Bethel ‘fire tunnel’… drive-thru?

Many Christians have expressed concern over Bethel’s bizarre use of so-called ‘fire tunnels’ in their church services. However, their ‘fire tunnel’ rituals are also done on the cars of Bethel leaders! In a video titled ‘Drive through fire tunnel at Bethel‘, there’s an explanation given as to what is happening:

On the way into the church the 2nd year Bssm were blessing, praying for and prophesying over leaders arriving for the Leaders Advance

Source: Uploaded by morgie100, Drive through fire tunnel at Bethel, YouTube,, Published on May 12, 2010. (Accessed June 04, 2018.)

No doubt Bill Johnson will be quiet over this bizarre new spiritual practice that has no biblical justification whatsoever. And of course if Michael Brown is questioned about this, no doubt he will once again endorse Bill Johnson, silencing any discerning believer who questions Bethel’s bizarre practices.

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