Arrest Warrant issued for NAR Apostle David Tomberlin – exposed for having multiple wives, kidnapping & prostitution?


Once again, the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) network has allowed another criminal to remain within their ranks, despite reports alleging Thai Police having an arrest warrant issued for child kidnapping.

Leading ‘Apostles and Prophets’ within the NAR, claim they receive direct vision, revelation and knowledge to bring divine order and government to God’s end-time church, this ‘church’ being the vehicle to change or take over nations for the glory of God. Instead, financial fraud, theft, plagiarism, bullying, pedophilia, sexual abuse, death threats and cover-up are continually proving that this is an insidious cult infecting countries around the world.


NARpostle David Tomberlin is yet another example of how NARpostles’ divine claims ring false as they try to cover up the crimes of one of their own.


On the 9th of August, we received a disturbing email regarding David Tomberlin, an Apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Tomberlin is a well-known religious leader and associate of false teacher Todd Bentley, known from the highly televised ‘Lakeland Outpouring’ where he was onscreen daily running the major event.

Tomberlin is currently embroiled in a major scandal in Thailand, involving multiple ‘wives’, an arrest warrant for kidnapping and evidence of heavy involvement in prostitution for years while continuing to operate a large Christian preaching platform known as ‘David Tomberlin Ministries’. 

Although this scandal has received extensive written and nationwide televised coverage in Thailand, evidence suggests Tomberlin has likely suppressed the story stateside for more than a year.

One witness who knew Tomberlin from Lakeland claimed,

“News reports were released all over Thailand, and [Tomberlin] did his best to scrub all of it with legal action at least from english sites. I know this because someone on our staff was attacked by him, and sent him one of the articles to which he responded with threatening legal action… he has been working undercover very hard to get all of his hidden children and his new wife a green card to the United States.[See end of article]

Only now is the English-speaking world hearing about this unfolding news. More people (primarily women) involved with the ministry, are now coming forward with their own stories of personal abuse.

This article hopes to provide resources for believers and non-believers on the criminal New Apostolic Reformation and its ‘Apostolic leaders’ who have not called out David Tomberlin, or told him to report to the proper authorities, in order to be properly investigated.

We provide:

  1. An English News Article documenting the scandal.
  2. Links and knowledge about the New Apostolic Reformation that endorses him.
  3. Screen grabs of some of the text messages between Tomberlin and his victims.
  4. Personal testimonies of experiencing David Tomberlin’s abusive behavior.
  5. An analysis of his attack against critics.
David Tomberlin David Yonggi Cho .png

NARpostle David Tomberlin with leading International NAR Apostle David Yonggi Cho


Although the article in English below had been removed from the internet, it had been archived before it was scrubbed. Because of this, we can publish the full article below (with credit to the news group). In the story, ‘Peter’ is David Tomberlin.

Pattaya One reports,

American missionary leaves a trail of Thai women and children in his wake

A family drama doing the rounds of Thai social media points to a US religious teacher leading Thai women and his children a merry dance across the whole country.

The missionary – based last in Chiang Mai – and given the name “Peter”, was on his fifth wife and sixth child and now seems to have fled the mess he left behind and gone to America, reported Daily News

The story came to light when a woman went on Facebook to appeal for help in finding her daughter who had been taken from her house on a scheduled visit and not returned.

The story encompasses Chiang Mai, Nakorn Sawan, Sisaket, Payao and now Pattaya.

“Busada”, 31, told Daily News online that she had lived with Peter and they had had a child she called “Robert” who was now 6. She said Peter would never let pictures of the family be put on social media.

She knew that he also has two other children – Christine, 6, and Emily, aged one, with a new wife called Koi, 29.

Busada split up with the missionary 2 years ago and Koi did the same six months ago but both women were awarded custody of the children in court. Neither baulked at visiting rights for Peter and yet another new wife called Kaet, 20.

Busada said that Kaet came to collect Robert to take him out to eat but they did not return. Though a text was sent to say he was alright it soon became apparent that the child had been taken away.

Meanwhile, Peter went to the house of his other two children in Sisaket and disappeared with those two as well.

Now all the children are believed to be with Kaet after they were seen in Pattaya.

