Is your church part of Houston’s NARpostolic Australian ‘Christian Churches’ (ACC) network?

If you think you are in a Christian or Pentecostal church in Australia – think again.

There is a VERY high possibility you are involved in a New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) center. What is the NAR? It is an international cult based on relational networks that has its roots in the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) cult. The NOLR was a restorationist cult that pushed a false spirit, false Jesus, false gospel, false ecclesiology, false eschatology and false anthropology. The Pentecostal AOG denomination condemned this movement as heretical back in 1949.

However, Frank Houston, (founder of Hillsong church), was heavily influenced by the Latter Rain cult teacher, William Branham, while he was in New Zealand and implemented the NOLR New Apostolic structure in the AOG denominations. NAR Apostle David Cartledge wrote how this ‘New Move’ was synonymous with the Charismatic Renewal Movement (CRM), Frank Houston considered one of the leaders of it.

Through the unethicall tactics of NAR Apostle David Cartledge, NAR Apostle David Yonggi Cho, NAR Apostle Andrew Evans, NAR Apostle Frank Houston and a few others, the AOG was destroyed by the New Order of the Latter Rain. Pentecostal ministers and pastors were either purged from the AOG or unwittingly assumed this new theology was Pentecostal. The overthrow and the expulsion of Pentecostalism from the AOG to make way for the New Apostolic Reformation happened back in 1977.

The deceased leader of the NAR C. Peter Wagner, states,

“The [ACC] denomination also allows its ministers to establish and operate their own itinerant parachurch-type organizations, and many of them are advertised as having prophetic and apostolic ministries, something that would have been impossible prior to 1977.” [Source]

NAR Apostle Andrew Evans handed his presidency over to Brian Houston in 1997. Under Brian Houston NAR Apostolic ministry, Mr Houston formed the ‘Australian Christian Churches’. Cartledge writes,

“One of the most far-reaching initiatives to emerge from the apostolic leadership of the Assemblies of God has been the formation of the Australian Christian Churches in February 2000. Brian Houston and the National Executive led their pastors and churches to form an umbrella group to unify the activities and image of the Pentecostal churches in Australia. Each affiliating movement has retained its own identity and organisational structure, but has adopted the same logo, and cooperates in welfare, missions, church planting and conferences.”

Although Cartledge uses the word ‘Pentecostal’ above, this is not true. Because their doctrine and associations are NOLR and NAR that emphasize governing Apostles and Prophets, this makes them NARismatic churches – not Pentecostal churches. Read the full article about this event of the ACC here:

Hillsong’s Apostolic ties to Wagner and the NAR

The question is now this – who is involved or part of the New Apostolic Reformation in the ACC?


In researching the Australian Christian Churches, we came across a PDF put out by the New Apostolic Reformation(NAR) education hub and Hillsong’s epicentre of indoctrination – ‘Alphacrucis College’. It used to be called ‘Southern Cross College’ – and before that the ‘Commonwealth Bible College‘. Why is this information important?

This was where the NAR Apostolic cult leader David Cartledge, indoctrinated many Christians into wrongly believing a faith contrary to the Christian faith. This is where he was able to spread the false teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation:

“In his life of ministry David Cartledge had taken up the dual appointments in 1992 as President of Commonwealth Bible College and the National Church Planting Co-ordinator of the Assemblies of God in Australia. Since early 1993 the college has been re-named to “Southern Cross” and has acquired a new $16,000,000 campus in the heart of Sydney.” [Source] [Archived]

The PDF is titled ‘Why?’ and is promoting the idea that this NAR-driven college be supported to become the first national New Apostolic Reformation cult university in Australia.

PDF: Alphacrucis College – Why? Australia Needs A University

The reason why they cannot or should not is because they, as a ‘Christian’ organization, fail to distinguish the difference between Pentecostalism, Charismaticism and the New Apostolic Reformation. They are claiming to be Pentecostal but then subtly push their dominion mandate and blatantly push New Apostolic Reformation heresy like the Seven Mountain Mandate.

Regarding the dominion mandate, the NAR have deliberately downplayed the word ‘dominion’ and suggested the word be ‘influence’ instead. Oddly enough, that is a buzz word in Hillsong and other NAR churches back then and today. You can see Alphacrucis playing semantics over the word ‘influence’ throughout the entire document.

However, the false NAR Seven Mountain/Sphere Mandate by ‘infallible’ NAR false prophets Bill Bright and Lorren Cunningham is on full display. Although they don’t call it ‘mountains’ these days, they call it ‘spheres’:

YWAM talking about the Seven Mountains/Spheres of Society of their ‘Apostle’ Loren Cunningham.

NARpostle Wagner explains Dominion Mandate, 7 Mountain Mandate & Great Wealth Transfer

The 7 Spheres: exposing the NAR’s false commission.

