingdom of God in very near future.”

C. Peter Wagner, Presiding Apostle
International Coalition of Apostles

More importantly, on Sheet’s USAA ‘About Us’ site, Sheets talks about how God gave a ‘blueprint’, to ‘Dr. Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Robert Henderson, and me’, how to ‘expand from relational apostolic networks primarily, to functional apostolic alliances, as well’. To accomplish ‘regional transformation’ – or as Dutch said earlier, ‘cultural change’.

While Dutch Sheets recognizes the Apostolic Reformation leadership roles of Wagner and Pierce, he also acknowledges that Henderson is a ‘founder and leader of multiple apostolic networks’, and ‘has been at the forefront of the Apostolic Reformation and is recognized for his passion to bring apostolic alignment to the Church and the business world’ (source). Sheets is literally proclaiming that these men are NARpostles leading apostolic ministries and apostolic networks in order to reform the church and culture.

This information is a pretty damning indictment given how many leading NAR Apostles like Michael Brown are claiming this subversive cult is just a myth and/or are distancing themselves from this movement. Once again, here is ample proof that this insidious global cult has its tentacles gripped around entire Christian churches and movements, trying to indoctrinate them with their ‘cultural change’ agenda.

Dutch Sheets writes,

“My dear friend and partner in ministry Chuck Pierce stated prophetically to me that there was a major shift coming to the Apostolic Reformation. He then challenged me to hear from the Holy Spirit as to what this new phase looked like and what my leadership role in it was to be. Chuck felt that this new assignment for my life was what Dr. Peter Wagner had seen in a dream concerning me. In Peter’s dream I had moved into the driver’s seat of a vehicle in which he and I were riding. We were left to interpret what that “vehicle” represented. The three of us now believe it was the Apostolic Reformation with all three of its components.

The plan involves taking the apostolic, prophetic and prayer movements to a much more practical level, resulting in regional transformation. Most of us in the Apostolic Reformation have been transformed by the movement individually, as have our congregations and networks. However, if we are honest, we must acknowledge that for most of us this has not resulted in regional cultural change. For this to occur, we must expand from relational apostolic networks primarily, to functional apostolic alliances, as well. God has given us (Dr. Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Robert Henderson, and me) a blueprint to accomplish this.

This new phase is not just for the apostolic leader of a local congregation or network, but for all of us who consider ourselves a part of this movement. If our stream has realized anything in the past 15-20 years, it is that the walls must come down between the pulpit and pew. We are all called to ministry! If you consider yourself a part of this Apostolic Reformation and are ready to see it move into its reforming stage, we invite you to align yourself with the United States Apostolic Alliance.”

Source: Dutch Sheets, About Us, US Apostolic Alliance, http://usapostolicalliance.org:80/about.htm, Accessed February 03, 2009. [Archived]

Again you will notice this feature of New Apostolic Reformation networks: their annual conferences. On Sheet’s dead USAA website, he advertised his ‘national conference’ (which is called United States Apostolic Alliance National Conference). Sheets states that a goal for his annual gathering, ‘is to further the process of the charismatic church becoming the apostolic church’.

It’s obvious that Dutch Sheets sees himself. along with other well known NAR Apostles, as leading the charismatic movement into becoming an ‘apostolic church’.

In closing, let Sheets explain just how ‘apostolic’ he and his network is.

Dutch Sheets writes,


I want to invite you to what could be one of the most important gatherings you’ve attended in a long while – the national conference for the United States Apostolic Alliance.  I realize that statement could sound arrogant and self serving, but I believe as you read on you will know this isn’t the case.

For those of you who are not aware of what the U.S.A.A. is, you can find a complete explanation on this website, but here is a short description:

U.S.A.A. exists to provide a structure through which we – those embracing the apostolic, prophetic and prayer movements – can work together to see awakening and reformation in America.  Our mission is, “Awakening in our Day, Reformation in our Lifetime.”

U.S.A.A. is NOT a vertical apostolic network that provides accountability, oversight and covering.  (It is an attempt to help all in any and every apostolic network work together.)

U.S.A.A. is NOT something you can join – only partner with through your efforts and activities.

U.S.A.A. is already making a huge impact. We have 29 state coordinators and 20 state councils in place, several state conferences scheduled for ‘09 (17 planned), great strategies are coming forth to transform states and a true spirit of cooperation is emerging.

America’s Desperate Need

Why do I feel this conference is so important?  Because the need for awakening and reformation in America is so desperate.  I fear that living in our spiritual bubbles has blinded us to the true condition of America.  How are these for some wake-up statistics:  65% of my grandparent’s generation in America truly served Christ and attended church regularly; 35% of my parent’s generation; 15% of my generation; 4% of today’s young generation.  Even with the great Charismatic, Jesus, Apostolic, Prophetic, and Prayer movements of the last 40 years we lost ground!  It is clear that revivals and outpourings of the Holy Spirit, as important as they are, simply aren’t enough.

Yes, America must experience a great revival that will bring millions to Christ and awaken the conscience of our nation.  But we must also have a long term plan for reformation.  Without this, just as in the past, no outpouring will be sustained and society will not change.  These two goals, awakening and reformation, are the vision of U.S.A.A. and the goal of this conference.

We Must Work Together

No one group, denomination, apostolic network, prayer network, congregation, etc. can accomplish this alone.  Nor will our individual efforts simply be transformed by God into a corporate whole, while we continue to “do our own thing.” This wrong belief is poor theology and has cost us greatly.  We must do a better job of working together – on purpose.  And we can!

Another goal for this gathering is to further the process of the charismatic church becoming the apostolic church.

Apostles understand the need for and function of all five ascension gifts, therefore they are coordinators and facilitators.

Apostles understand spiritual government and the need for sound doctrine, therefore they bring strength and stability

Apostles are kingdom in their thinking, not “territorial” (except in the sense of an understanding of their spheres of authority), therefore they gender unity and cooperation.

Apostles build, therefore they understand the need for long term planning, not just short term explosions.

Apostles understand and believe in discipline and accountability, ethics and integrity, therefore they maintain purity.

The apostolic movement must now provide apostolic leadership!

God has been giving much insight to leaders in the body of Christ concerning all of these matters.  I have labored much over who should speak at this year’s conference and though you may not be familiar with some of those chosen, they are outstanding. Much revelation and strategy will be released.

If you agree that America needs awakening and reformation, don’t miss this conference.  Last year’s was amazing, but this one will be better.  The instruction will be sound and challenging, the strategies will be clear and effective, the worship will be wonderful and the prophetic flow will be strong.  Make sure your group and/or congregation is represented at this conference.  You as an individual will also profit greatly.  The dates are March 30-April 2, 2009.  You will find more information including the link for registration listed below.

See you there!
Dutch Sheets

Source: Dutch Sheets, US Apostolic Alliance, http://usapostolicalliance.org, Accessed February 02, 2009. [Source]

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