Busada said that she went to see Kaet’s mother in Nakorn Sawan and claimed that while they were on their way to Pattaya the mother tipped off her daughter.

Staff at a condo in Pattaya told Busada that Kaet had three children with her. She would let them play alone all day at the swimming pool and there was serious concern that the children were neglected.

CCTV footage caught Kaet, with a cap to try to conceal her identity, leaving with the three children to avoid capture. She was believed to have gone to hole up in another condo at the resort.

Meanwhile Busada said that she believes that her estranged husband had three other children with two other foreign wives in the past.

Police reports against Kaet have been filed in Payao, Sisaket, Nakorn Sawan and Pattaya as the social media hunt for the children now gains momentum.

After possibly going to Vietnam, Peter the missionary is now thought to be in the US.

Source: American missionary leaves a trail of Thai women and children in his wake, Pattaya One,, Published May 10, 2017. (Accessed May 10, 2017.) [Archive]

This is a report on Thai News:

The article attached to the news clip above:

Thai News Report on David Tomberlin Kidnapping Arrest Warrant

A plethora of news reports verify that preacher David Tomberlin, 45, has in fact collected multiple “wives,” scattering children with several women throughout Southeast Asia while carrying on an international Christian ministry. Furthermore, in 2017, an arrest warrant for Tomberlin was issued in Pattaya, Thailand (literally known as “sex capital of the world” for its prostitution trade), where his newest and youngest wife (reportedly young as age 20, pictured wearing braces) was arrested for kidnapping his children from two of his other partners.

As of the beginning of August 2018, the story is only now beginning to break outside of Southeast Asia.

In a cringy, 20-minute “defense” video, Tomberlin does not mention one concrete detail about the case (“shoo away, nothing to see here”), lending solid veracity to the reported facts in the opinion of most viewers who commented.

Tomberlin minimizes the kidnapping charges – only referring to a “custody” issue, and refrains from any mention of juggling multiple Thai “wives.” He does not address news agency text evidence that he engaged in rampant prostitution as well, all while conducting Christian ministry, Tomberlin spends the bulk of the video attacking the motives and theology of ministers who uncovered his behavior to the American church.

Online commenters have mostly viewed this as “gaslighting,” as Tomberlin manipulatively attacks his accusers and their families while simultaneously playing the victim and avoiding any facts about his case. Most viewers were not convinced by his “fast talking,” and say he intentionally misrepresents the views of his “opponents,” all in an effort to question their motives and spin facts as “fake news” contrived by theological adversaries.

It is unclear whether Tomberlin has gotten the kidnapping charges dropped over the past year, or settled with the women and authorities out of court.

Sources say Tomberlin has worked feverishly behind the scenes, threatening litigation to multiple Thai web sites to squelch English versions of the story with the strength of an intimidating American attorney “who gets 35 percent”. This effort to protect his ministry reputation was not ultimately successful. However it did take an entire year for the scandal to surface in American and Australian church networks since it was first reported in Pattaya. It is unclear how many churches currently listed on Tomberlin’s speaking calendar have even heard the news.

Tomberlin’s “defense” video shows him appearing to glance at what may be a prepared statement behind the camera. He does vaguely reference an incident “from 10 years ago.” This likely refers to his divorce from then wife Alice, of Hong Kong, who pre-dated all the other Thai women and alleged prostitutes. However, Tomberlin may have been referencing his known affair with a popular, married Christian worship leader from the same time frame a decade ago. All of these incidents began almost immediately after the widely televised Lakeland Revival in 2008, in which Tomberlin was the “announcement guy” under evangelist Todd Bentley.

Tomberlin is founder of David Tomberlin Ministries at

Source: Thai News Report on David Tomberlin Kidnapping Arrest Warrant, Vimeo,, Published August 10, 2018. (Accessed August 11, 2018)


For the last 2000 years, orthodox Christianity has held the belief that the office of Apostle and Prophets ceased once the original apostles died and left us the completed canon of scripture. The Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15 states he was the last apostle and his letters 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy, also point out that those after him were to be raised (like Timothy) as a pastor, evangelist or teacher. 