A diagram summarizing the NAR agenda of taking over society through the Seven Mountain mandate (symbols theirs):

Here is what Alphacrucis says about the Seven Mountain Mandate:

“Since 1948 the College has been training men and women for effective Christian ministry. This continues to be a strong emphasis of AC and is being enhanced by the college offering education and training for the broader marketplace. AC’s mission is to equip Christian leaders to influence all spheres of society, including business, education, politics, media, and arts and entertainment. This is reflected in the College’s growing array of vocational and higher education awards. The vision to transition from college to university is primarily based on the rationale that universities exert powerful influence on culture and society and that a distinctively Christian university would contribute to the church’s mission to influence all spheres of society.” [pg. 4]

If they are trying to become a ‘Christian University’, how could they get Christianity 101 wrong  and blatantly disregard the Great Commission of Jesus Christ?

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:18-20

Where did Jesus commission the church to “influence all spheres of society?” These are but the ramblings of the NAR cult under the guise of a Christian institution. They go on:

“Culture and society are significantly shaped by the realms of politics, media, business, arts and entertainment, education, and family, as well as religion. Influence exerted in each of these sectors of society significantly shapes culture and society.” [pg. 6]

It’s fascinating to see how Alphacrucis is sourcing their information until it comes to making profound statements like this. That’s because they know it will look cult-like and flaky if they source this information as coming from ‘God’ through Apostles Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham. Needless to say, this information we’ve provided from Cartledge and the brochure itself confirms that Alphacrucis is nothing more than a pawn to spread the New Apostolic Reformation through society and the churches of Australia.


This brings us to the most important information in the document. On page 7, Alphacrucis appears to list ALL the churches in the NAR network of the ACC. We know it’s the ACC network due to the fact that all of Hillsong’s apostolic centers are listed as are other prominent NAR apostolic centers such the Edge and Planetshakers . The list is disturbing to say the least. Sadly, this is one of many apostolic networks in Australia.

These are all the apostolic centers listed as part of the ACC’s NAR network:

4 Life Church – Taree; 4 Life Church – Telegraph Point; Abundance Christian Church; Abundant Life; Abundant Life Cairns; Abundant Life Centre; Abundant Life Centre – Mareeba; Abundant Life Centre Busselton; Abundant Life Church – Lauderdale; Abundant Life Church – Blayney; Abundant Life Church – Cowra; ACC Roselands; Activate; Activate Community; Adelaide Full Gospel Church; Albany Hills Christian Church; Alice Christian Family Church; Alive Community Church; All Nations Church; All Nations Mission; Always Kingdom Church; Amazing Church; Ambassadors Of Christ Fellowship; AOG Korean Newcastle Church; Apu Cross (Cross on a Hill) Ministries; Arabic AOG; Arabic Calvary Chapel; Ark Ministries; Armidale Community Church; Assyrian AOG; Aurukun Christian Fellowship; Australia Samoan CLC AOG Corporation; Australian Chinese Christian Church; Australian Gospel Outreach Fellowship; Australian Indian Christian Fellowship; Awesome Church; Bacchus Marsh Christian Church; Badu Island AOG; Balaklava Family Church; Barak Christian Ministries; Bathurst Christian Life Centre; Bay City Church; Baylife Church; Bayside Christian Church – Oaklands Park; Bayside Christian Church – Sheldon; Bayside Christian Church – Hervey Bay; Bayside Church; Beaches Church; Beaches Church Outreach – Balgal Beach; Beaches Church Outreach – Saunders Beach; Beachside Church; Bega Valley Christian Life Centre; Believe Church; Beswick Community Church; Bethany House of Blessing; Bethel AOG; Bethel New Life Christian Fellowship; Biloela AOG; Blue Mountains City Church; Boigu ACC; Bondi Life Church; Boort AOG; Boyne Tannum Christian Church; Bracken Ridge Christian Church; Breakthrough Christian Church; Breakthrough Church; Bridge Church; Bridge Church – East Campus; Bright Refresh Church; Brisbane Christian Centre; Brisbane Faith Centre; Brisbane Full Gospel Church; Brisbane In Christ Church; Brisbane Samoan AOG; Brisbane Tongan AOG; Brisbane Valley Christian Church ; Burdekin Community Church ; Burpengary Samoan AOG ; Cairns City Living Waters; Calvary AOG – Auburn; Calvary AOG – Mills Park; Calvary Christian Church – Underwood; Calvary Christian Church – Botanic Ridge; Calvary Christian Church – Cairns; Calvary Christian Church – Sunshine Coast; Calvary Christian Church – Townsville; Calvary Christian Outreach Centre; Calvary Life Assemblies (Blue Cross Church Guyra); Calvary Temple AOG; Canberra Full  Gospel Church (Korean); Canterbury Samoan AOG; Canvas Church; Capital Edge Community Church – Central; Capital Edge Community Church – South; Cardwell AOG; Carnarvon Aboriginal Outreach; Casey Life AOG; Casey Life – Lyndhurst; Casey Life Sri Lankan Church; Centenary Samoan Christian Fellowship; Centra Care Ministry; Central Christian Church – Seymour; Central Christian Fellowship; Central Hurstville Samoan AOG; Central Life Church; Centre Church for Harvest; Centre of Hope; Centrepoint Church; Centrepoint Church- -Bibra Lake Campus; Centrepoint Church – Maddington Campus; Centro Church; Centro Church – Collingwood Park; Champion Lakes Christian Church; Champions Church; Charismatic Worship Service – Sydney; Chinese Harvest Church; Choice Church; Chrisco Church (Christ’s Co-Workers Fellowship); Christ Connect Church; Christ Embassy Pacific; Christ Preachers Church Int; Christ’s Chosen Generation; Christian Community Centre – Wellington; Christian Community Centre Nyngan; Christian Family Centre – Airlie Beach; Christian Family Centre – Bowen; Christian Family Centre – Collinsville; Christian Family Church – Albany; Christian Family Church – Charters Towers; Christian Life Assembly; Christian Life Beaudesert; Christian Life Centre – Glen Innes; Christian Life Centre – Mona Vale; Christian Life Centre (Harvest International Centre); Christian Life Rushworth; Christian Ministry Centre; Christian New Life Centre – Frederickton; Christian New Life Centre – South West Rocks; Christian Power of Pentecost Church; Christian Revival Centre; Church for Life; Church for the Whole Family; Church in the Valley; Church of All Nations; Church of Hope – Melbourne; Church of Hope – Blacktown; Church of Living Water AOG – Campsie; Church of New Life; Church of the Living Word; Church on the Bay; Church on the Rise – Beerwah; Church on the Rise – Caloundra; Church on the Rise – Maleny; Church on the Rise – Mooloolah Valley; Citinorth Community Church; City Church – Sunshine Coast; City Church – Lismore; City International Christian Church; City North Christian Church; City West AOG; Citygate Fellowship Church ; CityGates Church; Cityhope Church; Citylife Church; Citylife Church – Shellharbour; Citylight Church; Cityview Church; Citywest Church; Clarence Valley Community Church; Claymore Samoan AOG; Clayton AOG; Cloncurry Christian Church; Coal City Christian Church; Coast Church; Cobar Christian Fellowship; Coconut Island Assembly; Coen AOG; Colyton Church of Samoa; Commission City Church; Compass Church – Mount Compass; Compass Church – Bentleigh; Connect Christian Church – Mossvale; Connect Christian Church – Frankston; Connect Christian Church – Hastings; Connect Church – Runcorn; Connect Church – East Bendigo; Connect Church Australia; Connect City Church – Casey; Connect City Church – Northern/Main; Connect City Church – South East; Connect City Church – West; Connections Church – Inverloch; Coober Pedy Community Church; Cooktown Community Church; Coolum Christian Family Church; Cornerstone AOG – Epping; Cornerstone Christian Church – Alderley; Cornerstone Christian Church – Windsor; Cornerstone Church – Joondalup; Cowell Family Worship Centre; Cross Central; Crossroads Christian Community ; Crossroads Church; Croydon Park Christian Life Centre; Cungulla Christian Church; Dalby Christian Family Church; Darling Downs Christian Life Centre; Darlinghurst Samoan AOG; Darwin Full Gospel Church; Dayboro Church; Daystar Community Church; Desert Life Church; Destiny Church – Caboolture; Destiny Church – Wingham; Destiny Church – Bayside; Destiny Church – Melbourne; Destiny Community Church; Diamond Valley Church; Disciples Church; Diversity Church; Divine Restoration Church; Dominion International Worship Centre; Doncaster City Church ; Dongara Christian Centre; Door of Faith Church; Dorrigo Christian Life Centre; Dysart Family Fellowship; Eaglehawk Christian Life Centre; Eagles City Mission; Eastcoast City Church; Eastern Chinese Christian Church; Eastgate Christian Community – Byron Bay; Eastgate Christian Community – Billinudgel; Ebenezer Christian Assembly; Ebenezer City Church – Melbourne; Ebenezer Fairfield Church; Eden Hill Family Church; Edithburgh Community Church; Elevate Church; Elliott AOG; Emmanuel AOG Deer Park; Emmanuel Christian Family Church; Emmanuel Worship Centre; Emmanuel Worship Centre – Brooklyn; Empower Christian Church Australia; Empower Church; Empowered Church; Empowered Life Church; Encompass Church; Encounter Christian Church ; Encounter LIFE Church; Encourage Church – Romsey; End Church; Energizer Church – Derwent Valley; Energizer Life Church; Engadine Community Church; Engage Church; Enjoy Church – Ballarat; Enjoy Church – Ballarat East; Enjoy Church – Bendigo; Enjoy Church – East; Enjoy Church – Gippsland; Enjoy Church – North; Enjoy Church – West; Enjoy Life Church; Epicentre Church; Equip Church; Erub AOG; Esperance Christian Family; Essendon Community Church; Eternal Life Christian Church; Eternity Christian Church – Mirrabooka; Eternity Church – Midland; Eureka Chapel; Evangelical Christian Church; Exmouth Christian Fellowship Church; Fairfield Community Church; Fairfield Samoan AOG; Faith & Victory Church; Faith Alive Dream Centre; Faith Alive Dream Centre – Cranbourne; Faith Christian Centre; Faith Christian Church ; Faith City Worship Centre ; Faith Horizon Church; Faith! Christian Church – Casey; Faith! Christian Church – Chadstone; Faith! Christian Church – Lynbrook; Faithworks Christian Church; Family Life Centre; Fassifern Christian Church; Fire Church; First Antioch Church; Fitzroy Crossing AOG; Forest Lakes Fellowship; Forster Christian Life Centre; Forward Church; Fountain of Eternal Life; Free AOG; Freedom Christian Centre; Freedom Christian Church; Freedom Church; Freedom Church – Warrnambool; Freedom City Church; Freedom Community Church; Freedom Revolution Church; Freelife Church; Freeway Church; Freshwater Church ; Frontline Christian Church; Fuel Christian Church; Full Gospel Assembly of Australia; Full Gospel Life Church; Full Life Church International; Ganggalah Church; Garden City Samoan AOG; Gateway Christian Church – Tarneit; Gateway Church – Swansea; Gateway Church – Carina; Gateway Church – Devonport; Gateway Church – Bunbury; Gateway Church – Geelong; Gateway to Glory Church; Geeveston Christian Church; Generate Church; Generation City Church; Generations Church ACC; Generations Church – Cairns; Generations Church Port – Daintree; Generations Church the Beaches; Generocity Church; Generocity Church – Narromine; Generocity Church – Parkes; Genesis Church; Gilgandra New Life Centre ; Gilmore Church; Gippsland Christian Church; Glenorie Community Church; Globalheart Church; Globe Church – Eastlakes; Glory & Rejoice Christian Church; Glow Church; God Is With Us Christian Church; God With Us Assembly – Rosebud; God With Us – Chelsea; God With Us International Christian – Mulgrave; God With Us International Christian Assemblies; God’s Glory Tabernacle; God’s Kingdom Church; God’s Power Ministries; God’s Royal Assembly; Gold Coast Chapel; Gold Coast Japanese Church; Gold Seeker Christian Church; Good News Company; Goombungee AOG; Goondiwindi Christian Church; Goulburn Christian Life Centre; Grace Chapel – Esperance; Grace Chapel – Perth; Grace Christian Centre – Gunnedah; Grace Christian Church – Eight Mile Plains; Grace Christian Church – Oakdowns; Grace Christian Fellowship; Grace