Francis Chan: “God might kill you if you criticize church leaders”.

Steve Kozar from the “Messed Up Church’ blog over at Pirate Christian Radio alerts readers to a recent sermon from Francis Chan, former pastor of Cornerstone church in Ventura County, California and best-selling author of the books Crazy Love, Forgotten God, and You and Me Forever.

Steve writes:

There’s a recent video sermon from Francis Chan which has eerie similarities to a cult leader indoctrinating his followers. His basic argument is this:

  • God told the Israelites not to speak or act against God’s temple in the Old Testament, upon penalty of death.
  • In the New Testament, people are now the temple of God.
  • Therefore, we must never speak or act against God’s temple-His people.
  • Rick Warren, Mike Bickle, and Mark Driscoll are men of God who should never be criticized, because Francis Chan knows them personally, and they have good hearts.
  • If you speak out against these “people of God,” Chan wouldn’t be surprised if God took your life, because that’s what He promised in the Old Testament.

In this sermon, Francis Chan merges and tangles two different topics into a frightening blend of confusion; on one hand he talks about people who gossip and complain about their fellow believers, but on the other hand, he talks about all doctrinal differences as if they were mere preferences. While his comments about gossiping apply to personal relationships, his comments about unifying with everyone who claims to “love the Lord” are very concerning to anyone who takes the Bible seriously. Read more here:

Source: Steve Kozar, Pirate Christian Radio, “Messed Up Church” blog, Published April 10, 2018. (Accessed April 11, 2018.)

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