Bethel’s house of cards; tarot-rists leading people to Baal/Jezebel by practicing occultism in God’s name.


After reading this article, people should now know to avoid Bethel, Redding in California and Christalignment because of their engagement in witchcraft and demonic practices. We advise readers to prayerfully consider what you are about to read as we lift the lid of what is lurking beneath the occultic Christalignment ‘ministry’. We are aware that the content in this article is not suitable to some readers who are young in the faith.

If the people of Bethel really read their bibles, they would notice that Jesus was very judgmental at times. Consider these words of Jesus to one of the churches in Revelation:

“But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants to practice sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols.Revelation 2:20

In the bible, idolatry is often connected to ‘spiritual adultery’. This is because our God is a jealous God and speaks against raising up idols or other ‘gods’ before Him. When we look at Jezebel, she seduced King Ahab and led Israel in her wickedness to ‘fornicate’ with Baal.

Christalignment engages in the occultic practice of not only tarot (destiny) card readings but New Age gemstone practices and the use of henna tattoos.

Bethel Jen Hodge occultismIn most cases, Jezebel could be regarded through the lens of the bible as a witch. This is also due to the fact that occultists and New Agers not only look to Greco-Roman female deities or idols (Hecates, the Three Fates, Artemis, Athena, etc), they also look to the ancient gods of Babylon such as Baal (a fertility god) and Anat (a violent war goddess).

There is more to meet the eye than Jen Hodge promoting tarot (destiny) cards at her Christalignment ‘coven’ booths. Her ministry also engages in the practice of:

  1. Tarot (destiny) card readings
  2. Gemstone practices,
  3. Dealing with good/bad energy
  4. The use of henna tattoos (also used in occult terms to boost spell work, express connections with a deity.)

We will be dealing with all these categories in depth (except good/bad energy practices), comparing their destiny card practices to the original occultist practices and see how they are no different. We will look at why they use ‘agate’ with their card readings and last of all, we look at why use of henna tattoos are a common practice found in all new age festivals and contrast this ‘ministry’ to the work of Jezebel in the bible.


Wikipedia has an informative entry on the history of occultic tarot cards.

Etteilla was the first to issue a tarot deck specifically designed for occult purposes. In keeping with the misplaced belief that such cards were derived from the Book of Thoth, Etteilla’s tarot contained themes related to ancient Egypt.”

Often in New Age and occultic cults and sects, they draw from ancient pagan beliefs and practices. (This will be more evident when we look at the origins of henna.)

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that Jen Hodge protests by saying that her cards were painted by Christian prophets and have scripture verses on them. Unfortunately, Etteilla, who was a practicing occultist, also used biblical imagery on his cards and even Hebrew letters on his cards… and animals:

Hodge also uses the same exact occultic tactic that the first occultist used a few centuries ago. Etteilla explains in his work “Etteilla, ou L’art de lire dans les cartes,” (meaning “Etteilla, The Art of Reading Cards”), how this occultic practice works. Wikipedia explains the tarot card reading method as well:

“Features included the “spread”, or disposition on the table, and strictly assigned meanings to each card both in regular and in reversed positions, characteristics that are still central to tarot divination today.”

This is exactly how Christalignment are practicing their ‘tarot’ readings as demonstrated in their own photos and videos. Although ChristAlignment pulled this video, we managed to salvage it:

[Click to Download]

Yet Bethel tolerates this ‘Jezebel’ Jen Hodge.


On their website, Jen Hodge states, “Colour cards can be used in several different ways. Team member Nan uses them to enhance her reading with coloured agate stones.”

In the above video, you can see these agate stones on the side of the table in front of Nan, on top of the destiny tarot cards. Crystals are often used in the New Age movement for healing and understanding one’s purpose (birth stones). So why is Christalignment Nan using agate? This is what we found on New Age websites:

Stimulates analytical capabilities and precision. Provides for perceptiveness to situations and awakens talents and adroitness. Helps to connect with entities in the spiritual worlds. Strengthens the sight, diminishes thirst, and promotes marital fidelity. Agate is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the high priest to relieve sickness.

Source: Agate, Center for the New Age,, Accessed Dec 18 2017. (Emphasis added.)

And this:

Agates provide for balancing of the yin-yang energies and for balancing the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies with the etheric energies. It stabilizes the aura, providing for a cleansing effect which acts to smooth dysfunctional energies and to both transform and eliminate negativity. It can further assist one in the development of precision in examination of oneself and of circumstances relevant to ones well-being. 

Source: Agate, Sacred Source,, Accessed Dec 18 2017. (Emphasis added.)

But take note that occultic/New Age tarot reading can be assisted with crystals.

Destiny Cards - tarot crystal readings

Christalignment has no problem promoting their gemstones and crystals with what they do to enhance their readings, just like proper occultists practice. Just like New Agers, they reference the heavenly gemstones as well in the New Jerusalem (click here to see what they say to endorse practicing gemstones with their craft):



Had a fabulous day getting the stones from heaven ready for Psychic Expo in July. Very prophetic – with deep meaning.

Carol, they represent the 12 stones that are eternal – that is they are found in the wall in the city – book Revelation. They are real stones & have profound meanings. We use these as an evangelising tool in the New Age prophetically. But we have seen stones that have fallen from heaven to here. God sends all colours & all manner of stones. He loves them & the colours have significant meaning, should you ever receive one. 

