‘Little God Todd’ doesn’t let the truth get in the way of a good story…

There are three known gods in the New Apostolic Reformation (known as ‘The New Breed’). They are Todd Bentley, Matt Sorger and Todd White. Recently, PirateChristian.com have exposed Todd White lying about his healing testimony. Again, gods and NARpostles once more assure Christianity they are accountable to no one and make stuff up to further their bogus names and reputations.

PirateChristian put together two videos on Todd White giving conflicting testimonies to make this point:

“In the first segment he talks about the time he had to have knee surgery because he was NOT miraculously healed. In the second segment (from a video on his Facebook page last week) he tells the story with a 100% different ending! He claims his knee was miraculously healed on the day he was supposed to have it surgically repaired.”

Read the full article here:

Todd White: Fabricating a Miracle?

You can also read IsNotSatire covering this article:

Video: Do Todd White’s Knee Healing Testimonies Contradict?

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