Marx in Sheep’s Clothing.

From a recent post over at Bible Thumping Wingnut Network. A warning call to all Christians, but especially to the shepherds – commissioned to protect the sheep.



False teaching has entered the Church like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, masquerading as “Social Justice”, but bearing sharp teeth of division concealed behind puckered up lips. The wolf is intent to tear the Church apart, ripping and pulling wherever it can. It finds especially vulnerable tissue wherever worldly culture has Christians thinking wrongly.

Those sensitive places will open up deadly wounds and sharp divides in the Church unless someone kicks the teeth out of the wolf. That’s what pastors need to do. Call us shepherds. This article is one pastor’s attempt to neutralize a wolf that has been wreaking havoc in the evangelical Church recently.

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Source: Bible Thumping Wingnut Network,, Published May 24, 2018. (Accessed May 24, 2018.)

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