The NAR Cognitive Dissonance of Dr. Michael Brown.

Reverend Anthony Wade is a Credentialed Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Assemblies of God. Like many in the body of Christ he has grave concerns about Dr. Michael Brown.

Rev. Wade says “We build the body of Christ by tearing down those that sow disunity through false doctrine — you know as the Bible says in Romans. We protect the sheep by driving the wolves out. It has taken some time but I think I have pinpointed the malady that Dr. Brown suffers from — cognitive dissonance.”

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The NAR Cognitive Dissonance of Dr. Michael Brown

Source: 828 Ministries,–the-Co-by-Anthony-Wade-Christianity_Faith_God_Prophet-180503-145.html Published May 3, 2018. (Accessed May 4, 2018.)

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