NAR recognize Bill Johnson & Randy Clark as their own apostles (Part 1).

As we all know, the New Apostolic Reformation was a title the late C. Peter Wagner bestowed upon a global movement believing in what was called the New Apostolic Paradigm. Those who embraced the ‘apostolic paradigm’ believe in the restoration of the 5 Fold Ministry, specifically ‘apostles and prophets’ to lead, govern and equip the church to literally take over the world.

02CWCPortrait_Peter Wagner

The International Coalition of Apostles (now called International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL)), was formed on this New Apostolic paradigm. The one who named and attempted to lead the movement, C. Peter Wagner, founded this NAR organisation.

Wagner states,

“I have built ICA on the model of a professional society of peer-level, mutually recognized apostles. Up to 400 apostles, 25 percent of whom live outside of the United States, have agreed to pay dues, attend an annual meeting and adhere to the professional standards of Christian apostles. ICA came about as the result of a spontaneous meeting of several apostles in Singapore in 1999.” [Source]

Through Wagner’s and John Paul Kelly’s NARpostolic leadership, they formed Apostolic Coalitions across continents and countries around the world. ICAL claims that each ‘National Coalition’ exists to fulfil ICAL’s ‘AIM Coalition strategy’ to “to bring legitimacy to the New Apostolic Reformation.”

That is quite the agenda and it was apparent they know who are their own.


This brings us to examine ICAL’s Coalition of Nigerian Apostles (CNA). We have archived their Facebook page so they cannot get rid of the evidence. You will notice that ICAL’s CNA have been faithfully attending  ICAL’s annual events. We want to point out an image on the NCA’s facebook wall, highlighting the fact that ICAL’S AIM STRATEGY is clearly demonstrated, reminding all the gathered NARpostles that it is their goal to further the New Apostolic Reformation.

This is what CNA had to say about the image below:

“Apostle John Kelly, ICAL’s international convening apostle, opening this year’s congress. “As apostolic leaders, we must be passionate about influencing and bringing Kingdom ways and lifestyle into all mountain of influences in our nations””

Source: Coalition of Nigerian Apostolic Leaders, FaceBook,, Published November 10, 2015. (Accessed February 23, 2018.)

ICAL Congress 2

(It’s interesting to note that NARpostle Mattera has been advocating the Dominionist Mandate and still believes in ‘discipling the nations’, C. Peter Wagner style. NARpostle Dr. Michael Brown has shown that he too believes in the fanatical dominionist ideology. As Mattera has said in the past, Jesus will judge the ‘goat’ nations and the ‘sheep’ nations.)

The CNA have been very clear in advocating their apostles and the extremist dominionist agenda across their region.

They claim (emphasis ours):

“The church started in Acts being apostolic and led as such; it therefore acted out Christ’s mandate to occupy till he returns. The church is now more or less pastoral and led as such, and therefore focused on people’s needs.

Come receive apostolic impartation at our 2016 Apostolic Conference on Monday, 16May at Guiding Light Assembly, Ikoyi from 10am. Main speaker is Apostle John Tetsola; music ministration by Nathaniel Bassey & Mairo Ese.”

They were promoting:

  • ICAL NARpostle Robert Henderson,
  • ICAL NARpostle Dennis Peacocke,
  • NARpostle Paul Toun
  • NARpostle Ayo Oduntan
  • NARpostle John A Tetsola,
  • NARpostle Abraham Olaleye,
  • NARpostle Wale Adefarasin,
  • NARpostle Yemi Adefarasin,
  • NARpostle Abraham Olaleye,
  • NARpostle Randy Clark,
  • NARpostle Bill Johnson.

Before going to the last two, we want to point out the apostles of ICAL’s NCA.

The NCA says,

“Guest minister, Robert Henderson, with some council members of CNAL at the Kingdom Dynamics session on Monday, March 9 2015”

Source: Coalition of Nigerian Apostolic Leaders, FaceBook,, Published March 18, 2015. (Accessed February 23, 2018.)

In another post with the same photo, the NCA go on to name the ICAL’s NCA NARpostles (from left to right):

“Pastor Paul Toun, Apostle Wale Adefarasin, Pastor Ayo Oduntan, Apostle Robert Henderson, Apostle Yemi Adefarasin, Bishop Abraham Olaleye”

Source: Coalition of Nigerian Apostolic Leaders, FaceBook,, Published March 09, 2015. (Accessed February 23, 2018.)

