Bethel endorsing occultists in ‘sheep’s clothing’ – insight given by an insider from Christalignment.

In the process of writing this article, Jen Hodge has pulled her publicized YouTube videos on P&P, privatized her Facebook wall and ensured that she garnered enough support from Bethel to make herself look legitimate. This to make Christian news sites look fallacious? If she is engaging in cover up – who’s the fake one?

Before reading this article, it is worth seeing how the ChristAlignment ‘coven’ are fruit of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and the Apostolic ministry of Bill Johnson of Bethel.

Bethelgate – looking under the rug of Bethel administration.

In our last article, Jen Hodge protested profusely that her Christian destiny cards were not tarot cards. She has insisted that she hates tarot cards

Hodge connects ChristAlignment to Bethel; Bethel retracts statement.

However, in accusing Christians falsely of simply reading what they want in to her cards, she has altered her website, removing the word ‘tarot’ and other words that people have used to alert people that Hodge uses tarot cards.

Jen Hodge – the truth is not in her; lying to Kris Vallotton and misleading Christianity

Even though they have removed the word ‘tarot’ in association with their ‘destiny’cards on their website, we examined their practice of New Age crystal-enhanced readings and their New Age practice of henna tattoos.

Bethel’s house of cards; tarot-rists leading people to Baal/Jezebel by practicing occultism in God’s name.

In this article we:

  1. hear the testimony of someone who participated in ChristAlignment and reflects on their experience working with Jen Hodge.
  2. Provide the original videos that Jen Hodge pulled from YouTube
  3. Provide further refutation of Jen Hodge’s claims about her tarot cards with evidence that clearly demonstrates that she actually knows more than she is revealing. We also demonstrate that Jen Hodge herself admits that what she practices is in fact tarot card reading. (We will be looking at the response of Bethel leadership in a future article.)


Further proof of their occultist practices comes from those who were directly involved in Jen and Ken’s ‘coven’:

I was part of this for an afternoon. They charge to cover site costs/expenses. First the do the love language reading then you hold hands and pray (kinda) for them. No mention of JESUS or God or sins though. You ask the creator from the highest heaven the third heaven to help them and so forth. Then they give them a flyer. I’ll post below.

I do love a lot of these people and know their heart in this. They want to win over the new agers to to Christ. But not freak em or scare em off at first. I know myself now the deception they are under.– Dec 11 2017

This person provided documents from Christ Alignment – which we’ve cleaned up slightly (click to read):


You can see this ‘Jesus’ brochure at their stalls (bottom right):


In the original Pulpit & Pen article, you will notice that the videos they linked from the ChristAlignment were pulled by the Hodges:

Charismatics Now Using “Christian” Tarot Cards

These are the videos that were taken down:


[Click to Download Video]


[Click to Download Video]


Browsing the Hodges Facebook wall, the view is expressd that they “hate tarot.” However, Holly Pivec from SpiritOfError has also engaged with the problems of this Bethel-endorsed ‘coven’ and has exposed Hodge’s futile ‘tarot card’ claim:

The ‘Christian’ Tarot card controversy at Bethel Redding

Even under Kris Vallotton’s Facebook endorsement of Jen Hodge, many of his followers were asking  him to stop endorsing Jen Hodge and read her website. No matter how much Jen Hodge tried to justify they are not practicing tarot….they are actually practicing tarot. She may call their cards  ‘destiny cards’ but their own words condemn themFurthermore, Jen Hodge’s Christalignment website reveals they are engaging in tarot card reading. Regarding the cards, Christalignment states that “their cards lead the way.”

Clearly God and His Holy Spirit aren’t doing the leading – the cards are.

Hodge’s website goes on to state, “We believe they are more predictive and higher than most tarot, and can address a current life question that you may have.” If destiny cards are “more predictive and higher than most tarot,” then they’re essentially saying their tarot cards are more powerful than other tarot cards. Furthermore, the site states that, “Card readings with Christalignment are always followed by the reader taking the client into an encounter in the highest realm.” So Hodge informs her readers that destiny cards are meant to be used for “card readings.”

