Late Bob Jones claims God says Christians are ‘little gods’.

The late Bob Jones was always a major propagator of the teachings in the New Order of the New Latter Rain cult. He was regarded in the Charismatic and NARismatic movements as an infallible prophet of God. Many of his ‘trips to heaven’ revealed future revelations of the coming billions souls harvest, the rise of apostles and the coming of the New Breed (little gods on earth) to usher in a global awakening and to usher Christ’s return through the church (One New Man heresy).


Jones’ teachings were widely popularised by false teachers on TBN such as Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Paul and Jan Crouch – all claiming throughout the 1980s and 1990s that we as Christians are ‘little gods’. You might have heard men such as Rick Joyner, Che Ahn, Bill Johnson or Patricia King talking about our ‘spiritual DNA’ in God. You have may have heard countless Apostles or leaders even talking about ‘doing greater works’. This is all connected to the unique revelations of Bob Jones. Linked below are short clips of the late Bob Jones calling people ‘little gods’.

In New Apostolic Reformation teaching, those who have ‘reached the level of maturity’, are those who were raised under the leadership of Apostles (see Apostolic Commissioning). Apostles in such Apostolic Centres such as Bethel and Morningstar see it as their job to mature these ‘New Breeds’. And as Jones said, they are raised to do even greater works than that of Christ. These New Breed or little gods are true sons and daughters who are walking in true sonship like Jesus did on earth, advancing the ‘kingdom of God’ mightily through powerful signs and wonders while walking intimately with the Father.


How many discerning Christian can actually hear this demonic mocking of Christ’s church? It was Satan who tempted Adam and Eve in the garden to become gods. But there was a phrase Jones drops in the first video that’s a direct quote from Jesus who condemned the Pharisees and adulterous Israel saying, “You’re children of your father.” Jesus didn’t say Abraham or ‘God’, but said, “You’re children of your father, the devil.” In these full sermon-like ‘prophetic’ words of Jones, not one person in the room stood up and rebuked him or made a scene how blasphemous his claims are. It begs the question, how many attending and listening to Bob Jones are children of this ‘father’?


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We’re in one of the greatest changes, I think of all time, right now. For the Sons and Daughters of God are coming forward. The Lord also, Himself, said, ‘You are gods’- in Psalms 82:2. You’re gods. You’re the sons of God. Therefore that makes you sons and daughters.

But there’s a group of you that’s reached the level of maturity. That you could come forth and you’re to do the things that the Lord did.

You got the same genetics in you. You’re built out of DNA, but in here, the spirit is genetics. You’re children of your father and you will please your father when you begin to do the things. But the greater works, but, I believe, this is the beginning to make way for the greater works. So, we are in a time of great change.

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And I think you determine your own destiny by your faithfulness. So when you’re faithful and hang in there, you’re going to come out of the desert sooner or later and I think I’m talking to some now that if the kingdom is coming and you’re coming out of the desert, you are coming into the promises of God.

So I believe ISON is really declaring truth. I think ISON is declaring the coming of the son. So the gifts have always been in the Body of Christ because the DNA is what you’re made out of – your clothes, your flesh, everything else, we’re made out of a earth. That’s DNA.

But this one thing in you that’s not made out of Earth. It’s genetics. You who were born of God’s sperm seed 1 Peter 1.23.
That you were born of the loins of the father, just as Jesus come from the loins of the father and all of his genetics was in that one little bitty God sperm seed.

So the same genetic in each and everyone of you, and what we need is for these genetics to come forth, in you, into maturity.
So the Lord was, I think, trying to tell us that when He said the work that I do you’ll do greater, for the Lord did all of these works by obedience, by the unction of the Holy Spirit, not the Holy Spirit inside but totally obeying.

But He went and made it possible for us to have the Holy Spirit without measure. He went to the Father and the father gave Him a gift and He immediately gave it to Body of Christ, you. And those gifts in you, by the Holy Spirit, was to break[?] your genetics into maturity.
These genetics, by the way, are coming to where they are going to live a lot longer, because I believe that we’re in a time where the gifts are gonna begin to break the curses of early death, and you’ll be young at 100 if you die.

But I also believe these genetics are going to come to a younger race – they won’t never know death. These genetics that formed in him, he made and I out of mud, out of DNA clay again. Well, if He said you were going to do greater works, what are you going to do about arms and legs. I mean it’s going to happen. it’s going to happen to those that will mature enough to the point where they are matured there[?] one article in their mouth to a place where they only bless.

I believe the maturity He’s looking for in us, is that our tongue would speak blessings. There is a thing that the tongue can curse, like cancer, all of diseases and viruses…”

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