Bethel’s cover-up in media statement (Part 1): “This practice is not what the Hodges do in church”.

This will be a short series tackling the deceit behind Bethel’s recent media statement about the Hodge’s occultic Christalignment coven (which they claim to be a ministry and/or outreach). When some of our contributors were formerly involved in the Bethel/Hillsong nonsense and heard or saw questionable things take place – they did the so-called ‘Christian’ thing by giving their leadership the benefit of the doubt.

We’ve now noticing that when ‘pastors’ align their movements with those calling themselves Christians (like the Hodges), this lack of discernment can get them in to a lot of trouble.

Jen Hodge Tarot psalm cards

As we’ve already noted, Jen Hodge is not afraid to cover up information regarding the nature of her Christalignment ‘coven’. For example, Jen Hodge accused people of misrepresenting her by not asking about the true nature of her ‘tarot’ cards. These people went to her website, where she claims her Destiny Cards are similar to tarot cards, and when discerning readers pointed to this information on her website – she removed the word ‘tarot’ from her website and went on to accuse these same discerning brethren of lying about her ‘ministry”.

Now Bethel have decided to believe what Jen Hodge and Christalignment have to say  – a very dangerous move. Especially when they decided to endorse and defend her occultism in the name of ‘evangelizing’ those caught in the New Age movement. They appear to assume she is going to only New Age festivals. Again this is NOT even remotely true.

Christalignment are not afraid to represent themselves as New Age and practice divination at the following venues:

1. Christian events

2. Sexpos

3. Queer sexpos.

With Bethel now endorsing Jen Hodge and giving approval to (her lying so brazenly about) Christalignment being “a large undercover prophetic evangelism deliverance ministry based in Australia,”  we must ask the question – why are they condoning such a wicked representation at Christian, Sexpos and Queer Sexpo events?

By Bethel giving their endorsement, they give approval to the practice of divination to justify evangelism – but in reality keep the New Age seekers locked in their sins.

A reminder – Jen Hodge said upfront about the mission of Christalignment, “The aim isn’t actually salvation.” These are HER WORDS – not ours. And now she is trying to convince Bethel that they are all about the salvation of the lost.

Why is Bethel endorsing these liars? Why is Bethel making claims like this:

“This practice is not what the Hodges do in church, in their devotional lives and Bible study, when making major life decisions, or when discipling people.”


We don’t know how long this unbiblical behaviour has been practiced in the church the Hodges attend but we point to a Facebook event below, advertising Christalignnment at their very own ‘Fire Church’ (less than a year ago).

The Fire Church website states that Daniel Hagen is the “Senior Leader” (see bottom of page). On the same page, he claims God called him to pioneer and oversee Fire Church Ministries. Let’s decode exactly what he means by that: Hagen is claiming God has called him to be an Apostle. Hagen is also the “Associate Director” of Awakening Australia. In the Awakening Europe event, Hagen can be seen advertising his ‘Fire Band’ on the Awakening Europe website. In other words, it’s the typical NARpostolic network of ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’. But it goes beyond that – on the about page, Fire Church reveals they are part of Hillsong’s Apostolic Australian Christian Churches network. Once again, the New Apostolic Reformation’s false teaching on “spiritual covering” (or culture of honour) fails as their bogus NARpostles are proven time and again to be incompetent to protect their churches from the devil.

Jen Ken and Ben Hodge Tarot Card Awakening Fire Church

The question now is this:

Do the NARpostolic Hillsong and ACC networks condone the occultic practices of Jen and Ken Hodge in their son’s Hawthorn Fire School and their ‘outreach ministry’?

One of the Fire Churches is located at Hawthorn, the pastor/leader being Ben Fitzgerald’s brother, Samuel Fitzgerald. This is the church that Jen and Ken Hodge attend. And it is here that they practice divination and sorcery as an outreach to New Agers and pagans.

All this New Age paraphernalia and divination is being practiced on ‘Christians’ in a ‘Christian church’ as advertised by Bethel/Hillsong/ACC Fire Church:

Christalignment Encounter Night
Public · Hosted by Samuel FitzGerald

Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 7 PM – 9:30 PM
13 Victoria Rd, Hawthorn East VIC 3123, Australia
Created for Fire Church Hawthorn

The Christalignment team is coming to Hawthorn Fire!!

For over half a decade, Christalignment has been going into the darkest new age scenes in Australia, including Confest, Seven Sisters, Rainbow Serpent, and the Mind Body Spirit festival, seeing countless people saved and set free through their ministry!! The ministry’s founders, Ken and Jenny Hodge, now have a team of fifty fiery believers who are all highly trained in the prophetic and healing & deliverance, and have been equiping churches and ministries all across the country to move in the same anointing and power of God as they do!

We’ll be setting up the night as an Encounter Night, with the Christalignment team ministering at different stations around the room. These stations will include:

– healing
– deliverance
– word of knowledge
– prophetic
– henna
– dream interpretation
– and impartation!!!
You’ll be free to visit as many stations as you like, and as many times as you like!

So if you haven’t had a word or a fresh touch from God for a while, then this night is for you!

Saturday April 29th at 7pm – see you there!! 🙂

Source: Christalignment Encounter Night, FaceBook,, Accessed Jan 09, 2018.


After this event Jen Hodge put up the following comment on FaceBook with the pictures you can see below:

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the Christalignment night at Hawthorn Fire. Here are some pics to remind you to stay in the victory as you have the resurrected Jesus inside you!! Stay in the freedom you received on this night because it’s all about identity.

Source: KenandJenny Hodge, Fire Church Hawthorn, FaceBook,, Published May 01, 2017. (Accessed Jan 08, 2018.)


We screen-grabbed photos from the night where Christalignment went undercover to mislead people by engaging in divination and witchcraft.

And a reminder – this is a group that Bethel endorses.

Note that these are photos from Jen Hodge – the same woman that Bethel now endorses – where they claimed these practices are “not what the Hodges do in church, in their devotional lives and Bible study, when making major life decisions, or when discipling people.”

These photos from Jen Hodge seem to say the exact opposite. See below:

























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