Church – Sorell; Grace Church – Lake Macquarie; Grace City Church – Erina Fair; Grace City Church – Osborne Park; Grace City Church – Nollamara; Grace Family Church; Grace for All Nations; Grace Generation Church; Grace Harvest Church; Grace Mission Fellowship; Gracefield Community Church; Grace Life Church; Granville Samoan AOG Church; Great Life Church; Grenfell Family Church; Griffith Samoan AOG; Gympie Christian Family AOG; Halleluyah Christ Church of Australia; Halls Creek Aboriginal Outreach; Hands of Grace Church; Harbourlife Community Church; Harvest Christian Centre – Kimba; Harvest Christian Centre – Quirindi; Harvest Christian Centre – Ermington; Harvest Christian Church; Harvest Life Christian Church – Emerald; Harvest Life Christian Church – Springsure; Harvest New Life Church; Harvest Time Church; Harvest Time Ministries; Hawkesbury Church; Healesville Christian Fellowship; Healing Waters AOG; Heart City Church International Limited; Heartland; Heaven’s Song Philadelphia Christian Centre; Heavenly Feast Revival Church Australia; Heavenly Light Christian Fellowship; Heights Christian Church; Heights Harvest Christian Centre; Hephzibah Christian Church; Herberton AOG; Heritage Christian Centre; Heritage Christian Church; Heritage Gin Gin Christian Centre; High Praises Church; High Street Church; Highway Christian Centre; Highway Christian Church ; Highway Christian Church – Kingaroy; Highway Church – Loganholme; Hills Christian Life Church; Hillside Community Church; Hillslife Church; Hillsong Church – Asian & Filipino Extension Service; Hillsong Church – Bondi Extension Service; Hillsong Church – Brisbane Campus; Hillsong Church – Burleigh Campus; Hillsong Church – Burwood Extension Service; Hillsong Church – Chinese Chatswood Extension Service; Hillsong Church – Chinese Hills Extension Service; Hillsong Church – City Campus; Hillsong Church – Coomera Campus; Hillsong Church – Greater West Service; Hillsong Church – Hills Campus; Hillsong Church – Japanese Extension Service; Hillsong Church – Lakeside Extension Service; Hillsong Church – Macquarie Extension Service; Hillsong Church – Melbourne City West; Hillsong Church – Melbourne City; Hillsong Church – Melbourne East; Hillsong Church – Melbourne Greater West; Hillsong Church – Newcastle Campus; Hillsong Church – Noosa Campus; Hillsong Church – Northern Beaches Extension Service; Hillsong Church – South West Campus; Hillsong Church – Spanish Extension Service – Merrylands; Hinterland Christian Centre; Holy Land Global Church; Honour Port Macquarie; Hope Centre – Gelnroy; Hope Centre – Beenleigh; Hope Centre – Brisbane; Hope Centre – Chermside; Hope Centre – Jindalee; Hope Centre – Logan; Hope Centre – Moreton; Hope Christian Assembly; Hope Church – Varsity Lakes; Hope Church – Adelaide; Hope Church 2508; Hope Church – Central Coast; Hope Church – Drouin; Hope Church – Korean Campus; Hope Church – Orbost; Hope City Church – Cannington; Hope City Church – Musswellbrook; Hope City Church – Alderley; Hope City Church – Malak; Hope City Church – Palmerston; Hope City Church – Toowoomba; Hope Fellowship – Injinoo; Hope Fellowship – Seisia; Hope Generation; Hope of Glory Prahran AOG; Hope Sydney Christian Church; Hope Unlimited Church; Hope Unlimited Church – Gosford; Hope Unlimited Church – Woy Woy; Hope Valley Christian Church; Horizon Christian Centre; House of Faith; House of Hope; House of Praise Christian Church; House of Worship Christian Ministries; Hume Samoan AOG; Hunter Christian Life Centre; Hunter Valley Christian Life Centre; Huon Valley Christian Life Centre; Ignite Life Church – Cobram; Ignite Life Church – Yarrawonga; Imagine Church; Imagine Church Network; ImagineNations Church; Immanuel Community Christian Church; Impact Centre – Barossa; Impact Church – Liverpool; Impact Church – Erina Fair; Impact Church ; Impact Ministries – Brisbane; Impact Now; In His Love Church; INChurch – Darwin; Indonesian Charismatic Worship Service; Indonesian Christ Family Church – Regents Park; Influence Church – Campbelltown; Influence Church – Liverpool; Influence Church – Ryde; Influencers Church; Influencers Church – City; Influencers Church – North; Infuse Church; Initiative Church; Inner City Christian Church; Inspire Church; Inspire Church – Ingleburn; Inspire Church – Macarthur; Inspire Church – Murray Bridge; Intercross Christian Centre; Interlife Church; International Christian Church; International City Church; Ipswich Samoan AOG; Ironbark Christian Church – Chiltern; Isa Community Church; Isaiah 61 Church; iSEE Church – City; iSEE Church – North; iSEE Church – South; iSEE Church – West; iShine; Italian AOG Pentecostal; Italian Christian Life Centre; Jandowae AOG; JC Family Church; Jesus is Lord of All; Jesus is the Way Christian Church; Jesus Life Church; Jesus Reigns International Ministries; Jesus Vision Church; Joo Man Church; Joy Christian Church; Jubilee Christian