However, the New Apostolic Reformation had its doctrinal seeds in the restorationist cults of the Philadelphians, Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses (and also the racial supremist KKK cult). The ramifications of these beliefs of ‘restored’ Apostles and Prophets and a supreme spiritual race didn’t start to take root until the Apostolic/Prophetic dominionist movement took place through Charles Finney, Frank Sanford, William Seymour and Charles Parham at the end of the 19th century. Although they hid behind the ‘sheepskin’ of Pentecostalism, with the forming of the Assemblies of God, the white/spiritual supremist and restorationist doctrines were rejected and ignored.

Ignoring this movement didn’t help as its doctrines developed and manifested itself 40 years later to birth the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR). Although condemned by the AOG in 1949, this movement produced many apostolic networks (Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, etc), Apostolic churches, (People’s Temple, Bethel, Lakewood, Hillsong, CHC, Yoido FUll Gospel Church, iHOP, FIRE Church, etc.) and organizations (GODTV, TBN, Destiny Image, Charisma Magazine) all around the world. While the NAR cult claims to be governed and held accountable by ‘apostles’ within their global network, often this is stated as an excuse for apostles to have total control. The late C. Peter Wagner, the leading apostle of this global cult states the NAR has “no printed doctrinal statement or code of ethics” because, “whereas denominations are legal structures, the NAR is a relational structure.”

David Tomberlin advertises himself as an ‘apostolic leader’ of his Apostolic Missions Network International (AMNI). On his AMNI ‘About’ page, he states, ‘The Apostolic Mission Network International is called to provide a covering, source of fellowship, accountability and resources to local pastors, churches and other ministry leaders.’ On his ‘Join The Network’ page, he states that, ‘The leadership at A.M.N.I. take seriously [their] role as a covering, accountability and a resource to equip and strengthen leaders around the world.’

In his bio, he is not ashamed to advertise he is a graduate of the NOLR Fuller Theological Seminary, his connections to other NAR organisations, (as GODTV, TBN, Daystar) or his associations with major controversial NAR Apostles (Dr. David Yonggi Cho, Oral Roberts, Sid Roth, Joshua Mills, C. Peter Wagner, John Paul Jackson, Tommy Tenney, John Arnott, Mel Tari):

Dr. David Tomberlin

Senior International Leader of A.M.N.I.

The senior apostolic leader of A.M.N.I. is Dr. David Tomberlin. Dr. David has traveled to 64 nations and for more than two decades now has led revivals, conferences, mission trips and church meetings. He has been on every major Christian television network including DayStar, God TV and TBN. Dr. David is also a double graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. David has had the privilege of being interviewed by, ministering with or associating with Dr. David Yonggi Cho, Oral Roberts, Sid Roth, Joshua Mills, C. Peter Wagner, John Paul Jackson, Tommy Tenney, John Arnott, and Mel Tari- author of Like a Mighty Wind. David was honored to be an author on a compilation book along with Bill Johnson and Randy Clark, titled Amazed by the Power of God, published by Destiny Image. His desire is to see A.M.N.I. grow into a great force for the Kingdom, that Jesus may receive the Glory due His wonderful name. [Archived]

This is why ‘Apostles’ like David Tomberlin can do what they do and not be held accountable by their global apostolic network. The only way this can possibly be dealt with by this network, is if other ‘Apostles’ in the movement have their own reputations tarnished by another apostle’s criminal activity.

Other who are part of his leadership on his apostolic network are:

  • Apostle Kyle Blackerby of Catch the Fire Church, Illinois
  • Apostle Mel Tari – “the best man in Hiedi and Rolland Baker’s wedding and is credited with getting them plugged into ministry right after their wedding”
  • Apostle Rick Joyner of the Morning Star Ministries – a man who advocates for the NAR to ‘massacre’ Christians who do not the knee to God’s ‘New Order’ (see his book ‘Final Quest’).

For more details about the history and dangerous teachings of this cult, read more here:

Resource: What is the NAR?


There are a number of other news sites that have reported this scandal but witnesses say that many of Tomberlin’s stories have been scrubbed.