Pastor Paul Toun, Apostle Wale Adefarasin, Pastor Ayo Oduntan, Apostle Robert Henderson, Apostle Yemi Adefarasin, Bishop Abraham Olaleye

Yes – those pastors are apostolic ‘council members of CNAL‘:

“Some council members; Pastor Paul Toun, Bishop Abraham Olaleye, Pastor Ayo Oduntan”

Source: Coalition of Nigerian Apostolic Leaders, FaceBook,, Published March 09, 2015. (Accessed February 23, 2018.)

ICAL - NCA Apostolic Council Members

Accessing the archived FB link above, some of these NCA NARpostles spoke at ICAL’s annual Congress event.




We brought these Apostles up to highlight the fact they use the title ‘Pastor’ even though they are recognised as Apostles (Note: Bishop and Apostle are synonymous in the NAR). Because of their semantics and the fact that the NCA and ICA are inseparable, we point to the advertisements of Randy Clark and Bill Johnson for ICA’s NCA apostolic event.

Although they advertised Bill Johnson, Randy Clark and Robert Henderson with their typical Western ‘pastoral’ biographies , CNA advertises them all as apostles advocating the false NAR ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ (that emphasises signs and wonders to advance the ‘kingdom’):

“Jesus preached the message of the Kingdom of God (Matthew 4:23, Luke 4:43); He sent His disciples to preach the same message (Luke 9:2); the church in Acts preached the same message (Acts 8:12). The church must be about the message of the Kingdom of God; not denomination, not self-promotion, earthly possession etc.

Join us for two unforgettable days with three seasoned apostles who are experiencing the reality of the Kingdom of God in their lives & ministries and can impart same.”

Source: Coalition of Nigerian Apostolic Leaders, FaceBook,, Published March 21, 2016. (Accessed February 23, 2018.)

NCA-FB-Advert-Ap-BJohnson-RClark-RHendersonIt is clear that NCA use the ‘Guiding Light Assembly’ (GLA) Apostolic Center to host these apostolic events. The ICAL Apostles of GLA are not just calling these men their own NARpostles. they actively seek “apostolic impartation.” Reading between the lines of ICAL advertising people can, “Come receive apostolic impartation at our 2016 Apostolic Conference,” it appears this ‘apostolic iimpartation’ is implied with in the below blurb advertising Bill Johnson, Randy Clark and Robert Henderson:

“Join us for a time of power & impartation at our Kingdom Life Conference tomorrow Monday, 4th April @ Guiding Light Assembly, Parkview Est., Ikoyi. Ministering: Randy Clark & Bill Johnson. Come hungry for His move from 10am”

Source: Coalition of Nigerian Apostolic Leaders, FaceBook,, Published April 03, 2016. (Accessed February 23, 2018.)


Let’s pretend to be hyper-skeptical and just believe that ICAL ‘accidentally’ called Randy Clark and Bill Johnson ‘Apostles’. Let’s just say they were innocently invited to speak at Guiding Light Assembly. There is still one glaring problem:

Bill Johnson and Randy Clark are promoting ICAL by speaking at ICAL’s conferences.

Why are they doing this? If they are not part of the New Apostolic Reformation, why are they speaking at an ICAL conference? As we know, ICAL’s aim is to spread the New Apostolic Reformation. A Christian pastor would not be advocating the New Apostolic Reformation in Africa in case they were seen as endorsing this NAR cult.

He was advertised as an Apostle on the 21st of March and advocated by the NAR on the 21st of March and the 03rd of April 2016. He had no problem being advocated as a NARpostle, with NARpostles by NARpostles of the New Apostolic Reformation. 

Then in May 2016, in an issue of Christianity Today, Bill Johnson is asked, “So, what are your thoughts on the New Apostolic Reformation?”

His response?

“I’m not completely clear on what it is.” [Source]

Bill Johnson’s claim that he does not know what the NAR is, rings hollow. For someone who does not know what it is, Bill Johnson seems to be very comfortable being  presented as an Apostle by the New Apostolic Reformation, through ICAL. So does Randy Clark. Both NAR Apostles are ruthlessly defended by their friend NARpostle Dr. Michael Brown. Again, all we are noting is that this apostolic network is a network of deceivers.

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