Centre; Jubilee Church; Jubilee City Church; Jurien Christian Centre; Kaleidoscope Pakenham; Kangaroo IslandAOG; Karobran New Life Centre; Keilor City Church; Keilor Downs Christian Church; Kentish Community Church; Kerang & District AOG Church; Kiewa Valley Christian Centre; Kimberley Harvest Christian Centre; King Island Christian Fellowship; King’s Dwelling; Kingborough Life Church; Kingdom Come Academy International; Kingdom Living Church; Kingdom Seed Christian Church; Kingdomcity – Belmont; Kingdomcity – Mandurah ; Kingdomcity – Wangara; Kings Christian Centre; Kings Christian Church – Ariah Park; Kings Christian Church – Temora; Kings Christian Church – West Wyalong; Kings Christian Church – Riverina; Kings City Church; Kingston Samoan AOG Church; Kingston SE New Life Centre; Kingsway Christian Centre; Korean Full Gospel Church in Hobart; Lakemba Christian Fellowship; Lakes Community Church; Lakeside Christian Church; Lakeside Church; Land of Refuge Arabic Church in Melbourne; Latrobe City Christian Church; Launceston Full Gospel Church; Leeton Community Church; Liberty Arabic Christian Church; Liberty Charismatic Church International; Liberty Christian Life Centre; Liberty Church; Liberty Church – Whitsundays; Liberty Hill Christian Centre; LiFe; Life and Mercy Christian Fellowship; Life Christian Church – Ulberston; Life Christian Church – Roma; Life Christian Church – Port Sorell; Life Christian Church Sydney; Life Church – Swansea; Life Church – Salisbury; Life Church – Mooloolaba; Life Church – Raceview; Life Church ACC; Life Church – Ballina; LIFE CHURCH – Benalla; Life Church – Casino; Life Church – Ingham; Life Church – Townsville; Life Encounter Church; Life in Christ Church; LIFE – Inverell; LIFE – Melbourne; Life Solution Christian Church – Glen Waverley; Life Unlimited Church – Centre Campus; Life Unlimited Church – Civic Campus; Life! Central; Life! Church – Kallangur; Life! Church – North Lakes; LifeCity Church; LifeCity Church – Canberra; LifeCity Church – South; Lifegate Christian Church; LifeHouse – Cooma; LifeHOUSE Church – Glenroy; LifeHouse Church – Moree; Lifepassion Church; Lifepoint Church; Lifestyle Church; Lift Church; Light Community Church; Lighthouse All Nations Church – Cairns; Lighthouse Christian Centre; Lighthouse Christian Centre – Parramatta ; Lighthouse Christian Church; Lighthouse Christian Community Centre; Lighthouse Christian Community Church; Lighthouse Church; Lighthouse Church – Shellharbour ; Lighthouse Community Church – Stradbroke; Lighthouse Family Church; Lighthouse Family Worship Centre; Lightpoint Church; Lincoln Community Church; Lismore Christian Family Fellowship; Lithgow Christian Life Centre; Live Church; Liverpool Immanuel Christian Fellowship; Liverpool Samoan AOG; Living Faith Community Church; Living Faith Community Church – Perth North; Living Hope For The Nations International Christian Church; Living Hope Oromo Christian Church; Living Hope Worship Centre; Living Water Community Church; Living Waters AOG – Kyabram; Living Waters AOG – Kununurra; Living Waters Christian Church – Windale; Living Waters Christian Church – Hopevale; Living Waters Christian Churches – Mareeba; Living Waters Family Church Ministries; Living Word Church International; Living Word – Riverina; Living Word Worship Centre; Loch Alive Christian Centre; Logan Christian Fellowship; Logan City Deaf Church; Logan City Samoan AOG; Logan Village Christian Family; Logos Global Missions Australia; Love of God Church; Lowood Districts Christian Church; Macarthur AOG Church; Mackay Christian Family Church; Macquarie Life Church; Magnetic Island Christian Church; Mallee Christian Fellowship; Mannahouse Ministry Centre; Mapoon AOG; Marduwarra Community Church; Maroondah City Church; Marsden Christian Ministries; Maryborough City Church; Max Life Church; Maximize Church; Meandarra AOG; Medowie AOG; Melbourne Chin AOG; Melbourne City Church; Melbourne Full Gospel Church; Melbourne Life Christian Church; Melton AOG; Merrylands Samoan AOG; Metro Church – Gold Coast; Metro Church – Sunshine Coast; Metro Church – Toowoomba; Mid-Coast City Church; Middlemount Community Church; Midway Christian Centre; Minlaton – Eternity Chapel; Miracle Centre Pentecostal Assembly; Mirboo North Christian Centre; Mission Beach Family Church; Molong Community Church; Momentum; Monash Christian Church; Monto Christian Ministry Centre; Moree Harvest Christian Centre; Morning Star Full Gospel; Mossman AOG; Mount Garnet AOG; Mount Zion Christian Fellowship – Cabramatta; Mount Zion Christian Fellowship Centre – Lansvale; Mountain Life Church; Mountains Church; Moura Christian Family; Mt Zion Community Church; Murgon AOG New Horizons Christian Church; Murray Island AOG; Murray Upper Christian Church; My Father’s House Ministries; MyChurch; Nambour Christian Church; Nambucca Valley Christian Life Centre; Naracoorte Christian Centre; Narrabri