One archived story can be accessed here (mostly in Thai) with images of this scandal. In the link below to the TNews Report, you can access a video of one of his grieving wives and several screenshots from the “wives” phones. (Warning – apparently this article includes references to prostitution).  The other

Published May 12, 2017: TNews Report

Published Mar 09, 2017: Daily News Report

If anyone can translate these accurately, we would appreciate the translations being emailed to us at


David Tomberlin’s abusive behavior has begun to be documented online. One of the most unqualified ministries we know about, Matt Ford Ministries, has also documented this scandal, taking the information from a woman’s blog that is thoroughly documenting the Tomberlin scandal. As a result of her bravery, she has been the subject of bullying, ridicule and slander by Tomberlin.

In case the information from her website is pulled or made unavailable, we have backed up the videos, archived the links and converted all images into the following PDF:

PDF: DavidTomberlin.Blog Information 

From the PDF, the woman in the DavidTomberlin.Blog also documented testimonies of those who had direct contact with Tomberlin. You can read them below:

His ex-wife is from Hong Kong. I met him the first time years ago here. Some mutual friends o connect us. I met with him briefly. I had heard of him before and his bad reputation had preceded him, tried t long before his Lakeland years. In my meeting with him he was courteous enough, and found out at the time ids from his first marriage, so I thought he might have changed. he regularly visited Hong Kong to visit his k Then about a year later he had a falling out with mutual friends much like many of the other people’s stories ). These friends then above and he deleted me from FB (not sure why besides my connection to my friends shared these stories. At first I thought they were fake, but then I came across more stories (there used to be a host of material online about it). At one time there was even YouTube videos of the news reports in Thai. I lieve the news stories. My heart is saddened because I know of God’s great love for him, but personally be equally it is saddened because I see how he has consistently been abusive to the Body of Christ and his ople be able to stand up to him and hopefully his heart character is non existent. I hope this article will help pe will actually return to repentance.

Lisa Thompson
He personally told me that he wants to scour the internet of this link and related news articles. I want to add that I have had the same type of interaction with David Tomberlin. In June, he called me an “angry Feminazi with a Jezebel spirit” on a friend’s post. He wanted me to back down and block him. I stood up to his bullying and refused to let him intimidate me. ry similar to what John has posted above. At that time, I posted an article to a Thailand source with info ve A few hours later, he deleted the entire post. Still later, the article was scrubbed from Google.

Brielle Garcia
The guy legit made fun of me because my dad died. It’s funny that the guy goes on about people having spirits the guy seems like he’s packing demons himself! SMH

Ashley Marriott
This guy harassed me badly on Facebook – called me a bunch of terrible derogatory things!!! No way!!! I thought he was bogus from the moment I met him in South Africa …. he visited a church there… Glad he’s been found out! … I had to block him because he spent 6 hours harassing and bullying me on Facebook

Rob Radosti
OK here it goes. I met David and Alice Tomberlin in Lakeland in 2008, and we kept in touch here and there with a surfacy friendship for the years following. From the moment I met him I felt something was off but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Within a few years, I heard some things that I was not sure were true, so I again just ignored. A few years after that, it became quite apparent to me that him and his first wife were no longer together however there had been no public disclosure concerning it. There were a few pastors that were having him and I mentioned to them that he was no longer married, to which they responded “oh yes he is. He hasn’t gotten divorced, he told me himself.” I began to suspect that he was lying to the pastors having him in, but again it was not my place so I remained friends with him. It finally was made public that he was visiting his two children in Hong Kong often where his first wife was from, as she had moved back. When I would ask him questions concerning where he currently lived or was based out of, what ministries he worked with etc. he would always beat around the bush and would not answer my questions.

About three years ago when my son was in the height of the cancer battle and we were going through a horrible trial in Las Vegas, I reached out to him and and few other minister friends of mine for counsel.

Me and my wife were trying to keep our family together and our heads on our shoulders, the stress of our son Me and my wife were trying to having cancer as well as being triangulated by a ministry in Las Vegas was too much at the time for us to bear. We both needed godly counsel, but there was never any type of sin or unfaithfulness only mental breakdown.