Holly Pivec even came to the same conclusion:

Update: Shortly after I published this post, I was contacted by a reader who found the following statements made on the Christalignment website about their Destiny Cards: “Our cards lead the way,” and “We believe they are more predictive and higher than most tarot, and can address a current life question that you may have.” Read the statements here. The reader said, “I don’t understand how they can say they are not like Tarot, yet compare them to Tarot, and say they are ‘more predictive,’ but they say they don’t predict the future?”

Very good questions, indeed. I’d like to see Jenny Hodge answer them.


In the Facebook video she indicated that the Psalm Card Readings are merely Scripture verses. But look at the following description from the website:

Psalm readings are similar to tarot in that cards are counted out according to your birth date date  & year [sic]. Only three cards are used and these will represent your past, present and future.

It’s not hard to see that destiny cards are tarot cards when you look plainly at Christalignment’s language. Christalignment explains,

“Psalm readings are similar to tarot in that cards are counted out according to your birth date date & year. Only three cards are used and these will represent your past, present and future.”

Source: Our Cards Lead The Way…, Christalignment,, Accessed Dec 13 2017. (Emphasis added.)

Doing a quick google search on tarot cards and their services, you will hit information like this (emphasis ours):

“… to help you make sense of your past, present and future in a very gentle, positive way. The wisdom of the animal and angelic realms are inscribed on each of the 78 cards.”

Another one like Christalignment,

“The deck promises to connect with questions posed silently and provides a daily animal likeness reading. You can also read your past, present, and future cards.”

And another:

Tarot Card Readings for Guidance…!
Choose from 9 different Tarot Deck Readings for answers to questions on love, money, family, career and spiritual Life.
What Energies are affecting you?… What should you do?… Will the outcome be favorable? The Ancient Symbology of the Tarot reveals the Wise Path! …sometimes the Hidden Path.  Colors, Numbers and Universal Personalities set the scenes to tell the stories of your own Energy Patterns.”

And this:

“Many people are connected to animals and in a reading using these cards 3 will usually appear in the encounter. The meaning of the animal will have great significance to the client and could give deep insight to life issues.”


“… this 79 card deck comes in its own tuck box. Cards measure 2.75 x 4.75 inches and are printed on 12 pt, 269 gsm clay coated card stock and have a nice subtle sheen… The Animism Tarot mini guide booklets are now available…Blending both tarot symbolism and animal symbolism with every card, The Animism Tarot represents the beautiful merging of both worlds, bringing a fresh yet familiar take on tarot reading.”

So what’s the difference between destiny cards and tarot cards? Who cares what’s painted on them or if scriptures are use.

Their purpose and is to read one’s ‘past, present, future’.

Their purpose is to help prosper and direct the customer to future prosperity and direction.

And did you notice the fourth quote down from the above list of quotes? It was a QUOTE from the Christalignment describing their animal tarot cards (now recently changed by Jen Hodge). Even the language Christalignment uses does not help reveal that Destiny cards reflect anything but tarot cards. Destiny Cards fit right into the role and function of tarot cards. On the topic of animal tarot cards, people themselves are not afraid to link them to animism:

“Animism Tarot Deck, 79 Card Animal Tarot, Happy Squirrel Tarot Card, Animal Totem Symbolism, Gift for Tarot Readers, Animal Lovers”


“I try to remain impartial when I’m planning a deck review, but will admit that I wasn’t sure about Animal tarot Cards* when they arrived for review from hay House.”

So they clearly demonstrate that it’s like tarot, treated like tarot, has the same outcome as tarot (remember – this is not about Christ and His redeeming work on the cross), have similar images and categories much like tarot, and have roughly the same number of cards as a tarot deck – yet Jen Hodge insists they are not tarot.

Really Jen? Why should anyone believe you and your wicked deception?

Comments are turned on for these articles as we welcome those at Bethel and Christalignment to interact biblically with the articles.

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