Christian Fellowship; Narrogin Christian Centre; Nationlight Church; Nations Church – Applecross; Nations Church – Belmont; Nations Savers Church of Australia; New Beginnings Christian Church – Reedy Creek; New Beginnings Christian Church – Tugun; New Beginnings Christian Church – Tumbulgum; New Covenant Worship Centre; New Creation Christian Church – Burpengary; New Creation Church – Brisbane; New Dawn Christian Church; New Day Samoan AOG; New Hope Church – Cairns; New Hope Church – Crows Nest; New Hope Church – Highfields; New Hope Church – Lockyer Valley; New Hope Church – Rosewood; New Hope Church – Toowoomba; New Hope Church – Warwick; New Hope Community; New Hope Community Church; New Hope Ministries; New Horizons – Laurimar; New Horizons – Whittlesea; New Life Assembly -Petersham; New Life AOG – Clayton; New Life AOG – Nambour; New Life Believers Fellowship; New Life Centre – Mundubbera; New Life Chapel; New Life Chinese Christian Church; New Life Christian Centre – Murray Bridge; New Life Christian Church – Hervey Bay; New Life Christian Church – Inala; New Life Christian Fellowship – Sawtell; New Life Church – North West; New Life Church – Sarina; New Life Church – Mackay; New Life City Church; New Life Worship Centre; New Life! Christian Church – Mildura; New Life! Christian Church – Ouyen; New Seasons Church; New Wine Christian Fellowship; Newlife Church; Nexus Church; Normanton AOG; North Beach True Vine Christian Fellowship; North Gate Christian Church; North Shore Christian Centre; Northern Peninsula Area Church AOG; Northreach Community Church; Northside Christian Church; Northside Christian Church – Plenty Valley; Northside Christian Life Centre; Northside Family Church; Northside International Christian Church; Northside Life Church; Northwest Church; Nova Alianca; Numurkah Christian Church; Oasis AOG – Kalgoorlie; Oasis AOG – Kambalda; Oasis Christian Assembly; Oasis Christian Church; Oasis Church; Oasis – Gracemere; Oasis Life Church ; Oasis New Life Centre; Oberon Christian Life Centre; Omega Pentecostal Church; One Heart – Elliston; One Living Church International; OneLife Church – Taree; Open House Church; Outback Community Church; Outback Life Church; Padstow Christian Fellowship & Bible Studies; Pakenham Christian Church; Paradise of Peace; Park Orchards Oasis Christian Church; Parkes AOG; Parklands Christian Centre; Parklea Samoa Faith Centre; Parkworx Community Church; Parramatta Christian Church; Parramatta Samoan AOG; Passion for Christ Church; Paynesville Community Church; Peniel Christian Centre; Peniel Church; Peninsula Life; Penola Family Church; Penriverth Church AOG; Pentecostal AOG Church of Thursday Island; Perth Arabic Christian Church; Perth Christian Life Centre; Perth City Church; Perth Full Gospel Church; Perth Revival Church; Petania Christian Church; Petersham AOG; Pine Creek Family Church; Pinjarra Family Church; Pioneer Christian Family; Plains Christian Church; Planetshakers Church – Geelong; Planetshakers – City Church; Planetshakers – City Church North East Campus; Planetshakers – South East Campus; Polish Christian Church – Albert Park; Polish Christian Church – Cabramatta; Port Augusta New Life Christian Community Centre; Port City Christian Church; Port Macquarie City Church; Port Pirie New Life Christian Community Centre; Portland Christian Church; Powerhouse Christian Centre – Murwillumbah; Powerhouse Christian Church – Arcadia Vale; Powerhouse Christian Church – Doonside; Powerhouse Christian Church – Nerang; Praise Chapel Samoan AOG – Newcastle ; Prom Coast Community Church; Punchbowl Full Gospel Tabernacle; Purfleet Community Church; Pursuit 6:10; Reach 21 Church; Reach Christian Church; Real Life Church – Maitland; Real Life Church – Gladstone Park; Real Life Church – Gosnells; Real Life Church – Cessnock; Real Life Church – Kingswood; Recharge (Lifeboat 14); Redbank Plains Christian Church; Redcliffe City Christian Church; Redland City Church; Reef City Christian Church; Renmark Paringa Christian Life Centre; Revival Christian Church; Revival Life Centre; Revival Life Centre AOG – Wyndham; Richmond Christian Fellowship; Rise Church; River City Church; River Edge Church – Mildura; River of Life Fellowship – Mackay; River Word Christian Centre – Mannum; River’s Edge Church – Silverwater; Riverland Christian Church – Echucha; Riverland Christian Church – Beechworth; Riverlands AOG; Riverlands Christian Church; Riverlife Church; Rivers of Life Christian Church; Riverside Christian Church ; Riverside Church – Grafton ; Riverside Community Church – Barham; Riverside Community Church – Deniliquin; Riviera Christian Centre; Rochester AOG; Rock Church; Rooty Hill Samoan AOG ; Roxby Downs New Life Christian Community Centre; Runcorn Christian Church; Saibai ACC; Salt Church – Gawler; Salt Church – Playford; Salt Church – Waikerie; Samoan AOG – Campbelltown ; Samoan AOG – Canberra ; Samoan AOG