Shortly after, we made all of those things public to the world. During this time, things concerning David‘s actions in Asia began to come to my attention from different sources. I honestly did not want to believe them, but as evidence was compiled, I knew. News reports were released all over Thailand, and he did his best to scrub all of it with legal action at least from english sites. I know this because someone on our staff was attacked by him, and sent him one of the articles to which he responded with threatening legal action. I do  know now that these things are true. This has been a massive scandal in Thailand, and he has been working undercover very hard to get all of his hidden children and his new wife a green card to the United States.

I have many pastor friends that love him, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but David has covered his tracks very well. I also did not decide to say anything until he began insulting me, my friends and my wife. When he did so, I went to him personally and gave him a chance to come clean and let him know I was there to talk about it. He denied everything, and threatened to release a private message from me 3 years ago reaching out to him for help. He threatened to tell the whole world that I had some type of hidden marriage problems which was absolutely untrue. I was in a tough place, and needed friends. Should I mention that his advice was to “cut my wife loose”? Yes, that was it. No biblical basis to do such a thing, either.

If he was hiding nothing, why would he threaten me for no reason?

Since then, he cut off contact and blocked me. He realized that I knew everything, as many people now do


Adding credibility to these testimonies is David Tomberlin’s video here – clearly attacking Matthew Ford and the woman who started the blog, who Tomberlin claims is from Bethel. The first few minutes of this video also describes the offensive ‘cheap grace’ ministry of Matthew Ford. Unfortunately, Ford has to accept the fact that he has disqualified himself as a legitimate voice regarding Christian matters.

Providentially, the Bethel woman has gone out of her way to gather evidence, reports and testimonies across Thailand that exposed Tomberlin covering up his sins. Calling herself and Ford the ‘accuser, judger and Pharisee’ is typical cult litany of NARpostles.

Furthermore, Tomberlin has clearly used the following strategies:

  • ‘I’m the victim’ strategy of Mark Driscoll,
  • ‘No one’s perfect’ strategy of Brian Houston,
  • ‘Fake news’ strategy of Ben Fitzgerald,
  • ‘Grow some’ strategy of Phil Pringle.
  • ‘Don’t listen to the critics’ strategy of Kong Hee,
  • ‘Nice guy’ strategy of Dr Michael Brown to squash any legitimate criticism and evidence against his scandalous lifestyle.

So far all the reports from Christian websites, their critics and even legal institutions continue to confirm each of these apostles to be blatantly false. Yet in the discourse below, this self-appointed apostle insists people give him the benefit of the doubt. However, a witness DID claim they had already attempted to give him the benefit of the doubt to begin with, only to be privately threatened by David Tomberlin.

In the video, Tomberlin states:

“But one girl, I don’t know if she’s from Bethel or not but she says she is from Bethel, she has created a fake website, cut and pasted fake news and even reports that were once reported, they’ve retracted because they just weren’t true. We’ve said this story on the last video. You know, my wife was falsely accused, jealously motivated and all this kind of stuff. A photo was taken – that’s what they do here in Thailand. A photo was taken and – with the accusers, with the police – with all this stuff, just as evidence. And then that, the cheap-grace guy’s got that and said, you know, all this kind of stuff. [Points to wife] You’ve never been charged with a crime. They said I was charged with a crime. I’ve never been charged. I’ve never even been questioned! I’ve never even once questioned much less arrested or had arrest warrant- all these things are lies- you know, I challenge you, if you’re reporting that fake news, please show me an arrest warrant.

[Looks to his wife] They showed an arrest warrant and it wasn’t an arrest warrant. It was just a police report and they- you know- these guys- you can see everything fake. Fake news. Fake gospel. Fake grace. Fake websites. You know, all of these kind of things – it’s all fake. It’s all fake, manipulation and all this kind of stuff.” [9:10]

Is this image legitimate? (Taken from DaivdTomberlin.Blog)

You will notice that Tomberlin is deliberately not being specific about his critics, labelling them all as fake and therefore he is ‘innocent’. However, as we do not understand Thai, we are not sure if the image in Thai below is an actual police warrant against Tomberlin or something else.

