Jen Hodge – the truth is not in her; lying to Kris Vallotton and misleading the body of Christ.

“If anyone says, “I know Him,” but does not keep His commandments, he is a liar, and the truth is not in him.” 1 John 2:4

When watching videos or promos ofChristalignment promoting ‘Destiny Readings’, they talk about inviting the ‘spirit of truth’ to interact with their clients. But how can the Holy Spirit, (also called the Spirit of Truth), exist in such a ministry when Jen Hodge claims her “Christalignment is an undercover ministry?” When discerning Christians called them out for occultism, she claiming they are not occult, and accused these same discerning believers that because of this exposure “we could get kicked out of major new age events.”

She is either bearing false witness by claiming to be a Christian or she is a New Ager pretending to be a Christian. Either way, the spirit she is operating under is not the Holy Spirit but a deceptive spirit. And not only does she have a deceiving spirit, she has a lying tongue and has been completely dishonest with Bethel leader Kris Valloton and the Christian community at large..

In talking to Kris Vallotton, Hodges publicly slandered any God-fearing Christian by stating the following,

“It is ridiculous that Christians have judged us based on photos where cards appear
yet not one person has asked – what exactly are those cards?”

Unfortunately, many Christians assume they can trust the words of a fraud. You can’t ask a wolf if they are a wolf. You can’t ask a liar if they are a liar. Deceivers will never be honest and upfront. All deception can offer are false impressions, suggestions and allusions of the truth but never actually be the truth. Jen Hodge is a classic example of this. And as one discerning pastor noted: “Liars run. Liars hide.”


Now Jen Hodge is hiding the fact that her Destiny cards are tarot cards. When reading comments on Kris Vallotton’s Facebook wall (where Vallotton defended the Christalignment ministry), Christians insisted Vallotton read her website. On a specific page on the Christalignment website, Jen Hodge made it very obvious that her Destiny cards were tarot cards.

Holly Pivec (of SpiritofError) didn’t ask Hodge directly at first. Read here:

The ‘Christian’ Tarot card controversy at Bethel Redding

Rather than judge the cards at face value, like many Christians on Vallotton’s wall – Pivec listened to what Hodge had to say about her cards. However – Pivec later updated her article on Jen and Ken Hodge’s Christalignment to alert Christians that the Hodges altered information about her tarot cards:

“Since writing this a couple of hours ago, I noticed that Christalignment has altered their website descriptions of their Destiny Cards, removing the word “tarot” and making other significant changes to the wording I cited above, including distancing themselves from animal totems and their claim that their cards will certainly predict the future. See an archived image of the page as it appeared just a few days ago, on December 13. Then compare it to the current page, after they altered it.”

In this article we will provide the things Jen Hodge has changed on the ‘Our Cards Lead The Way’ web page.

Link 1:

Archived: Our Cards lead the way… 

Link 2:

Latest: Our Cards lead the way…

Here are the edits.




Jen Hodge - Tarot Card change3

So if they are “similar to tarot,” “predictive and higher than most tarot” and use “animals card readings” because “many people are connected to animals,” how are these not tarot cards?

Furthermore, by replacing the word “tarot” with “other card readings” she has singlehandedly linked all of her cards to what she considers ‘tarot’ because they fall into four categories in what she calls “Card READINGS”. This means she has four category of tarot cards:

Colour Card Readings (aka Colour tarot)

Animal Card Readings (aka Animal tarot)

Psalm Card Readings (aka Psalm tarot)

Love Destiny Card Readings (aka Love Destiny tarot)

In their attempt of damage control, Bethel Church have endorsed a woman who in her attempt to hide the truth of her cards, has revealed her hand.

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