Church – Lansvale; Samoan AOG in Australia Christian Fellowship – Thomastown; Samoan AOG – Kingswood; Samoan AOG – Melbourne ; Samoan AOG – Miller ; Samoan Evangelist Ministry Church; Sanctuary of Worship; Sarina Christian Family; Seaside Christian Church; Seed Christian Fellowship; Seed of Abraham; Settlers Hill Community Church; Shalom Sydney Ministry; Shekinah Christian Church; Shiloh Church; Shiloh Kingdom Christian Church; Shine Church; ShineLife! Church; Shirelive – Sutherland; Shirelive – Cityside Campus; Shorelife Church; Significance Church; Slade Point Christian Life Centre; Slavic AOG – Unanderra; Slavic AOG – Smithfield; Solid Rock Christian Life Centre; Sonrise – Capella; Sonrise Christian Life Centre; SonRise Church – Falcon; Sonrise – Clermont; Sound City Church; South Eastern Samoan AOG; South Hedland AOG; South West Christian Church; Southcoast Christian Church; SouthCoast City Church; Southern Fire AOG; Southern Gateway AOG; Southern Gateway Christian Church; Southern Gateway Community Church; Southern Grampians Life Centre; Southern Hills Church; Southern Land Christian Centre; SouthGate Church; Southside Christian Centre; Southwest Church; Spring Christian Church; Springfield Christian Family; Springfield Christian Family – Central Campus; Springfield Christian Family – City Campus; Springfield Christian Family – Lakes Campus; Springvale City Church; St Clair Samoan AOG; Star Christian Church; Stawell AOG; Strathalbyn ACC Fellowship; Stuarts Point Community Church; Sudanese Full Gospel Church; Summer Hill Samoan AOG; Sun City Christian Centre – Geraldton; Sun City Christian Centre – Kalbarri ; Sun City Christian Church; Sunshine Christian Centre; Sureway International Church Ministries; Surfcity Christian Church ; Sussex Inlet Christian Life Centre; Swan Hill AOG; Sydney All Nation Mission; Sydney Full Gospel Church (Korean); Sydney Full Gospel Grace Church; Sydney House of Praise; Sydney Pentecostal Fellowship; Synergy Christian Church – Apollo Bay; Synergy Christian Church – Colac; Tailem Bend Christian Centre; Teen Challenge Chapel, Marden; Tennant Creek Christian Family; Tenterfield Community Church; Terrace Christian Church; Thai Christian Fellowship; The Branch Congregation; The Church at Bilpin; The Church of the Holy Spirit; The Embassy; The Exchange Church; The Gardens Community Church; The Gateway Church; The Glebe Christian Life Community; The Good Shepherd Christian Church; The Hive Church; The Hub; The Lighthouse AOG Church – Deception Bay; The Link Church – Cromer; The Link Church – Narrabeen; The Link Church – Terrey Hills; The Meadows Church; The Place; The Point Church; The Promise Church; The Rock Church; The Rock International Ministries; The Samoan Bilingual Christian Community Church; The Vine Christian Church; The Vine Community Christian Church; The Way Home Church; The Winepress; Thrive Church; Tiberias Church Australia; Tinana Christian Church; Tongala Christian Fellowship; Tongan Christian Church – Slacks Creek; Townsville City Church; Townsville Community Church; Townsville Multicultural Christian Centre; Transformation Centre; Trinity AOG; Trinity Christian Community Church; True Christian Worship Church; True Word of God Church; Truelight Christian Church; Tully Family Church; Tumbarumba Community Church; Tumby Bay Life Church; Tweed Coast Church; Twin Rivers Christian Church; Tyrannus Mission Church; Unity Christian Church; Urban Church; UrbanLife Church; Vantage Point Church – Donvale; Vantage Point Church – Lilydale; Vantage Point Fellowship; VIBE Church; Victory Church – Goodna; Victory Church – Ashmore City; Victory Family Church; Victory Life – Wangaratta; Victory Samoan Christian Church; Vietnamese Full Gospel; Vineyard Christian Church; Vineyard Church; Vision 20-20 Ministries; Vision Community Global Ministries; Voice of Victory Church; WA Samoan AOG; Wandoan AOG; Wangkatjungka Aboriginal Church; Waroona Christian Fellowship; Warraber Island AOG; Water of Life Christian Church; Wave Church – Noosa; Welcome Church; Wellard Community Church; Wellspring Christian Church; Wellspring Christian Church – Evans Head; Werrington Christian Life Fellowship; West Melbourne Ignite Life; Western Australia Samoan AOG; Western Cape AOG; Western Downs Community Church; Westlife Church; Westlink Church; Westpoint City Church; Westside Christian Church – Toowoomba; Westside Church; Wheatland District Church; Whyalla Community Church; Windsor Samoan AOG; Wonthaggi Christian Life Centre; Woo Ri Full Gospel Church; Word of Hope Ministries International; Word Of Life Christian Church; Worship In The City; Xcite Community Church; Yankalilla Community Church; Yarrabah Living Waters Christian Church; Yeppoon AOG; Yorke Island Assembly; Yuendumu House of Freedom Church; Zion Church in Melbourne Australia; Zions Hill Church; Zoe With Abundance Ministries

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