Source: Christalignment,FaceBook,, Published Jun 22 2013. (Accessed Dec 15 2017.)

Yet Bethel tolerates this ‘Jezebel’ Jen Hodge.


The ancient Israelites were forbidden to be like the gentiles who would often engage in slashing, marking or tattooing themselves.

“You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the LORD.” Leviticus 19:28

Today our modern pop culture celebrates the occult. TV shows are engaging in characters cutting themselves to make blood covenants or to summon spiritual beings and even promoting forms of henna tattoo art. For instance, in Madonna’s video clip ‘Frozen’, she is taking on the form of the ‘Three Fates’, the end showcasing her henna markings. However, henna tattoos are not promoted in a favorable light but linked to occultism. Various New Age sites that use henna tattoos link it to ancient spiritual rites and practices in ancient Egypt – henna tattoos found on their mummified bodies. But some are darker than that – in ancient Semitic religions, there is supposed historical documentation that the violent and mighty war goddess Anat (Anath), who is second to Baal, adorned herself with henna and dressed for an occasion (a questionable occasion according to historians and mythologists). The occasion was to celebrate Baal’s victory over the overarching ruler of all Semetic deities – Yam. After the celebrations, Anat left to slaughter Baal’s enemies.

Wikipedia states, “The earliest text mentioning henna in the context of marriage and fertility celebrations comes from the Ugaritic legend of Baal and Anath,” linking this information to the work of Jahonnes C. de Moor titled ‘The seasonal pattern in the Ugaritic myth of Balu, according to the version of Ilimilku‘.

While it is important to respect history and archaeology and appropriately question if this story is true, occultists and New Agers have popularised this henna/Anat notion. So it’s not a leap to make the claim that the spirit behind New Age henna is pro-Baal and anti-Christ.

Once again – in opposing God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – occultism and New Age practices elevate strong female deities. This is probably why henna tattoos are more often worn by females in the occult and New Age festivals than men.

Many people get tattoos without there being a spiritual motive connected to the occult. Often it is simply an aesthetic or cultural thing. However, the use of henna tattoos seems to be directly connected to practicing paganism or occultism. The fact that Anat adorned herself with henna before slaughtering Baal’s enemies would attract occultists and New Agers to engage in such a practice. Occultic and New Age aesthetics are often a reflection on the deeper meanings behind spiritual rites, images and practices.

Interestingly, there are loose references of Anat in the bible in the names of ancient places. When we look at the nature of Jezebel, she seems to personify this mighty war goddess. Similar to Anat, Jezebel was an ally of Baal slaughtering his enemies, “killing the prophets of the LORD” (1 Kings 18:13).

We assure that some will accuse us of drawing a long bow to connecting the practice of henna to ancient pagan practices in connection to their deities. But one simply needs  to ask WHY New Age people practice this. Why the fascination with Egyptian and Semitic pagan practice? And WHY are Christalignment even doing this at all with its connections to Baal and Anat?

Anat, Jezebel and the New Age movement all have one thing in common: they are all against God’s people. So why use henna tattoos at all if it is used similar to war paint to mark who they are and what they are against? As Christians we are marked and sealed by the Holy Spirit. However, regarding Christalignment, they are ENGAGING with this pagan form of tattooing that sets itself AGAINST God.

In the screen grab at the bottom of this article, you can see they are not only marking children, they are painting pagan symbols such as pagan dream catchers, New Age lotus flowers, animal totems and occultic imagery/tools on people.

What’s shocking is that just like Jezebel, Jen Hodges is using the authority of her son’s name to entice Bethel students to engage with her ministry, just like Jezebel used Ahab’s authority to justify her godlessness. She is inviting Bethel students to join with them and name-dropping (Ben Fitzgerald) to imply what they are doing has Bethel’s approval.

In promoting occult tarot readings, Jen Hodge writes,

Hey guys, this is an invitation for any Bethel students to join our Christalignment team as we minister at Sydney Mind Body Spirit in October. Dates are 27,28,29,30 at Olympic Park. As you know we are pastor Ben Fitzgeralds parents. We would be able to briefly train you to be ready to minister to the New Age. ( these are not tarot cards in photo) Please contact us if you are interested. As most of you are already highly prophetic you would love Ken & Jen

Source: KenandJenny Hodge, FaceBook,, Published Jun 21 2016. (Accessed Dec 18 2017.)


First tarot occultist taught that tarot card “included the “spread”, or disposition on the table, and strictly assigned meanings to each card both in regular and in reversed positions”, characteristics “that are still central to tarot divination today.”


Bethel leadership has the audacity to not only tolerate this modern ‘Jezebel’, they publicly endorse Jen Hodge doing this apparently in the name of Christ!

When Elijah challenged Jezebel’s husband, King Ahab said to Elijah: “Is that you, you troubler of Israel?” (1 Kings 18:17). This is exactly what Kris Vallotton accuses discerning Christians of doing who have issue with him endorsing the practices of Bethel’s own ‘Jen-ebel’. But like Elijah – critics of Bethel are not the ones bringing trouble to the body of Christ. We stand with Elijah and his rebuke of Ahab:

“[We] have not made trouble for Israel… but you […] have. You have abandoned the Lord’s commands and have followed the Baals.” 1 Kings 18:18

To end, we show a screen grab of Christalignment’s page promoting their henna art. Click on the image below to enlarge their page on henna art.


Comments are turned on for these articles as we welcome those at Bethel and Christalignment to interact biblically with the articles.

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