Gravesucking Ben Fitzgerald promoting ‘Awakening Australia’ – will he rally more NARpostles?

Notorious Grave-sucking Bethel Pastor Ben Fitzgerald has been relentless in promoting ‘Awakening Australia’. Ben Fitzgerald is a promoter of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult, he himself being a graduate of the ‘Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry’ (BSSM), an Apostolic Centre attempting to raise up the end-times ‘Joel’s Army’ of the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) cult.


Over the last 12 months, Fitzgerald’s entire Christian façade was reduced to ashes over his family being exposed for practicing occultism under the guise of ‘Destiny Cards’ in their Christalignment ‘ministry’ (read more here). This form of outreach is nothing more than New Age practices used to lure people into believing that their particular use of tarot cards has a Christian purpose. Jen Hodge even admitted that the tarot card and New Age practices main aim wasn’t actually about salvation. After claiming that Christian News groups and organization were liars, then pulling her videos and changing the description of her tarot cards on her website, Jen Hodge then allowed Bethel to parade her ‘innocence’.

Jen Hodge claims to be trained in ‘using divine energy’, is in tune with ‘inner gypsy’ and is ‘in the hands of the spirits’ – yet it appears Ben Fitzgerald has no problem with his mother claiming to be a Christian while espousing this. Instead of being a faithful minister of the gospel, helping lead his family to penitent faith in Christ, Ben defended their occultism and condemned discerning believers who raised valid concerns. His entire handling of these issues only highlights the fact he knows very little about the Christian faith and has shown very little Christian love towards his family.

Refuting Ben Fitgerald - promoting witchcraft

His attack against believers while condoning his family’s New Age practices demonstrated which ‘kingdom’ he is actually a part of – which explains his online tantrums and his immaturity towards those expressing valid concerns. Furthermore, we exposed that the Hodges engaged in plagiarism while his family threatened Christians with legal action. Their threats were going undetected with Ben Fitzgerald parading his mother as a ‘victim’ while stating this:

“Anyway, we take it as a joy and a blessing, to be counted among people who are being attacked. We shouldn’t become defensive, we shouldn’t become people who fight back. That’s not what I’m saying, but what I am saying is…” [Source]

Even Bethel was duped by the lies of Jennifer Hodge, claiming that this form of New Age tarot outreach was only done at New Age events and Sexpos to win the lost. Not only is this not true, they openly practice this in churches (as we covered here).

When Jennifer Hodge (Ben’s mother) was exposed of promoting tarot card readings on her website, she changed the content and accused Christians of slander.

But the show must go on. Ben Fitzgerald has not stopped promoting his New Apostolic Reformation campaign known as ‘Awakening Australia’ with high-profile NARpostles attending – Bill Johnson Todd White and Heidi Baker. (The fact that Bethel defended Ben Fitzgerald’s family casts doubt on the integrity of the upcoming ‘Awakening Australia’ conference). Of course – the NAR campaign would not be complete if New Breed (little god in human flesh) Todd White wasn’t invited to speak at this event. As we know, Todd White is quite open about his New Breed deity (click to watch here) and acts as God Himself claiming that he can sovereignly save people.

The point of these campaigns is not to win people to Jesus Christ, they are designed to convert Christians to embrace the ‘end-times signs and wonder gospel’ of the New Apostolic Reformation. Their prayer and worship are deceptions orchestrated to entice gullible people – not being true worship at all but a snare to make converts. Ben Fitzgerald, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker and Todd White have no problem attributing blatant satanic practices and doctrines to the Holy Spirit. For instance, there is footage of a young man becoming demonically possessed when Heidi Baker imparts ‘her crown’ upon her head to his head.


Practicing necromancy, divination and New Age practices, functioning as God’s Apostles and little gods while claiming that this is of the Holy Spirit is demonic wickedness. ‘Awakening Australia’ is not a Christian event – it’s time for the Christian churches of Australia to defend the flock of God (especially the youth), and condemn such an abhorrent reprobate-driven event before more sheep are scattered, having their faith shipwrecked by wolves and hirelings.

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