Who do you believe? NARpostle Dutch Sheets or NARpostle Michael Brown?

Michael Brown paints the critics of the Charismatic movement as nothing more than ‘fringe lunatic conspirators’. Unfortunately for Michael Brown, his attempts to malign discerning Christians fails. If critics are really exaggerating the agenda of the New Apostolic Reformation, how can he explain Dutch Sheets’ involvement in the NAR and his agenda in taking over churches with the ‘new apostolic paradigm’?


Brown: “What New Apostolic Reformation?”

Sheets (who worked closely with Wagner) states that a goal for his annual gathering (United States Apostolic Alliance National Conference), ‘is to further the process of the charismatic church becoming the apostolic church’ [source]. (BTW – this is the same ‘new apostolic paradigm’ that Michael Brown holds to and defiantly defends).

In the video below (2:54), Dutch Sheets openly boasts how there are ‘apostolic networks’ forming an ‘apostolic grid’, not just America but around the world – claiming these apostolic networks “are positioned now to do ANYTHING HE [GOD] WANTS to do.

“Believe me,” Sheets claims.

The problem being if anyone believes these claims of Dutch Sheets: “You have no idea what God is about to unleash on this nation!” – it would be impossible to take Michael Brown and even Joseph Mattera at their word. Sheets has laid it out plainly, this is a declarative ‘apostolic takeover’ of the United States and then Christianity worldwide in the name of  ‘transformation’ (dominionism).

Here is Dutch Sheets’s clear agenda for all to see (image taken from video):

NAR Networks - Dutch Sheets

“Can we please put the first map up on the screen if you would. These are just circles. The blue circles represent Apostolic Networks. We have them all over the nation now. I’m just dealing with America. They’re all over the world. And we have them all over America. The black dots represent individuals. There is an awesome apostolic grid. There is an apostolic prophetic grid. There is an apostolic prophetic intercession, declaration grid over America. We are positioned now to do ANYTHING HE WANTS to do. […] And they’re out there. Believe me, they’re everywhere. There are apostles in the military. There are apostles in government. There are prophets in government. There a apostles and prophets in the media. They’re there in entertainment. They’re there in education. You have no idea what God is about to unleash on this nation!”

Source: Dutch Sheets, ‘Starting the Year off Right’, 2008. C. Peter Wagner on the Dominion Mandate and the Government of the Church, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0KbH9H9vLk, Published by Bruce Wilson, Oct 03 2011. (Accessed 11/10/2015.)


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