Warrant against Tomberlin or not

If anyone can translate and/or let us what this document is, please email us at

Update: We have been notified by a missionary in Thailand that the above document “is not a warrant.  It is an official statement submitted as evidence, and appears to be a confession as given by “Kai” in regards to the event in which she tried to abscond with David’s other children.”

Tomberlin also accuses Thailand media of making their story up about him:

“… people here in Thailand, the media, who made false reports, they’ve retracted those reports. But who digs them up? Cheap grace preachers dig them up.” [11:20]

That is not a valid argument. Tomberlin didn’t even bother to tackle the claims of Matt Ford and others trying to get this story out to the Western World. According to Tomberlin, if the critics are men, they are effeminate (12:40), cowards (12:53) or ‘Ahab’ (12:58). If they are women, they are ‘Jezebel’ (12:58).

This is nothing more than the typical NAR propaganda narrative they use to get their listeners on their side. Any doubts? This is how he described the woman at Bethel:

“This is how the Ahab and Jezebel. Jezebel is a female, manipulative spirit that tries to control and usurp authority and is contentious and just nasty – that’s what the girl from Redding is.” [12:56]

In truth, his definition of Jezebel more accurately describes him – a self-appointed apostle usurping the authority and teachings of the true Apostles who gave us the New Testament. Again a false narrative is given in order to get people to put their trust in Tomberlin and his ministry. Does this mean that any discerning Christian challenging his apostolic authority has ‘an Ahab or Jezebel spirit’ as well? Because he can ‘see it’?

“Unlike them, I don’t spread false rumours we know are not true. But I do know an Ahab and jezebel spirit when I see it’s happening.” [14:00]

The video is damage control, spinning the typical NAR cult propaganda to paint people who have voiced concerns about his behaviour, as murderous characters in the bible without any justification of doing so. Smearing and slandering people like this to discredit what they have against him is not an argument. It’s character assassination.

According to Tomberlin, the “Jezebellic girl” of Bethel (14:10), has a fake website where she has been stating, “we need to keep leaders accountable.” His response?

“Mind you, this ‘Jezebel girl’, has never come to me. Like never come to me. She’s said, ‘We need to keep leaders accountable’. Then come to me and ask – there’s two sides to every story.[14:25]

However, when you browse her blog, it appears she has approached him on social media to get questions from him, only to have him mock her about her appearance and labelling her a ‘witch’. Throughout the entire video, Tomberlin has ridiculed this woman’s looks. Regarding a man that approached him directly, Tomberlin made a mockery of his masculinity, referred to him as effeminate, being a closeted homosexual and an ‘Ahab’. Evidence suggests that learly approaching David Tomberlin does not work.

The irony in Tomberlin’s defense has him accusing his accusers for operating in “satanic activity” (15:17) and because “satan means the accuser of the brethren… where are the accusations coming from?”

Tomberlin fails to see that in slandering his critics, he has not addressed the substance of their narrative – which he ascribed to as ‘satanic activity’. Rather than slander them, why not make a video that proves the substance of their claims to be 100% inaccurate?

Even though he has painted his critics as an Ahab and Jezebel – Tomberlin has craftily portrayed himself as some divine Elijah-like hero/victim being persecuted by satanic forces.

According to David Tomberlin, he is ‘Elijah’:

“We want the body of Christ to come out of this cheap grace. We want the truth – just so you know, this is what’s going – you need to know what’s going on – there’s a manipulation, Jezebel, Ahab – but when Elijah [pats himself on the chest] comes, they get upset. And that’s when the conflict comes. You want to know why the sparks are flying? Because Ahab and Jezebel are trying to attack Elijah. Which is me.[17:18]

When Tomberlin realized what he said, he then attempted to spin the narrative to include all Christians to be like ‘Elijah’ because Christians stand for the gospel. But no one else was in the narrative except for ‘Ahab’ Ford, ‘Jezebel’ Bethel woman and ‘Elijah’ Tomberlin. It’s important to note that if anyone is claiming to be Elijah, get yourself, your family and your community as far away from that person as possible. These types of people have messianic complexes which automatically put them into the ‘cult’ category.

Hopefully warning our readers of this latest NAR scandal will give it the international attention it deserves.

Email all comments and questions to

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